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Health insurance rip off lying FDA big bankers buying
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Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson
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You're all fakes
Run to your mansions
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Postby Ampersand » Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:11 pm

I've been mulling over running some sort of "Shit Flixe Classics" series wherein we revisit some of the best flicks of the past near decade of regular Movie Series screenings. This series will be for the benefit of those regulars who missed certain films the first time around and for folks totally new to the Movie Series. So let's make it happen!

I'm thinking these could be monthly or twice monthly events, running earlier on Sundays (1800 eastern) with the normal Sunday screening to follow at 2200. The earlier start time will allow some of those boarders in different time zones the chance to join us.

We'll vote from a few options for each screening (find the current choices above). The movie will be available via the db. As with normal Movie Series, we'll chat in our IRC channel (#hpnmovieseries).

If there's enough interest, our first screening will be Sun 2/3.
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Postby Ampersand » Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:13 pm

Options for the first screening:

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Postby Ampersand » Tue Jan 22, 2019 3:02 pm

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Postby loaf angel » Tue Jan 22, 2019 3:07 pm

Lawnmower Man is Simple Jack

I missed Freejack so I gotta throw my hat in for the Lawn Man
goldsoundz wrote:i'd bang that moron
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Postby lefthandshake » Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:56 pm

i like this idea. when will we watch bicentennial man?
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Postby Ampersand » Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:44 pm

laserblast wrote:
lefthandshake wrote:when will we watch bicentennial man?

came into thread to post this

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Postby important dentist » Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:55 pm

this is a delightful idea and i don't even feel like i need to vote
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Postby kayke » Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:50 pm

rock the vote
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Postby donna martin » Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:09 pm

i can't believe you made me choose between lawnmower man and freejack. i mean OF COURSE i picked lawnmower man but also freejack and mick jagger trying to sound american....

anyway i am looking forward to this.
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donna martin
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:30 am

Lawnmower Man is looking like the winner, barring any last minute swings.

Does anyone have any particular feelings about how frequent these should be? I'm leaning towards once a month (first Sunday of every month), but I'm open to more frequent screenings. (Maybe twice a month in the summer, when attendance generally ticks up anyway?) Let me know.
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:12 pm

It has been brought to my attention that this upcoming Sunday is Superbowl Sunday. Who knew???!?
In observance, we'll bump this inaugural screening one week to 2/10.
See ya'll then!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:37 pm

This is Sunday!
Get pumped!
Movie will be available in the db tomorrow!
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Postby Ampersand » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:32 am

Movie is now in the db!
Screening is tomorrow night!
All are welcome!!
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:32 am

The Lawnmower Man screens TONIGHT at 1800 EST (6:00 PM)!
Check the db for the movie or PM me for assistance!

Look for the link to the chat posted in this thread about 20 minutes before the start time.
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:52 pm

Ampersand wrote:The Lawnmower Man screens TONIGHT at 1800 EST (6:00 PM)!
Check the db for the movie or PM me for assistance!

Look for the link to the chat posted in this thread about 20 minutes before the start time.
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Postby Autarch » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:00 pm

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Postby Geoff » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:05 pm

I can finally join
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Postby Geoff » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:07 pm

thanks for changing the time amp, and this film has a special place in my heart, my aunt gave it to me on vhs when I was around 9, I was totally weirded out by it.
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:45 pm

Tonight's Feature Presentation:

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Postby dan » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:52 pm

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Postby Ampersand » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:59 pm

Ampersand wrote:Tonight's Feature Presentation:


10 minutes until showtime!
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:31 pm

