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Postby pablito » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:53 am

Wordseye.com is a browser-based game / 3d modeling program / ??? that only accepts written sentences as input. You type in what you want to see. It's free (with registration), there are user galleries, it's a blast. I'm playin wordseye come hang out and play wordseye.
Also check out the gallery
nheiges typed a picture: a 6 foot tall beige rose professor. a marble is 20 feet in front of and to the left of the professor. the professor faces the marble. a 1st 12 foot tall and 100 foot wide flat silver wall faces right. it is -6.1 foot above the professor. it is -3.6 foot to the right of the professor. a 2 foot tall beige rose hand is -3.2 foot to the left of and -2.6 foot above and -4 foot in front of the professor. it leans 90 degrees to the left. a 2nd [music] wall is behind the professor. (This scene uses Getty Images )

KAWE typed a picture: sky is 1000 feet tall.sky is 8000 inch wide [T2].sky leans 90 degrees to north.ground is 100 feet tall.ground is 6000 inch wide [T2].a 1900 inch tall [T2] horse is 100 inch above the ground.the horse is facing west.

nheiges typed a picture: a ghost is -5.5 foot in front of a big clear man. the ghost is 4 feet above the ground. it is leaning 30 degrees to the back. a big garment is -12 feet above the man. a 1st large flat sage green wall is -2 inches behind the man. it is 1 inch in the ground. a 2nd large flat sage green wall faces right. it is -8 feet to the left of and -1 inch in front of the 1st wall. ground is 20 foot wide wood. a 6 foot tall and 10 foot wide and 8 foot deep table is 2 feet in front of the man. it is noon. 3 huge pies are on the table.

KAWE typed a picture: a 1st 100 inch tall shiny [bar] cube.a 2nd 100 inch tall shiny [Rural Scene] cube is -100 inch above the 1st cube. (This scene uses Getty Images )

watcher570 typed a picture: a woman.a phone is -6 inches right of the woman.the phone is 2.7 feet above the ground.the phone is facing north.the phone is leaning 15 degrees to the north.the phone is -5 inches in front of the woman.a alien is 6 inches in front of the woman.the alien is facing the woman.a house is 1 feet behind the woman.it is night.a yellow light is -5 feet right of the house.the yellow light is -6 feet in front of the house.the light is 5 feet above the ground.a tree is 5 feet right of the house.the woman's eye white is rust.the phone is shiny yellow.the ground is field.the field is 10 feet tall.the woman's bathrobe is flower.the woman's lip is red.the tiny black "1476" is -2 inches in front of the house.the "1476" is 2.6 feet above the ground.the "1476" is -3 inches left of the woman.a raccoon is 3 feet right of the alien.the raccoon is facing the alien.

Patrick1999 typed a picture: trump is near obama
rabbit wrote:Preacher drinks jack and eats pussy. That's Good stuff.
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