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Health insurance rip off lying FDA big bankers buying
Fake computer crashes dining
Cloning while they're multiplying
Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson
Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson
You're all fakes
Run to your mansions
Come around
We'll kick your ass in

Postby computer problems » Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:20 pm

hi I've been lurking for a few years you guys are all pretty interesting and older than i am. not much else to say
computer problems
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Postby blab » Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:44 am

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Postby water monster » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:19 pm

Another long-time lurker here. Since 2009.
water monster
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Postby Permafrost » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:45 am

computer problems wrote:hi I've been lurking for a few years you guys are all pretty interesting and older than i am. not much else to say

I’m 86 and in the prime of my life.
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Postby dvr » Sat Jul 06, 2019 3:52 pm

hipinion. your source for authentic, raw, unbiased reviews of ear hair trimmers
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Postby lt_kilowatt » Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:20 am

What a long strange trip its been.
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Postby Quigley » Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:20 pm

Anybody know how to change your username? Mine is too male and tied to an ex so I'd like to move on from it if possible.
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Postby donkeykong311 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:04 pm

tried to recover the password for my old account like a hundred times but never got an email. woof.
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Postby kid8 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:19 pm

Luv you giys.
Oh, I'm a failure, because i haven't got a brain.
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Postby smokehousecheddar » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:40 am

whats up yall

hows it goin

happy to be here
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