Code: Select all
[18:10] <Ampiercesand> 3
[18:10] <Ampiercesand> 2
[18:10] <Ampiercesand> 1
[18:10] <impdentist> for the record my gf just responded in all caps that she wants to watch the crush with us
[18:10] <lawnmower_dan> I think this will now be the 4th watch
[18:10] <lawnmowermartin_> your gf is right dentist
[18:10] <lawnmowermartin_> VIRTUAL REALITY
[18:11] <lawnmowerblast> dan have you seen the extended cut before
[18:11] <@geoffmowlawn> virtual space industries creative name
[18:11] <besoin> jeff fahey doesn't get enough shitflix credit
[18:11] <autarch> wait, that countdown was just a dry run, right?
[18:11] <lawnmower_dan> nope, can't wait
[18:11] <Ampiercesand> autarch i'll kill you
[18:11] <@geoffmowlawn> what was that infrared battle helmet?
[18:11] <autarch> hahaha
[18:11] <impdentist> here we GOOOOOOOO
[18:11] <Trebbers> Best chimp I've ever had
[18:11] <besoin> lord
[18:11] <lawnmower_dan> whoa, no fair, this chimp enabled -noclip
[18:12] <autarch> is this what the year 2000 will actually be like?
[18:12] <autarch> chimp is at space camp
[18:12] <@geoffmowlawn> when is this game coming out on the oculus rift?
[18:12] <lawnmowermartin_> yes, this is y2k
[18:12] <Ampiercesand> clearly running on the Unreal engine
[18:12] <lawnmowerblast> the thing is, i would play this game
[18:12] <kayke> that chimp seemed pretty smart... but can he vape?
[18:12] <Trebbers> ChimpWarrior Online
[18:12] <lawnmower_dan> and just like that it became the most experienced soldier in army history
[18:12] <autarch> vaporwave has made this game modern again
[18:12] <lawnmowermartin_> oh no the movie farted
[18:12] <@geoffmowlawn> they spelt geoff wrong
[18:13] <Trebbers> How much was added for the directors cut again?
[18:13] <Ampiercesand> 40 mins
[18:13] <lawnmower_dan> 40 minutes or so
[18:13] <autarch> acoustic print
[18:13] <lawnmowermartin_> holy fuck
[18:13] <besoin> there's jonah hill
[18:13] <lawnmowermartin_> what else could they possibly have to say
[18:13] <autarch> this is fuckin awesome
[18:13] <lhs> video games make you smarter, got it
[18:14] <lawnmowermartin_> i hope the whole extra 40 is just a post  movie debrief with the monkey
[18:14] <Trebbers> waoh
[18:14] <impdentist> damn
[18:14] <autarch> kill complete
[18:14] <lhs> although this is just normal chimp behavior tbf
[18:14] <@geoffmowlawn> need more monkey perspective in films
[18:14] <Trebbers> love his fake chimp hands
[18:14] <@geoffmowlawn> not enough these days
[18:14] <lhs> please, chimps aren't monkeys
[18:14] <lawnmowermartin_> i want to hear more from the chimp
[18:14] <lawnmower_dan> trying to make sense of the icon search
[18:15] <besoin> i fall down if i don't have an xyz axis imposed on my world
[18:15] <kayke> dunstin checks OUT
[18:15] <lawnmowermartin_> okay fair enough, that was rude
[18:15] <autarch> ah crap
[18:15] <besoin> heh
[18:15] <lawnmowermartin_> lol kayke
[18:15] <lawnmowermartin_> earring means he's a bad boy
[18:15] <@geoffmowlawn> finally
[18:15] <@geoffmowlawn> they spelt geoff right
[18:15] <@geoffmowlawn> thanks for the correction
[18:15] <besoin> dean norris
[18:15] <impdentist> dean norris ah
[18:15] <besoin> uncle hank
[18:15] <lawnmowermartin_> ugh the sheets will stink
[18:15] <lawnmower_dan> those were actually Norris' hands in place for the chimp
[18:15] <lhs> heh
[18:16] <Trebbers> what an asshole
[18:16] <@geoffmowlawn> joe hart found a new career, better than goalkeeping for england
[18:16] <lawnmower_dan> now he's lawnkeeping
[18:16] <besoin> i wonder how much andy serkis made on this one
[18:16] <autarch> Robert Pringle
[18:16] <kayke> oh no
[18:16] <lawnmower_dan> jeez
[18:16] <@geoffmowlawn> yikes domestic abuse
[18:16] <lawnmowermartin_> way to be a good person
[18:16] <Trebbers> *Finds Dennis Leary CD inserts it into walkman*
[18:17] <lawnmowermartin_> my neighbor is beating his kid, nbd, but the CHIMP
[18:17] <kayke> wingding search
[18:17] <besoin> chimps HATE catholics
[18:17] <@geoffmowlawn> i thought the chimp was dead
[18:17] <lawnmowerblast> here's the chimp, here's the steeple
[18:18] <kayke> frodo baggy
[18:18] <Trebbers> Also, I thought the chimp dying was the nightmare
[18:18] <Ampiercesand> that's the Deluxe Outhouse
[18:18] <lawnmowermartin_> the role of a lifetime
[18:18] <autarch> Oh look, he's dressed like gus dapperton
[18:18] <Trebbers> Weird opening for a grown up Dennis the Menace movie
[18:19] <besoin> i hope they leave this nice man alone
[18:19] <autarch> wearing mario clothes
[18:19] <Trebbers> the fuck is that room
[18:19] <lawnmowermartin_> nice haggars
[18:19] <impdentist> that's the spinning cube room
[18:19] <besoin> chimp becomes a management consultant
[18:20] <Ampiercesand> #1 threat to eat all my strawberries
[18:20] <Trebbers> fuck yesss
[18:20] <lawnmowermartin_> i want the chimp to move to the big city and try to take over a business with harrison ford
[18:20] <impdentist> does he still have the gun
[18:20] <autarch> kill him, chimp\
[18:20] <impdentist> oh man
[18:20] <autarch> kill his asss
[18:20] <lawnmower_dan> Go ahead, ape my day
[18:20] <Ampiercesand> got them stupid eyes
[18:20] <lawnmowermartin_> i need a gif
[18:20] <lawnmowermartin_> of the chimp in combat gear
[18:20] <impdentist> shoot the helicopter
[18:20] <Trebbers> That chimp is all ready for LazerTag
[18:20] <lawnmower_dan> this is a completely different movie so far
[18:20] <impdentist> threat
[18:20] <Ampiercesand> yeah dan
[18:20] <lhs> passed the voight kampff test
[18:20] <Ampiercesand> kind of amazing
[18:20] <Trebbers> I don't really remember any of this
[18:21] <besoin> different and much better
[18:21] <autarch> is this the chimp from Most Valuable Primate?
[18:21] <besoin> andy serkis's work left on the cutting room floor
[18:21] <Trebbers> Yeah, just flying at low altitude with a machine gun
[18:21] <lhs> i hope that cybo-diaper has still suit technology
[18:21] <lawnmower_dan> they gave him such a sick helmet, but they really skimped on his underwear
[18:21] <Trebbers> nobody will complain
[18:21] <Trebbers> ahahah
[18:21] <Ampiercesand> sad that he thinks the chimp is a fellow human being
[18:22] <impdentist> this is astounding
[18:22] <Trebbers> *picks up gun*
[18:22] <impdentist> i do not remember whether this is part of the original movie at all
[18:22] <Trebbers> How could they have cut this
[18:22] <Ampiercesand> i am fairly certain all of this is new
[18:22] <besoin> damn dirty human (producers)
[18:23] <lawnmowermartin_> rita chimpworth over here
[18:23] <autarch> are the cops looking for the chimp?
[18:23] <Ampiercesand> i vaguely remember Pierce waking up for the phone call
[18:23] <kayke> So... would he have thought anyone in a helmet was cyberman?
[18:23] <Trebbers> yea amp
[18:23] <besoin> cassock
[18:23] <lawnmowermartin_> the phone call thing happened, yeah
[18:23] <lawnmower_dan> "Oh, not again"
[18:23] <Trebbers> Just walk away father
[18:23] <besoin> where's conductor
[18:23] <autarch> dragnet of the apes
[18:23] <besoin> snitch
[18:24] <lawnmowerblast> fucking narc priest
[18:24] <lhs> mc escher lecture over
[18:24] <lawnmower_dan> make sure to leave some guards in the room so mario doesn't drive thru that cube for a powerup
[18:24] <besoin> it's the government in their astrovans
[18:24] <lawnmowermartin_> rolling out in ford aerostar style
[18:24] <Trebbers> "A little boy I could understand, but he has a chimp in there."
[18:24] <impdentist> artillery?
[18:24] <impdentist> it's a shed
[18:24] <Ampiercesand> SWATing in Suburbia
[18:24] <lawnmowerblast> pierce brosnan and jeffrey bezos IN lawnmower man
