Wicker Man - Is there no Justice!?

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Postby Spooky Jim » Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:03 am

I recently showed the original Wicker Man to my girlfriend, who had never seen it before, and she was engrossed the whole way through. I should put a spoiler alert from here on though, in case you haven't seen it.

She guessed, hesitantly, rather early on that they were going to sacrifice the sergeant. As it became more and more clear that that was indeed what would occur, she became horrified. She was genuinely terrified at the end of the film. I was kinda confused, cause while the idea of being burned alive is scary, I always felt like the whole point of the film was building up the justification in why he deserved to be burned, right? Like, Sgt. Howie is a total pompous dick, and you can't help but think he is the perfect human sacrifice. It is a perfect climax of catharsis with him dying for his conviction in Christianity, while the inhabitants are happy to make him the martyr he could only dream of being. It blew my mind that perhaps, the horror aspect of the film was not him being a dick, but that a modern day civilization would sacrifice a human.

Anyways, what's the scary part of the film - him being a dick, or them killing him? It's got to be one or the other.

Tangential comment - when I first saw this movie I immediately shared it with my friend who was dating this girl who grew up off some small island off the Puget Sound that was settled by a bunch of Nordic hippies. After they watched it, I asked them what they thought of it and she was like "oh well, for me it was a bit weird because it was essentially just a depiction of my childhood. Almost everything from that film, we did at the island...short of human sacrifice, of course."
Anyone ever spend much time off the coast of the Puget Sound?
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