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Postby fuckles » Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:32 pm

thank you stakeout and surly and palmer and laserblast for a really fun game! i was glad to have the radicals waste their night on me
Cyril Sneer wrote:INSANE post. I could literally read it for hours.
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Postby clwon » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:06 pm

laserblast wrote:As the body of Flowermoon sits limp and lifeless in the town square, suddenly, an incredible <<CRACK>> is heard. A flash is seen in the sky: bright, luminous, all-encompassing, all the way to the horizon.

A flurry of images flash by:

... Clown dead, clutching his autographed A-Rod Topps card ...
... Radicals falling, one by one: Sutro, then Werd ...
... then Plainman walks into the sea ...
... Protectors of the village losing their lives: Mudd, then Efreet ...
... Stick and Bear totally fuck up Adamtrask ...
... Luke squats in the wrong place one time too many ...

... And finally, the camera zooms in to a pair of closed eyes ...

... And suddenly, the eyes snap open.

Dunston New Mexico is lying, prone, on the ground. Lily looks down upon him.

"You took quite a fall," she says.

"Shit," he says.

Lily helps Dunston up. Arm in arm, they go to get a Big Gulp.


I had fun, would play again
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Postby werd » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:27 pm

I just got home and found this still on a word doc on my desktop and I thought people might get a kick out of the ridiculous thing I typed up and sent to snatch right before we killed him and then you all killed me

he had asked for me to account for my votes and list my suspicions and he would read it with an open mind to decide if he still thought I was a wolf

I got in trouble for spending so much time writing this when I was supposed to be getting ready for the trip to seattle

So I have a natural inclination in these games to want to trust a small group of people from the get go. That list includes yourself, Alice, VH, Bread and Palmer. I tend to early read villager on you guys and want to read villager. Sometimes someone is so obviously not a villager that I can pick it up right away like palmer as gm last game and sometimes I’m oblivious and continue talking to this person as though they are village until it becomes so apparent that they are not like alice this game.

I’ll start with my voting record.

Day 1 No Kill – requires no explanation

Day 2 Luke - I explained this in the thread as best I could by posting my dm’s with both luke and trask. The luke convo was short and weird and definitely not typical luke. It immediately put him on my suspect list. In hindsight it was too good to be true and we all paid for that. I admit I made a mistake, however I still think I made the best decision based on what I knew at the time.

The reason for that is my convo with trask. The thing that pushed me into believing trask was good was when I went to him with trepidation that bread was evil and had planted her own name in the wolf emails for cover. I think we all have to assume that the next time bread is evil she will come up with some creative explanation for why she is alive and I realized that this would do the trick. Trask defended her, basically trying to shoot down my concern that she could be evil. So when we all learned that bread was very likely good I concluded that trask must be too. I thought (clearly wrong) that an evil trask would have tried to fan the flames a bit. He played well there and fooled me. Glad we caught him the next day.

Day 3 Trask – This day I still was unsure of trask being evil but the village was coming together against him. This was the day after I had come up with the idea to trick luke into not squatting so we could lynch him and had gone to a handful of people with it beginning with alice and including yourself iambic vh and 7a. Early in the day iambic brought the plan up in thread and said if we did it he would be done with us. At this point I thought iambic was very very likely good and in private I told him that I would follow him and not switch but if trask was good I would turn on him. Trask ultimately did a poor job of defending himself and I felt better about the vote which turned out great.

This was also the day where you and I had that conversation where I started to suspect you. When you told me you wanted to allow luke to squat and we should just continue lynching him until he was dead. VH shared a similar sentiment and he went on my suspect list. You also brought up the very real possibility that iambic was now the groupie after I had promised iambic I wouldn’t switch and I had my first moment of “I don’t know what the fuck is going on or who to trust” in this game as I was slightly suspicious of both of you.

Gonna eat breakfast now, more later.

Day 4 Alice – So I could tell you the lie I came up with to explain this one to people and that I did tell to people like iambic to explain my vote. But in the interests of transparency I’ll tell you the truth. Please don’t fuck me over on this.