[18:24] <besoin> famous
[18:24] <Ampiercesand> the titular lawnmower man
[18:25] <lawnmower_dan> "he resides in the shed" story of my life
[18:25] <impdentist> 45?
[18:25] <lawnmowermartin_> jesus he's addicted
[18:25] <Ampiercesand> sure am tired of all these lawns
[18:25] <autarch> 45 is lower than a chimpanzee
[18:25] <besoin> dr angelo?
[18:25] <@geoffmowlawn> are you available next week
[18:25] <impdentist> dr acula
[18:25] <besoin> avenging dr angelo
[18:25] <lawnmowermartin_> ah yes, mr larry angelo
[18:25] <lawnmowerblast> autarch, checks out
[18:25] <Ampiercesand> irony of the lawnmower man never mowing his own
[18:25] <kayke> lol
[18:26] <impdentist> ah the earring
[18:26] <Trebbers> The earring is a very true period touch
[18:26] <lawnmower_dan> just like the barber who never cuts his own hair
[18:26] <lawnmower_dan> Sy Bowman
[18:26] <Trebbers> Does my taxes
[18:26] <kayke> cyberman's cyberdiaper slays me
[18:26] <lawnmowermartin_> will need gif
[18:26] <Trebbers> ICON SEARCH: Shitting
[18:26] <Trebbers> Do it CYBOMAN
[18:26] <lawnmower_dan> "kill the bleeper?"
[18:26] <Ampiercesand> Cyboman is DOOMed
[18:27] <lawnmowermartin_> oh my god
[18:27] <lawnmower_dan> TOP O THE WORLD MA
[18:27] <Trebbers> holy fuck
[18:27] <@geoffmowlawn> nice kick
[18:27] <impdentist> shit
[18:27] <kayke> oh jeez
[18:27] <autarch> kill confirmed
[18:27] <Ampiercesand> quit yr sniveling
[18:27] <lawnmower_dan> that day he lost his innocence
[18:27] <kayke> boogie
[18:27] <Trebbers> hahhah
[18:28] <besoin> which ways doesn't he
[18:28] <Ampiercesand> mind of a child, hair of a heartthrob
[18:28] <Trebbers> This is like the pilot to the movie
[18:28] <kayke> make a large contribution to the shed
[18:28] <lawnmower_dan> the cut footage was basically an entirely new act
[18:28] <autarch> yahootown
[18:28] <@geoffmowlawn> yaaahooooo
[18:28] <besoin> sunnyvale?
[18:28] <lawnmowermartin_> it's next to googletown
[18:28] <lawnmowermartin_> south of amazontown
[18:29] <Ampiercesand> sniff
[18:29] <autarch> on the outskirts of geocity, but not as far as farmville
[18:29] <besoin> can't wait to meet terry
[18:29] <@geoffmowlawn> Forget it, Job. It's Yahootown
[18:29] <impdentist> man i decided to take a shot before this to get caught up since it's so early and that was a mistake
[18:29] <lawnmowermartin_> oh yeah, geocity is way the fuck out
[18:29] <autarch> dude
[18:29] <autarch> wtf
[18:30] <besoin> gloryman
[18:30] <kayke>  maybe... we should stop giving the church wards
[18:30] <autarch> backmower man
[18:30] <Trebbers> ahah
[18:30] <impdentist> maybe we should stop giving them money after we shoot chimps on their property
[18:30] <lawnmowermartin_> i  mean, the catholic church should probably stop being in charge of anyone or anything
[18:30] <impdentist> ah yes pierce chest
[18:30] <lawnmowermartin_> i can't even button my shirt, it's so bad
[18:30] <@geoffmowlawn> was making this film
[18:30] <lhs> the chimp was his son
[18:30] <@geoffmowlawn> to fair there are probably worse films starting pierce
[18:30] <lawnmower_dan> that's why he was so scared by that nightmare
[18:30] <autarch> lawnmower man has been owned by the church since he was 5
[18:31] <impdentist> this is three years before goldeneye
[18:31] <Trebbers> "I need to go to the store for smokes. Fuck"
[18:31] <kayke> "they're breasts, momma"
[18:31] <lawnmowermartin_> lol
[18:31] <autarch> i'm not on my medication and it's so hard to pay attention
[18:31] <lawnmower_dan> well it's a very dense plot
[18:32] <autarch> is it just me or has the plot been incoherent?
[18:32] <besoin> it's laser sharp
[18:32] <autarch> whoa
[18:32] <autarch> wtf was that sweet thing
[18:32] <impdentist> wait what was that
[18:32] <lawnmowermartin_> we dont do coherent plots here at ShitflixQ
[18:32] <impdentist> did they just stop filming that scene in the middle
[18:32] <lhs> mower blades
[18:32] <besoin> geoffrey lewis only appears in movies with apes
[18:32] <Ampiercesand> the lawnmower man's natural enemy, Landscaping Man
[18:32] <kayke> my coffee flask
[18:32] <lawnmower_dan> a little hair of the chimp
[18:32] <lawnmowermartin_> lol
[18:33] <Trebbers> Everybody just shows up to beat this guy's ass
[18:33] <lhs> lawnmower boy
[18:33] <besoin> lawnmower the man
[18:33] <autarch> it's like his ass is grass and someone else is the lawnmower man
[18:33] <lhs> this is another fuck-the-soundmixer movie
[18:33] <autarch> oh wait
[18:33] <lawnmowerblast> aoooogah!
[18:33] <autarch> that thing is part of an oldtimey lawnmower
[18:34] <lawnmowermartin_> maybe today we'll find me lucky charms
[18:34] <besoin> lawnmowergula
[18:34] <job511> "We're just saying....that earring?"
[18:34] <Trebbers> uh
[18:34] <lawnmowermartin_> you get used to it, pierce
[18:34] <Trebbers> Upsetting that Jared Padalecki took his whole look from Pierce
[18:34] <Ampiercesand> are we sure this ain't the military's taint?
[18:34] <kayke> a little tit for taste
[18:34] <besoin> he wanted to develop super chimps for humanitarian uses
[18:34] <Trebbers> Chimp butlers
[18:35] <job511> This is basically the entirety of this act in the theatrical cut, right?
[18:35] <lawnmowermartin_> Rory was too good for larry anyway
[18:35] <lhs> imagine if a chimp could mow your lawn
[18:35] <autarch> gas fill er up
[18:36] <lawnmower_dan> forgot all about jake
[18:36] <lawnmowermartin_> i think he forgot who he was talking to for real
[18:36] <besoin> the local republican
[18:36] <autarch> nectar of the gods
[18:36] <lawnmower_dan> Jake would be a good quick Halloween costume
[18:36] <lhs> sweet temporary tattoo
[18:36] <@geoffmowlawn> water from the nile
[18:36] <autarch> suckin on the gods' tit
[18:36] <Trebbers> What the fuck is that outfit
[18:37] <@geoffmowlawn> looks more like a republican
[18:37] <job511> Just got back from a vacation in the 1950s.
[18:37] <lhs> i'm going to assume he's a time traveler from the 50s
[18:37] <Trebbers> he's 30 and it's 1992
[18:37] <autarch> dressed like bowie in the when you're a boy video
[18:37] <lawnmower_dan> "Wasn't very talkative"
[18:37] <besoin> jobe needs a miss kinnian
[18:38] <impdentist> whoa
[18:38] <lawnmowermartin_> uh
[18:38] <@geoffmowlawn> i think it's zoomed a bit close
[18:38] <autarch> "can you zoom in on your face? I can't see it"
[18:38] <lawnmowermartin_> early google hangout
[18:38] <autarch> hell ya
[18:38] <Ampiercesand> Zordean
[18:38] <autarch> power plunge
[18:38] <besoin> very relaxing
[18:38] <Trebbers> "POWER PLUNGE"
[18:38] <lawnmowermartin_> lsd got better in the 90s
[18:38] <autarch> animal collective floridada music video
[18:39] <lawnmowermartin_> close your legs
[18:39] <lawnmower_dan> he's inside one of those Orbz drinks with the balls of goo
[18:39] <@geoffmowlawn> vaporware 0.1
[18:39] <autarch> this is truly heaven
[18:39] <besoin> he's inside an orbz
[18:39] <Trebbers> Lawnspreading
[18:39] <besoin> damn it dan
[18:39] <lawnmower_dan> heh
[18:39] <Trebbers> You win when you taste the rainbow
[18:39] <lawnmower_dan> now I want to drink one
[18:39] <impdentist> hahaha
[18:39] <besoin> never unplug a program when i'm engaged
[18:39] <lawnmower_dan> "Farting??"
[18:39] <job511> "Next"?
[18:39] <lawnmowermartin_> are we just naming f words?
[18:39] <autarch> if you play your cards rightt, maybe
[18:39] <lhs> alphabetically, yeah
[18:39] <Trebbers> Ship's already sailed on that one, lady
[18:39] <job511> Like, are we to assume that wasn't first?
[18:39] <besoin> "how many pleats will it take to get you interested?"
[18:40] <lhs> she's stealing his pants
[18:40] <kayke> this is amp getting mad at me for playing animal crossing on my phone
