let's try to rank phoenix albums if you ever feel better

Health insurance rip off lying FDA big bankers buying
Fake computer crashes dining
Cloning while they're multiplying
Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson
Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson
You're all fakes
Run to your mansions
Come around
We'll kick your ass in

Postby RIXX » Thu May 17, 2018 11:10 am

Daft Pun wrote:re: rixx

i love this one. it reminds me of that track on unted where it goes BABY our city's on fire. but it's the whole album. so good

yeah exactly. part of the reason I ranked it so high was just bc it reminds me of a really good relationship i was in years ago, but I also jsut think it's a warmer and more romantic record than their rest and i really like the production on it.
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