drew [3:26 PM] Are you the Applebee's gm? If you are I'll vote for you cause I like you and want you to win
alice [4:09 PM] I am and I would like to die ASAP so I can get back to Mario Maker
drew [4:09 PM] Ok done
alice [4:09 PM] Please make everyone think I'm evil
I'll do whatever you want!
drew [4:10 PM] You don't think they'll vote anyways if you're the gm?
There doesn't seem to be any good leads today
alice [4:10 PM] Nah iambic thinks I should be ignored and quarantined
I'm sure he's shuffling that sentiment around
drew [4:11 PM] Ok I'm gonna vote when I get home, I'll think of something
alice [4:12 PM] Sweet
I'd rather go out with a win then just try to cause ties and fuck up the endgame
An the radicals are totally fucked but I will do whatever I can to cause ties and drag this on forever
drew [4:39 PM] I think I have something, I dont want to go overboard but people who know our relationship should buy it
alice [4:40 PM] it looks like i already have enough votes to push through so i think it's okay, just pile on
drew [4:41 PM] ok then, I was gonna make a story about how you thought I was campaigning with you yesterday and thought you could defelct onto me, also how I went to you with the plan in the first place
I'll just pile on

Day 5 No Vote - As I told you by dm I was super hungover Saturday and spent the day helping my friend move, when the day was done I was exhausted. I read some thread but didn’t have the energy to get involved.

Day 6 Sutro – I explained my vote for sutro with my post. After bluemoon got killed I realized I had to vote every day and at this point I felt the game had gone on long enough to try to figure some things out. I made my post pointing at you and vh for the reasons I listed. You never did explain why you were unhappy about the mechanics that hurt the radicals, or wanted to let luke get squats. I was suspicious of both of you and figured the other radicals were among the quiet people. I did a random roll and voted for the quiet person it landed on. There was no leadership that day and if there had been I may have voted along with it. I never felt big cat was suspicious enough to warrant a lynch and I’m glad I didn’t jump on that train.

I forgot to bring up my suspicions of iambic in the initial post and said it separately. It caused him to accuse me of being groupie, which made no sense and made me surer of him.

As for my suspicions right now I’m in a weird place. If the deprogrammer has visited you then you are likely good and I’ve been wrong about you, this is why I’m bothering to explain myself to you. On the other hand I feel like you were bullying me this morning and that makes me think of you as evil and you could be lying about the deprogrammer visits. I’m also torn because you have said some weird things in dm’s with me, but overall still read more village.

I’m still suspicious of vh for the reasons I listed. Also he has a consistent voting record and was on the luke train (along with me) and also on the big cat train. His voting record fits the profile as I doubt the radicals miss many votes.

Iambic I still feel may be the groupie but he is the other person I’ve been talking to this morning and he has been very forthcoming and level headed. He is beginning to convince me that he is still good. I honestly think that only one of you or him is good right now and that somebody is fooling me. This is my least favorite feeling in ww.

I thought there had to have been a scan of plainman and that was why people were going for him but iambic tells me that to his knowledge there isn’t one. Plainman would make the perfect greasefire and his votes are odd being on the luke train but other than that not having much impact.

I think the wolves are two loud two quiet, or even one loud three quiet. I think fjm is quiet and the groupie is loud.

If I had to guess right now I would say wolves are two of You, VHB and Plainman and two of the quiet ones: Geoff, Ankh, Sutro, Kaputt, fuckles and jug. Ankh, Sutro and jug are not voting with the same regularity you would expect from a wolf so I would say they are less likely. Fuckles didn’t vote for the first three votes and then only seems to be voting to stay alive, which to me reads as paying attention but not wanting to develop a record, this elevates him.

Fjm would be another of those quiet ones and iambic is still leading candidate for groupie, although if we find fjm perhaps the groupie will end up just being someone they like working with.

Snatch, I am not a wolf. If you have any questions for me I will answer them as best I can as I have nothing to hide. I’m driving to Seattle today to go see Carly Rae in concert for my birthday so I wont be available much once I cross the border as I don’t have roaming. Once I’m in the hotel and have wifi access I’ll be back.

This is a real thing and here is me posting about it days ago. The edits are cause I was drunk as fuck when I made it and it had multiple spelling errors.
night moves wrote:I will not be made fun of by someone who watches animes

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Postby Alice » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:29 pm

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Postby lordofdiapers » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:13 pm

So what werd, you dont trust me?

Stuntman wrote:Does anyone remember Late Night Cheeseburger? That was my jam. Tasted like BO.
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Postby werd » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:21 pm

No you're right you should have been on that list

I'm clueless when you're evil

I'm just generally bad at this game
night moves wrote:I will not be made fun of by someone who watches animes

hologram wrote:basically burn down your local whole foods and punch a cop because the galaxy don't give a fuck
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Postby lordofdiapers » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:24 pm

I love you and I dont agree re:you being bad at this game
Stuntman wrote:Does anyone remember Late Night Cheeseburger? That was my jam. Tasted like BO.
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Postby Ankh » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:26 pm

Alice wrote:HPNWW15SS

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Postby regular ol' slokra » Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:02 pm

wow, i just read this whole thread... what a wild and unbelievable ride
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