[18:40] <lawnmowermartin_> these people don't seem like they know each other
[18:40] <Ampiercesand> true
[18:40] <besoin> his sex chair is still rocking
[18:40] <Trebbers> Man, that mouth must tasste like a cremation
[18:40] <@geoffmowlawn> need to skip this scene
[18:40] <@geoffmowlawn> tell me when its over
[18:40] <@geoffmowlawn> bye
[18:40] <autarch> we've met the lawnmower man. but this guy is the bushwacker man
[18:40] <besoin> when a lawnmower man loves a lawnmower woman very much, geoff...
[18:41] <kayke> they're going through puberty?
[18:41] <lawnmower_dan> "If you thought chimps were good at killing before, you just wait!"
[18:41] <lawnmowerblast> vr was a saint to most but it never meant shit to me
[18:41] <Trebbers> These are the fuck chairs that George Clooney didn't order in Burn After Reading
[18:41] <kayke> wow, he's cropping that a little tight
[18:41] <job511> Jesus, he's annihilating that lawn.
[18:41] <autarch> that's way too short
[18:42] <Ampiercesand> he's trying
[18:42] <lawnmowermartin_> wonder how fahey landed on that style of walking
[18:42] <lawnmower_dan> Big Red is simply too powerful
[18:42] <autarch> what does he hate grass or something?
[18:42] <besoin> lawnberry punch kool-aid
[18:42] <Trebbers> Walks like he's wearing Cyboman's diaper
[18:42] <autarch> he's tapping into the oneness with big red
[18:43] <lawnmowermartin_> he kind of walks like a chimp
[18:43] <lawnmower_dan> there's the source tie-in
[18:43] <Trebbers> Cyberboogie?
[18:43] <autarch> jfc
[18:43] <besoin> abusive blue collar father
[18:43] <lawnmower_dan> 3 seconds totally justifies
[18:43] <lawnmowermartin_> i have to go be abusive
[18:43] <autarch> lot of abusive Fathers in this movie
[18:43] <lawnmowermartin_> oh geoff the other scene is over
[18:43] <lawnmowermartin_> now we're watching a dad be abusive and no one do anything
[18:43] <kayke> someone needs to mow that dad
[18:43] <lawnmower_dan> smirk the pain away, Pierce
[18:43] <besoin> nice neighborhood
[18:44] <@geoffmowlawn> ok i'm back
[18:44] <impdentist> oh jobe is gonna kill that guy when he gets smart huh
[18:44] <Trebbers> You wanna get stupid? let's get stupid
[18:44] <job511> Abusive fathers and crazy corrupt priests, and still King tried to disown the movie.
[18:44] <lawnmower_dan> the kissing is over
[18:44] <@geoffmowlawn> phew
[18:44] <Ampiercesand> but the drinking has only begun
[18:44] <Ampiercesand> (in my apartment)
[18:44] <kayke> girls just wanna have fun
[18:44] <job511> That smoking may be more dangerous than the one at the gas station.
[18:44] <besoin> damn, does she play for the 49ers
[18:44] <lhs> larry's going out with the cybogirls
[18:45] <lawnmowermartin_> larry angelo is insufferable
[18:45] <autarch> wait is his lastt name really angelo?
[18:45] <besoin> did his wife just leave him
[18:45] <besoin> yes, aut
[18:45] <impdentist> he's managing to keep that sweater on his shoulders pretty well for how drunk he is
[18:45] <lawnmowermartin_> caroline in the city
[18:45] <lhs> i smell cigarettes
[18:45] <lhs> is this a tumor
[18:45] <impdentist> "chilly out, isn't it"
[18:45] <lawnmower_dan> he's just trying to force her out even faster so he can get back to the VR sex-swing
[18:45] <besoin> this lady smells an opportunity
[18:46] <lawnmowermartin_> yes, dr. larry angelo of yahootown, wears haggars and an earring
[18:46] <Trebbers> I see you're also drunk in the middle of the day
[18:46] <autarch> "wanna come in to my place and take the vr POWER PLUNGE witth me?"
[18:46] <besoin> quivering in front of my father
[18:46] <lawnmowermartin_> i want to see larry's okcupid profile
[18:46] <kayke> he reminds me of a chimp I once knew
[18:46] <lawnmower_dan> lol
[18:46] <job511> Whoa
[18:46] <lawnmower_dan> eee
[18:47] <besoin> the colorist boycotted the director's cut
[18:47] <lawnmower_dan> was that a hampster feeder on the diner counter?
[18:47] <Ampiercesand> MY FRIEEEEND
[18:47] <besoin> "ugh, liefeld"
[18:47] <job511> Ha
[18:47] <Trebbers> Everybody is wild for cyborgs
[18:47] <Ampiercesand> lol
[18:48] <impdentist> love hanging out at the local combination diner and comic shop
[18:48] <Trebbers> aahahahh
[18:48] <Ampiercesand> diner comics rules as a concept
[18:48] <autarch> yo this guy is awful
[18:48] <autarch> i hate this guy
[18:48] <impdentist> who is this guy
[18:48] <Trebbers> Our finest cultural critic
[18:48] <besoin> "welp, off to vote for trump"
[18:48] <lawnmowermartin_> he's always after me lucky charms
[18:48] <job511> And if he were ten years older, he'd basically be Popeye.
[18:48] <Trebbers> Marlboro ad on the back of one comic
[18:48] <lawnmowermartin_> i wonder what the sigh count is for larry
[18:49] <autarch> UGGGGHHHH JESUS
[18:49] <besoin> he's going to fill up his 48 seconds of disk soon
[18:49] <lawnmowermartin_> so much sighing
[18:49] <@geoffmowlawn> lawnmowing in the background
[18:49] <@geoffmowlawn> subtle hint
[18:49] <Trebbers> Good that he's switched to beer
[18:49] <besoin> where can i get a big dummy to augment
[18:49] <lawnmowermartin_> liquor before beer you're in the clear
[18:49] <@geoffmowlawn> i'm having a beer right now
[18:49] <lhs> did anyone make a mowers for algernon joke last time
[18:49] <@geoffmowlawn> it's my yearly beer
[18:49] <job511> Jobe might as well cut out the middle-mower and torch the lawn directly.
[18:50] <Trebbers> 'but would you prefer to be hardly working?"
[18:50] <besoin> plunge this fucker
[18:50] <lawnmowermartin_> Chris Hanson comes around the corner
[18:50] <Ampiercesand> that face
[18:50] <autarch> oh god that face
[18:50] <kayke> "the best games"
[18:50] <job511> Activision presents Flowers for Algernon
[18:50] <autarch> is jobe in Diiv?
[18:50] <Trebbers> ha
[18:50] <impdentist> i don't get this game
[18:50] <lawnmowermartin_> yeah, i don't think this is job's fault
[18:51] <Trebbers> woah
[18:51] <impdentist> ahahahaha
[18:51] <autarch> wtf
[18:51] <kayke> now THIS is a game
[18:51] <autarch> hahahaha
[18:51] <kayke> cyberboogie
[18:51] <lhs> heh
[18:51] <autarch> this is truly the george clooney fuck chair from burn after reading
[18:51] <besoin> f less than zero
[18:51] <Ampiercesand> do a barrel roll
[18:51] <Trebbers> Fuck Your Couch 2000
[18:51] <job511> Ah, good ol' Cyberhistamine
[18:51] <lawnmowermartin_> larry has some interesting fetishes
[18:51] <kayke> watching people play this seems fucked up
[18:52] <lawnmower_dan> "Time to wipe down the chairs."
[18:52] <kayke> everyone should play this under their own privacy tarp
[18:52] <autarch> *lights cigarette* that was incredible
[18:52] <lawnmowermartin_> nope
[18:52] <autarch> he's covering the big stain on his overalls
[18:52] <lawnmowermartin_> nope nope run job
[18:53] <autarch> Big Brain Academy for nintendo DS
[18:53] <lawnmowermartin_> Job, if larry brings out condoms and Smirnoff Ice, run
[18:53] <@geoffmowlawn> like i am
[18:53] <besoin> "money, fame, women in pleats"
[18:53] <Trebbers> ah
[18:53] <lhs> what is that painting
[18:53] <autarch> was just thinking the same thing lhs
[18:53] <Trebbers> man
[18:53] <kayke> starry naught
[18:54] <besoin> heh
[18:54] <lawnmower_dan> lol kayke
[18:54] <Ampiercesand> "you must keep this secret: we don't have the rights to Flowers for Algernon"
[18:54] <job511> Naturally the church is threatened by increasing the intelligence of a congregant.
[18:54] <autarch> lol bob
[18:54] <besoin> jobe is dressed like chucky now
[18:55] <lawnmowermartin_> oh no no
[18:55] <lawnmowermartin_> run job
[18:55] <besoin> beer, drugs, carrots
[18:55] <lawnmower_dan> jeez dude, get a bag for those carrots
