Randy Newman on Kanye, Dunkirk, and Joanna Newsom

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Postby separator » Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:56 pm

Are there any contemporary songwriters that you enjoy?

Lately I haven't been listening enough to be able to say with any authority at all. I don't know Kendrick Lamar's stuff. But Kanye West at his best was the best stuff I've heard. It was the best orchestra stuff and all that stuff in the background. It's surprising to find talent in both areas, but I don't know that he isn't...I don't think you can work like that and also make your life a work of art. My life is really goddamn drab. It's no bold spirited adventure going out there, like I'm going to climb the mountain.

So you're not going off to Wyoming to record your next album in the middle of nowhere?

Ooh, it's a good thought. I don't have that in me where music is concerned. It's just a B flat is a B flat. I'm a little too much so. I know that. Too strict. I hear myself saying things my father said that I hated, making an assessment. "What do you think of this, Randy?" "Too loud." My opinion of Dunkirk: too loud.

Have you ever listened to Joanna Newsom? She collaborated with Van Dyke Parks.

Yeah, sure. I met her. She came to see me up north where she lives. She's really good, very good. I'll have to listen to it some more, but I've heard some of it. Now, she could do that Ivanka song.

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