[18:55] <autarch> fuck we're 45 minutes in and not even 1/3 of the way through. but honestly this movie is flying by
[18:55] <job511> Coors Extra Gold?
[18:55] <lawnmowermartin_> um
[18:55] <lhs> jobe looks like my bad uncle who disappeared for like 10 years
[18:55] <autarch> call it, friendo
[18:55] <Trebbers> Taking a power plunge into horse tranq land
[18:55] <lawnmower_dan> by this point in the normal cut I think Job had already taken over earth
[18:55] <lawnmower_dan> spoilers
[18:56] <besoin> don't mind the 40 pound thing on your face
[18:56] <autarch> larry you filthy mother fucker
[18:56] <autarch> looks like an ass
[18:56] <autarch> on the screen
[18:56] <Trebbers> Getting brain
[18:56] <impdentist> it's so easy
[18:56] <lawnmower_dan> now Pierce just VR massages his brain for 5 hours
[18:56] <autarch> oh wow 0pn did the soundtrack?
[18:56] <besoin> what's all the illuminati stuff
[18:56] <impdentist> he's teaching him satanism
[18:56] <lawnmowermartin_> i'm going to have a seizure
[18:57] <autarch> church is not gonna be happy about this
[18:57] <lhs> astrology isn't going to make him smarter
[18:57] <lawnmower_dan> "he's now mowing at a 10th grade level"
[18:57] <Trebbers> "Gonna start him on Lovecraft next week"
[18:57] <lhs> heh
[18:57] <Ampiercesand> mmmm he could mow my lawn any day
[18:58] <lawnmowermartin_> this is my new gif avatar
[18:58] <Trebbers> Now that he has a 85 IQ he's shaking off the action with a stick
[18:58] <lawnmowermartin_> new pepsi commerical is weird
[18:58] <autarch> deeply symbolic eatting of the apple
[18:58] <job511> A hungry sponge.
[18:58] <autarch> steroids
[18:58] <Trebbers> Pierce about to join the Funky Bunch
[18:58] <autarch> his juzzing
[18:58] <besoin> he invented the drugs and the VR stuff? quite the interdisciplinary effort.
[18:59] <lawnmower_dan> "Oh fuck I turned his brain to SPAM"
[18:59] <lawnmowermartin_> yeah, that's it, shake it off, just a seizure
[18:59] <lawnmowermartin_> oh my god pierce brosnon does not wear a bandana
[18:59] <besoin> when did he join the crips
[18:59] <@geoffmowlawn> i also got this cool headband
[18:59] <lawnmowermartin_> why is he so sweaty?
[18:59] <kayke> the results were so exciting that he started dressing like Cory Feldman
[18:59] <lawnmower_dan> bad ventilation in that basement
[19:00] <besoin> the scarecrow here
[19:00] <lawnmowermartin_> being smarter comes with a brush
[19:00] <autarch> jfc
[19:00] <@geoffmowlawn> give it to him
[19:00] <autarch> drag his ass
[19:00] <kayke> drunken, pro-book nonsense
[19:00] <job511> Terry O'Quinn IS Jack Nance IS a leprechaun.
[19:01] <Ampiercesand> lol
[19:01] <autarch> yeah what is up witht this accent
[19:01] <Trebbers> Excellent, one less drunk driver in this movie
[19:01] <@geoffmowlawn> don't need a license?
[19:01] <lawnmowermartin_> seems to know how to drive
[19:01] <autarch> hell yeah
[19:01] <autarch> it's the couchfucking game again
[19:01] <lawnmowermartin_> what on earth is this game
[19:01] <@geoffmowlawn> please
[19:01] <@geoffmowlawn> remember to use £%$%$
[19:02] <Ampiercesand> this is absolutely somebody's kink
[19:02] <besoin> that was sketch?
[19:02] <autarch> love how they're silver alien hunks
[19:02] <lawnmower_dan> well that proves it, he's a genius
[19:02] <@geoffmowlawn> is the guy from the goonies right
[19:02] <@geoffmowlawn> the kid
[19:02] <lawnmowermartin_> ti's a channel on pornhub, amp
[19:02] <besoin> he's not in the goonies, you nut
[19:02] <besoin> he's in the last action hero
[19:02] <@geoffmowlawn> yeah sure he is
[19:02] <@geoffmowlawn> oh maybe that
[19:02] <besoin> chimp muscles
[19:03] <Ampiercesand> a horse? of course
[19:03] <autarch> get his ass, jobe
[19:03] <besoin> why is terry irish but not his brother
[19:03] <Trebbers> Only nevernudes allowed in the church
[19:03] <lawnmowermartin_> they're just nipples, adam levine has them!
[19:03] <lhs> a cool ranch
[19:03] <besoin> heh
[19:03] <lawnmowermartin_> why is anyone irish
[19:03] <autarch> hell yeah
[19:03] <kayke> let. him. buy. HIS. BOOTS.
[19:03] <lawnmowermartin_> the drugs made him ripped
[19:04] <autarch> that was fuckin awesome
[19:04] <Trebbers> These boots were made for mowing
[19:04] <lawnmower_dan> instead of saying people are ripped, I'm gonna say people are mowed
[19:04] <impdentist> did pierce make him buff too or was he like that already
[19:04] <Trebbers> Sweater, shorts, long socks, boots
[19:04] <Trebbers> The 90s everybody
[19:04] <besoin> any unintended effects?
[19:04] <autarch> he looks good though
[19:05] <besoin> his lab = his basement
[19:05] <lawnmower_dan> "I need the real arcade cabinet, not a console port"
[19:05] <Trebbers> "We need lab grade fuckchairs!"
[19:05] <autarch> lol dan
[19:05] <autarch> ew
[19:05] <Ampiercesand> Wild Wild West sunglasses
[19:05] <Trebbers> ahahh
[19:05] <lhs> nice buns
[19:06] <kayke> he boots
[19:06] <besoin> who the hell is this lady
[19:06] <impdentist> dat ass
[19:06] <lawnmowermartin_> nice pants
[19:06] <Trebbers> Presenting like a baboon
[19:06] <Trebbers> excuse me Cybobaboon
[19:06] <lawnmowermartin_> they went for the fabio look, and it's amazing
[19:06] <autarch> damn
[19:06] <besoin> he changed her transmission fluid?
[19:06] <autarch> what does she mean by that?
[19:06] <lawnmowermartin_> so .... was that a euphamism?
[19:07] <besoin> "what? these are wranglers"
[19:07] <autarch> mow his ass, job
[19:07] <Trebbers> gif
[19:07] <lawnmower_dan> just figured out who Jake reminds me of: Awesome Dave's counting channel
[19:07] <autarch> puberty
[19:07] <lawnmowermartin_> those eyebrows
[19:07] <lawnmower_dan> maybe someone figured that out in the original chat
[19:08] <Ampiercesand> ya gonna cybo me
[19:08] <besoin> maybe stop here
[19:08] <Trebbers> Jake: Gene in Wet Hot
[19:08] <autarch> "did ya fuck the chimp?"
[19:08] <impdentist> oh jobe
[19:09] <kayke> a toast soldier... for eggs
[19:09] <autarch> just like his basement
[19:09] <lawnmower_dan> Military Industrial Chimplex
[19:09] <besoin> heh
[19:09] <autarch> is the floor made of lava?
[19:10] <@geoffmowlawn> it's one small step for a lawnmower man
[19:10] <Trebbers> Cybersuit, kinky
[19:10] <job511> This can be converted back into a normal suburban basement if the buyer chooses, though.
[19:10] <besoin> sort of a matrix, if you will
[19:10] <impdentist> haha bob
[19:10] <lawnmowermartin_> so his wife left him, i take it?
[19:10] <autarch> hell ya
[19:10] <besoin> tapped into the bill and ted'sverse
[19:11] <lawnmower_dan> how much money you think Pierce blew on Star Citizen?
[19:11] <Ampiercesand> Pierce Tronsan
[19:11] <Trebbers> ahah
[19:11] <autarch> lol amp
[19:11] <lawnmowermartin_> this seems less like VR, more like hypnosis?
[19:11] <autarch> who's gonna let them out of the orb?
[19:12] <Ampiercesand> brain loading
[19:12] <Ampiercesand> please wait
[19:12] <@geoffmowlawn> god we aren't even halfway through
[19:12] <besoin> pixar was wild before woody and buzz
[19:12] <lawnmowerblast> man loading the tron program takes forever
[19:12] <lawnmower_dan> "800 million...for this?"
[19:12] <autarch> look at the microwave
[19:12] <autarch> hahahaha
[19:12] <autarch> the shaking brain
[19:12] <autarch> i need a gif of that vibrating brain
[19:13] <lawnmower_dan> dang, I need to start the lawnmower workout
[19:13] <lawnmowermartin_> that belt buckle yes
[19:13] <lhs> more cut than that lawn
[19:13] <Trebbers> I forgot about all this cowboy shit
[19:13] <job511> Aha
[19:13] <autarch> lawnmower workout = VR + steroids
[19:13] <Ampiercesand> lemons, freshly squeezed
[19:13] <lawnmowermartin_> wow
[19:13] <autarch> lol lhs
[19:13] <kayke> I wish I was smart enough to have a cool belt buckle and cowboy boots
[19:13] <impdentist> "go fuck her!!"
[19:13] <@geoffmowlawn> refreshing lemonade
[19:13] <lawnmowermartin_> i love this brother who just was
[19:13] <@geoffmowlawn> wait
[19:13] <lawnmowerblast> lemons. wet. good.
[19:13] <@geoffmowlawn> that's not lemondae
[19:13] <Ampiercesand> lol
[19:14] <@geoffmowlawn> i wanted some lemonade tasting action
[19:14] <@geoffmowlawn> darn it
[19:14] <besoin> cyboneman
[19:14] <autarch> oh no, the sounds
[19:14] <lhs> heh
[19:14] <Trebbers> god
[19:14] <lawnmowermartin_> oh my god no she's an alien!
[19:14] <lawnmower_dan> Sultry Time Lemonade
[19:14] <lawnmowermartin_> she'll suck your brain out
[19:14] <impdentist> were these part of dr angelo's games
[19:14] <lawnmowermartin_> what is everyone wearing
[19:14] <lawnmowermartin_> this looks terrible for everyone
[19:14] <besoin> "jobe, that's not what that chair is for!"
[19:14] <job511> Not much
[19:14] <lawnmowermartin_> including us
[19:14] <lawnmowerblast> well, nothing, right now
[19:14] <@geoffmowlawn> i've minimised the screen
[19:14] <@geoffmowlawn> and silented the sounbd
[19:15] <@geoffmowlawn> please update me when they are done
[19:15] <besoin> just watch the fucking, geoff
[19:15] <autarch> it's done geoff
[19:15] <lawnmower_dan> would you guys be interested in watching a Mel Gibson movie with this stuff?
[19:15] <@geoffmowlawn> thanks
[19:15] <lawnmower_dan> asking for future sugestions I have lined up
[19:15] <lawnmowermartin_> what stuff dan
[19:15] <autarch> geoff, please have respect for the movie.
[19:15] <Trebbers> Like a remake
[19:15] <job511> With lots of lawn-mowing?
[19:15] <@geoffmowlawn> my wife is around
[19:15] <lawnmowermartin_> lemonade, geoff?
[19:15] <besoin> lawnmowing?
[19:15] <lawnmowermartin_> er, dan
[19:15] <besoin> too slow today
[19:15] <lawnmowermartin_> or, like, pleats?
[19:15] <lawnmower_dan>
[19:16] <autarch> google glass
[19:16] <besoin> civ 0
[19:16] <autarch> what if seinfeld still on tv
[19:16] <lhs> multipass
[19:16] <lawnmowermartin_> that wikipedia description hurt my brian
[19:16] <autarch> what is going on
[19:16] <Trebbers> "Our next game is called Message Board Moderator"
[19:16] <lawnmowermartin_> what is this
[19:16] <autarch> what the fuck is this game
[19:16] <besoin> so many dvd-rs
[19:16] <lawnmower_dan> is that a yes lb?
[19:16] <lawnmowermartin_> so much eyeliner
[19:16] <lawnmowerblast> "i know kung fu"
[19:16] <impdentist> "i know kung fu"
[19:16] <lhs> encarta, autarch
[19:16] <lawnmowerblast> lol imp
[19:16] <impdentist> hahaha
[19:17] <job511> "Lost"
[19:17] <Trebbers> hsa
[19:17] <autarch> all of them
[19:17] <job511> OK, yeah, he definitely just binged Lost.
[19:17] <besoin> saranclaps here
[19:18] <lawnmower_dan> haha
[19:18] <autarch> i want more discs
[19:18] <job511> He's going to get smart enough to give Larry shit about his overpriced Bose speakers.
[19:18] <lawnmowermartin_> they have the same hair, right?
[19:18] <autarch> he's blazed
[19:19] <autarch> you're honor, i'm BLAZED
[19:19] <@geoffmowlawn> i got to go and sleep folks
[19:19] <@geoffmowlawn> it's been an honour
[19:19] <@geoffmowlawn> thanks for letting me get involved
[19:19] <@geoffmowlawn> by timing it earlier
[19:19] <impdentist> what cd starts in the middle of the song
[19:19] <lawnmower_dan> love you geoff!
[19:19] <@geoffmowlawn> lots of love all
[19:19] <lawnmowermartin_> awww thanks geoff!
[19:19] <besoin> he's a dj
[19:19] <lawnmowermartin_> try to sleep after this
[19:19] <autarch> g'night geoff
[19:19] == geoffmowlawn [b9d4ab46@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[19:19] <Trebbers> night dude
[19:20] <job511> "Yeah, I only read graphic novels now."
[19:20] <besoin> even cyboman #1??
[19:20] <Trebbers> ahah
[19:20] <autarch> hahaha
[19:20] <lawnmower_dan> peanut allergy
[19:20] <besoin> two weeks
[19:20] <impdentist> oh here we go
[19:20] <kayke> what men want (2019)
[19:20] <autarch> look at that guy
[19:20] <autarch> lol kayke
[19:20] <lawnmowermartin_> oh i cannot wait for what men want
[19:20] <Ampiercesand> lol kayke
[19:20] <lhs> this is what it feels like when i have to go to a crowded costco
[19:21] <lawnmower_dan> first thing's first Job: loosen the belt
[19:21] <lawnmowermartin_> lol lhs
[19:21] <besoin> his wife came back?
[19:21] <autarch> hahaha
[19:21] <besoin> haha
[19:21] <autarch> hell yeah
[19:21] <besoin> the hair flip
[19:21] <lawnmower_dan> puter-puter-puter
[19:21] <lhs> she's just waiting to steal the mail
[19:21] <besoin> drag him, pleats wife
[19:21] <Ampiercesand> this is what i heard: "asses saying pew pew pew pew pew"
[19:22] <autarch> his training is comPleat
[19:22] <lhs> heh
[19:22] <Trebbers> ah
[19:22] <Trebbers> BOTH
[19:23] <kayke> they legally can't bring the project out of the closet until pride month
[19:23] <lawnmower_dan> eventually they lose faith and back it up to 1 and 3/4 tits
[19:23] <autarch> larry hoping he says "couch fucking direction"
[19:23] <job511> Did Dean Norris appear earlier?
[19:23] <lawnmower_dan> this does seem like the place where they were testing that 5ive gum in those commercials
[19:24] <besoin> yes
[19:24] <Trebbers> Dean's slight British inflection is a choice
[19:24] <besoin> oh, you mean in person? no
[19:24] <lawnmower_dan> should have asked Geoff about the accent
[19:24] <job511> No, I just meant that I was unloading groceries during the chimp attack, and so now I was like, whoa, Dean Norris.
[19:24] <besoin> he's just been on that screen
[19:25] <autarch> need that shaking brain warning gif
[19:25] <lhs> he's too big to fit on set
[19:25] <lawnmower_dan> in retrospect, putting a rumble pak in his brain was a poor choice
[19:25] <kayke> lol
[19:25] <besoin> they made him a mormon
[19:25] <Ampiercesand> where did god touch you, Job?
[19:26] <kayke> what felt better, god or a boob?
[19:26] <lhs> heh
[19:26] <lhs> shouldn't have installed that horoscope brain app
[19:27] <lhs> now you're just making a mess
[19:27] <lawnmowermartin_> shorts budget was out of control
[19:27] <lawnmower_dan> some genius, you're supposed to roll the tube up
[19:27] <Ampiercesand> Job is emo now
[19:27] <lhs> too smart for a personality now, huh
[19:28] <lawnmower_dan> gonna talk like this during my next job interview I bet it'll work
[19:28] <autarch> this is cool
[19:28] <autarch> when you're smartt, you get a cool rolling chair. like stephen hawking for instance
[19:28] <job511> Living the life, Jobe.
[19:29] <kayke> yikes
[19:29] <impdentist> why would you do that on purpose
[19:29] <besoin> lady gave him syphilis
[19:29] <lhs> you got dammit besoin
[19:29] <autarch> bc he's emo, imp
[19:29] <lawnmowermartin_> vr makes you sweaty
[19:29] <lhs> i was typing that
[19:29] <lawnmower_dan> nah, he god that from touching god
[19:29] <besoin> sowwy
[19:29] <lawnmowermartin_> oh my god
[19:29] <Ampiercesand> stroke ya man like ya phone
[19:30] <autarch> she already has
[19:30] <lawnmowermartin_> yess
[19:30] <kayke> Cybo Lauper
[19:30] <besoin> finally, what they were designed for
[19:30] <Ampiercesand> lol kayke
[19:30] <Trebbers> haah kayke
[19:30] <lawnmowermartin_> lol kayke
[19:30] <autarch> ew
[19:30] <lhs> those cybo suits are pretty cool, i have to say
[19:30] <autarch> lol kayke
[19:30] <Trebbers> "I want to be a purple monster!"
[19:30] <lawnmower_dan> a bit forward there
[19:30] <impdentist> oneohtrix point mower
[19:31] <autarch> oh god
[19:31] <job511> Hand Simulator 3000
[19:31] <Trebbers> ahhha
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:31 pm

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[19:31] <lawnmower_dan> just like normal sex, but now with motion sickness!
[19:31] <autarch> job's gamer gf
[19:31] <impdentist> ah
[19:31] <autarch> oh god
[19:31] <besoin> the silver neighbor
[19:31] <autarch> this is awesome
[19:31] <lawnmowermartin_> this is obscene
[19:31] <autarch> it's like heaven
[19:31] <lawnmowermartin_> her fantasy is to spin fuck?
[19:31] <lawnmowermartin_> and be a dragonfly?
[19:31] <autarch> when 2 hearts become one they tturn into a sexy dragonfly
[19:31] <autarch> ew
[19:32] <autarch> a huge load
[19:32] <besoin> be my dragonfly, suga suga
[19:32] <job511> Uh
[19:32] <Ampiercesand> primal mind sauce
[19:32] <impdentist> oh
[19:32] <lawnmower_dan> Bumpy!
[19:32] <autarch> oh lord
[19:32] <besoin> crazy froggin' her
[19:32] <impdentist> yeah that's a pretty good guess of what she wants
[19:32] <autarch> he's gonna kill her
[19:32] <Ampiercesand> lol besoin
[19:32] <autarch> he broke her brain
[19:33] <autarch> yeah, lol besoin
[19:33] <lawnmower_dan> it was just too sexy for her
[19:33] <besoin> isn't he smart enough not to kill her
[19:33] <lhs> again, again
[19:33] <lawnmowermartin_> he fucked her brains out
[19:33] <Ampiercesand> *aggro mowing*
[19:33] <autarch> lol donna
[19:33] <autarch> wait, why wasn't she into it?
[19:33] <lhs> putting a lawnmower on a roomba, genius
[19:34] <job511> Mowed her mind too close.
[19:34] <besoin> if anyone asks, she had too much vodka
[19:34] <lawnmower_dan> now he doesn't have his lemonade fix
[19:34] <Ampiercesand> same
[19:34] <lawnmowermartin_> woah that turtle neck
[19:34] <besoin> he always wears sweatshirts over polo shirts to his big meetings
[19:34] <lawnmowermartin_> fabric budgets in 1992 were just out of control
[19:34] <lhs> 7xl so depressed sweatshirt
[19:35] <job511> He shouldn't say that before he tries the hand simulator game.
[19:35] <besoin> wait until ikea hears about this
[19:35] <lawnmower_dan> time to sell him out to every Bar Mitzvah in town
[19:35] <job511> ha
[19:35] <autarch> hahaha dan
[19:35] <lawnmowermartin_> lol
[19:35] <Trebbers> Gonna get both tits and an elbow for this
[19:36] <autarch> he's so stoned
[19:36] <besoin> this is the origin story for hillsong church
[19:36] <autarch> slow down, elon
[19:36] <lawnmowermartin_> he's gonna start dating grimes and get kicked off twitter
[19:36] <lawnmower_dan> 20,000 years ago all humans thought of chrome plated sex monsters flying through multicolor goo
[19:37] <lhs> i can do alchemy in virtual reality too, it's just skyrim
[19:37] <Ampiercesand> i'm like wicked smaaat
[19:37] <lawnmower_dan> still 55 minutes to go
[19:37] <besoin> what if jobe hacks his very sophisticated audio journal
[19:37] <Ampiercesand> insane
[19:37] <lawnmowermartin_> he is incapable of taking notes with a shirt on
[19:37] <lhs> he's going to listen to a sigh and be like "okay i've heard enough"
[19:37] <kayke> we're going to bethesda
[19:37] <lawnmower_dan> they're presenting to the DSA?
[19:38] <besoin> why is that a shorter flight
[19:38] <autarch> fuck his ass, dr angelo
[19:38] <impdentist> "anyway, could you turn the lights on"
[19:38] <Ampiercesand> wow r-word alert
[19:38] <kayke> lol imp
[19:38] <besoin> dean!
[19:38] <Ampiercesand> "can it reverse male pattern baldness?"
[19:38] <kayke> he has a darth vader funko pop on his desk
[19:38] <lhs> are they not on speaking terms
[19:38] <autarch> lol amp
[19:39] <lawnmower_dan> Dean Norris is actually one of the most British names I can think of
[19:39] <autarch> pierce's hair is stealing the show in this scene
[19:39] <besoin> is this the deep state i always hear about
[19:40] <besoin> "level 10 deep dicker"
[19:40] <besoin> "he's listening to steve vai. the transformation is complete."
[19:40] <impdentist> he just put on a cd-r labeled "lawnmower man ost"
[19:41] <lawnmower_dan> lol
[19:41] <lawnmower_dan> gotta get that pink lemonade
[19:41] <job511> Hypodermic hickey.
[19:41] <autarch> these noises
[19:41] <autarch> oh my god that sweat
[19:41] <lawnmowermartin_> he wants to learn how to go down on a woman
[19:41] <kayke> shower pants
[19:41] <besoin> this is really a hell of a performance from jeff fahey
[19:42] <job511> 300 years ago?
[19:42] <besoin> pierce auditioning for reality bites
[19:42] <lawnmowermartin_> lol
[19:43] <autarch> can't believe pierce still has that earring in
[19:43] <lawnmowermartin_> always that cigarette
[19:43] <lawnmowermartin_> hotels have cars to rent?
[19:44] <lhs> wow, a submarine
[19:44] <lawnmowermartin_> just take an uber
[19:44] <besoin> jesus lady
[19:44] <autarch> women
[19:44] <lawnmower_dan> ok this I can understand cutting
[19:44] <Ampiercesand> lol
[19:44] <besoin> the reverse sirhan
[19:45] <autarch> doing huge cums on the deep web
[19:45] <lhs> t-1000 the pain away
[19:45] <besoin> yes
[19:45] <autarch> is jobe on the inttellectual dark web?
[19:45] <kayke> servingtray man
[19:45] <autarch> pierce showing those bond skills
[19:45] <besoin> very pliant waiter
[19:46] <autarch> great service
[19:46] <Trebbers> Job Job Job, I have a machine gun
[19:46] <Ampiercesand> lol
[19:46] <kayke> helmet hair
[19:46] <lawnmower_dan> *bucket of sweat pours out of helmet*
[19:47] <besoin> time to reap what you sow, buddy
[19:47] <lawnmowermartin_> are you nude in a chruch!
[19:47] <lawnmowermartin_> oh my god
[19:47] <Ampiercesand> big wet fahey
[19:47] <job511> It's like Norris performed his first scene holding a snifter of brandy, and then was stuck with that accent the rest of the movie.
[19:47] <besoin> "why are you dressed like edward scissorhands"
[19:47] <lhs> stop all the downloading
[19:48] <Ampiercesand> lol lhs
[19:48] <lawnmower_dan> lol
[19:48] <besoin> WHAT
[19:48] <impdentist> ah welp
[19:48] <lawnmowermartin_> gif
[19:48] <autarch> job did too many drugs and decided to go to Burning Man
[19:48] <besoin> and hence the burning man festival
[19:48] <besoin> ijefwjifljk
[19:48] <lawnmower_dan> get some holy water
[19:48] <Ampiercesand> hands up for god
[19:48] <lawnmowerblast> reality bytes!
[19:48] <lawnmowermartin_> waving your hands in the air like you just don't care
[19:49] <besoin> he brought big red
[19:49] <lawnmowerblast> night mowing deserves a quiet night
[19:49] <Trebbers> Night mowing deserves a quiet night
[19:49] <autarch> mow his ass with big red
[19:49] <lawnmowerblast> oh my god
[19:49] <lawnmowermartin_> looking for the night mowin
[19:49] <Trebbers> fuck
[19:49] <autarch> his ass
[19:49] <lawnmower_dan> Kill er' up
[19:49] <autarch> "told you not to smoke"
[19:49] <lawnmowermartin_> this is kind of phallic
[19:49] <lhs> heh dan
[19:50] <lawnmowermartin_> you have some dirty fantasies, job
[19:50] <autarch> lol dan
[19:50] <lawnmowermartin_> lol dan
[19:50] <besoin> here's a metaphor for american fuel dependence
[19:50] <autarch> hahaha wtf
[19:50] <impdentist> aw yeah
[19:50] <Trebbers> ahhahh
[19:50] <lawnmower_dan> yesss
[19:50] <Ampiercesand> about time
[19:50] <autarch> mow his brain
[19:50] <lawnmowermartin_> lksjfgl;a
[19:50] <autarch> holy shit this rules
[19:50] <lawnmowermartin_> what?
[19:50] <autarch> oh my god
[19:50] <besoin> less than jake now
[19:50] <Ampiercesand> lol
[19:50] <lawnmowermartin_> lol
[19:50] <lawnmowerblast> lollllllll
[19:50] <lawnmower_dan> lmao besoin
[19:51] <lhs> dad's ass is grass
[19:51] <besoin> it's really hard to separate abuse mom and sexy neighbor
[19:51] <autarch> can we gett a gif of lawnmower man mowing jake's brain?
[19:51] <lawnmower_dan> check the thread autarch
[19:51] <lawnmowermartin_> he can put people to sleep?
[19:52] <lawnmower_dan> aha
[19:52] <autarch> big red
[19:52] <besoin> this is like a beastie boys video now
[19:52] <Ampiercesand> fuck yooooo couch
[19:52] <lawnmower_dan> Big Red is your dad now kid
[19:52] <autarch> too powerful
[19:52] <lawnmowermartin_> destorying that house yo
[19:52] <lhs> heh
[19:52] <besoin> i think they had an edward hopper print
[19:52] <Trebbers> Fuck yo homeowners premiums
[19:53] <autarch> big dead
[19:53] <lawnmowermartin_> a;lsdkhjfa;ksdfh
[19:53] <autarch> hahahaha
[19:53] <Trebbers> ahahahahh
[19:53] <besoin> ohhh shiitttt
[19:53] <autarch> this rules
[19:53] <lawnmowerblast> shhhhh ... lawnmower man comin
[19:53] <lawnmowermartin_> when art imitates life
[19:53] <lawnmower_dan> might want a bag instead of a stretcher
[19:53] <lawnmowermartin_> i would love it if they came otu with a mulch bag
[19:53] <Trebbers> The real Larry is here yall
[19:54] <impdentist> wasn't this guy a cop in the new twin peaks too
[19:54] <besoin> he's a cop in bosch
[19:54] <lawnmower_dan> "Looks like the dad was out doing some nightmowing"
[19:54] <lawnmowermartin_> sure, a satan cult
[19:54] <besoin> they're taking this chaos well
[19:54] <Trebbers> wait this isn't larry drake
[19:55] <Ampiercesand> Larry Cake
[19:55] <lawnmowermartin_> these cops are amazing
[19:55] <lhs> she must be watching the carrot top movie
[19:55] <autarch> chock full of nuts indeed
[19:55] <besoin> speak of the devil
[19:55] <lawnmowermartin_> ...
[19:55] <kayke> weirdo bozos gonzos bonobos
[19:56] <lawnmowermartin_> wow, they're all very close apparently
[19:56] <lhs> "it's okay, larry's your new daddy"
[19:56] <besoin> tight neighborhood
[19:56] <lawnmowermartin_> my wife left me, be my new family
[19:56] <lawnmower_dan> "I invented this just for jerking off, I never meant for it to go this far"
[19:56] <autarch> thisi s sick
[19:56] <besoin> jobe is van gone
[19:56] <kayke> what dreams may mow
[19:56] <autarch> he's so hard
[19:56] <lawnmowermartin_> impressionism make him horny
[19:56] <lawnmowermartin_> lol kayke
[19:56] <besoin> he made pleats wife love him
[19:57] <lhs> she only responds to cherry valance
[19:57] <kayke> lol
[19:57] <besoin> piss boy
[19:57] <lawnmower_dan> "We're going to start limiting your screen time"
[19:57] <autarch> preach, jobe
[19:57] <besoin> more like fruitopia
[19:57] <lawnmowermartin_> now i look like charlie brown
[19:57] <kayke> he's a minion
[19:57] <autarch> oculus rules
[19:57] <lhs> someone assimilated neuromancer
[19:57] <autarch> lol bessoin
[19:57] <lawnmower_dan> utopia=swirling grape tornado
[19:58] <lawnmowermartin_> good idea
[19:58] <lhs> i'm worried he's not getting enough water
[19:58] <autarch> he's gonna get acne with all that pizza grease on his face
[19:58] <Ampiercesand> i'm very curious to watch Brett Leonard's Man-Thing movie
[19:58] <besoin> ooh, the mainframe
[19:58] <kayke> I'm rubbing the TV with a blotting paper
[19:59] <autarch> lol kayke
[19:59] <lawnmowermartin_> i think you need bounty, kayke
[19:59] <besoin> cyberchrist
[19:59] <besoin> yes
[19:59] <lawnmower_dan> he really is a hungry sponge, because he is just filled with water
[19:59] <lhs> and yet we still have to teach google what a stoplight and a bus look like
[19:59] <Trebbers> lol cyberchrist
[19:59] <lawnmowermartin_> dr. angelo really needs to take a shit
[19:59] <besoin> he's getting wallet.dat
[19:59] <lawnmower_dan> great Curly impression from Pierce
[19:59] <autarch> imagine how smart he'll be when he's finally fully hydrated
[20:00] <kayke> lol
[20:00] <autarch> dr angelo should be enjoying this
[20:00] <kayke> she's going to get the dunkaroos
[20:00] <Ampiercesand> the cooking revolver
[20:00] <lawnmower_dan> don't like all those cans stacked up
[20:00] <lawnmowermartin_> i think the wife thing was added in form the cuts?
[20:01] <autarch> "please. just let me fuck the couch one last time"
[20:01] <lawnmowermartin_> i love that he's just making the suit his new outfit
[20:01] <autarch> the impossible: an unpleated wife
[20:01] <lhs> why doesn't the cybosuit have pleats
[20:02] <impdentist> this rules
[20:02] <besoin> 1 bullet left
[20:02] <Trebbers> oh shit
[20:02] <lawnmowermartin_> a machine gun?
[20:02] <besoin> my wiiiffeee
[20:02] <lawnmower_dan> Wife Crisis
[20:02] <besoin> heh
[20:02] <Trebbers> holy shit dan
[20:02] <lawnmowermartin_> i don't think his wife was cold blodded murdered?
[20:02] <Trebbers> Beethoven, no!
[20:02] <autarch> lol
[20:02] <lawnmower_dan> the real crazy shit starts around now I believe
[20:02] <lawnmowermartin_> in the first one i mean
[20:02] <Ampiercesand> Lord Carrot Top
[20:02] <lawnmower_dan> here we go
[20:02] <besoin> ouch, my molecules
[20:03] <lhs> you got wonkavisioned
[20:03] <lawnmowermartin_> where are the power rangers when i need them
[20:03] <kayke> he crunchitized him, captain
[20:03] <lawnmowerblast> the sledgehammer video is not how i remember it
[20:03] <impdentist> i don't feel so good
[20:03] <besoin> lawnmower seurat
[20:03] <lawnmower_dan> I wish I was a baller...
[20:03] <Trebbers> aghag
[20:03] <lhs> heh besoin
[20:03] <autarch> mario sunshine
[20:03] <lawnmower_dan> lol autarch
[20:03] <lawnmowerblast> lol besoin
[20:03] <besoin> please tell me uncle hank gets his comeuppance
[20:04] <impdentist> not for another 20 years
[20:04] <autarch> over 5,000 encarta article
[20:04] <lawnmowermartin_> ew
[20:04] <kayke>
[20:04] <impdentist> ah finally flexing his lawn based powers
[20:04] <besoin> that seemed extraneous
[20:04] <lawnmower_dan> The Lawn of a New Age
[20:05] <lawnmowermartin_> lol
[20:05] <lawnmower_dan> I feel like Dean Norris is ready to say "indubitably" any minute now
[20:05] <besoin> freehank
[20:05] <lawnmower_dan> no, Mike is the one in Freejack
[20:06] <besoin> why is abuse family's car all fucked up
[20:06] <lawnmower_dan> dad's been beating the car too
[20:06] <lhs> crossfire from the shootout
[20:06] <lawnmowermartin_> petah!
[20:06] <besoin> probably want to leave this one alone, peter
[20:07] <lhs> call the pleats
[20:07] <besoin> heh
[20:07] <lawnmowermartin_> wow, sexy computer voice
[20:08] <besoin> i think that's geoff
[20:08] <lawnmower_dan> lol
[20:08] <impdentist> is that matt damon
[20:08] <besoin> is that that doug whatever
[20:08] <Ampiercesand> Matt Daemon Tools
[20:08] <besoin> the one from the green mile
[20:08] <lhs> heh
[20:08] <besoin> who married the teenager
[20:09] <lawnmower_dan> he's making everything around him as sweaty as he is
[20:09] <autarch> huh?
[20:09] <besoin> that was indeed dough hutchison
[20:09] <besoin> *doug
[20:10] <lhs> earworms
[20:10] <lawnmowermartin_> hmmm, i'm not sure the science of this checks out
[20:10] <autarch> bzzzz
[20:10] <besoin> "agh, his irish accent, it's horrible!"
[20:10] <lhs> oh god not the cybobees
[20:10] <Ampiercesand> beedemic
[20:10] <lawnmowermartin_> shoot da bees!
[20:10] <autarch> lol
[20:11] <lawnmowermartin_> birdemic stole from this
[20:11] <autarch> don't you want those bees to barf their goo on you?
[20:11] <besoin> i'd wait this one out in the bathroom
[20:11] <Trebbers> oh man
[20:11] <Ampiercesand> time to die
[20:11] <kayke> shouldn't have done that
[20:11] <lawnmower_dan> Job Alone
[20:11] <lawnmowermartin_> i dunno, better way to go than liver failure
[20:11] <autarch> owch
[20:12] <autarch> that'll hurt in the morning
[20:12] <lhs> heh dan
[20:12] <lawnmower_dan> he's losing his marbles
[20:12] <autarch> looks like that guy...lost his marbles
[20:12] <autarch> FUCK
[20:12] <autarch> DAN
[20:12] <lawnmowermartin_> aha
[20:12] <lawnmower_dan> :)
[20:12] <lawnmowermartin_> Fuck Dan is my new bad
[20:12] <lawnmowermartin_> :)
[20:13] <impdentist> oh man who left that there
[20:13] <lawnmowermartin_> oh hey, a health kit
[20:13] <besoin> pierce means business
[20:13] <lawnmowermartin_> and a gun
[20:13] <besoin> the king of six flags
[20:13] <autarch> finally. a place where a gamer can a gamer :)
[20:13] <lhs> virtruvian man
[20:14] <besoin> talk about your jelly bellys
[20:14] <job511> ::backs slowly out of the room::
[20:14] <lawnmowerblast> it's time for the circulator
[20:14] <autarch> would you like toast with your scrambled eggs?
[20:14] <lawnmowermartin_> wow, great security
[20:14] <besoin> damn, R2D2 was behind the door
[20:14] <lawnmowermartin_> she's just....napping?
[20:14] <impdentist> she's just a really sleepy lady
[20:14] <lhs> it's been a long day
[20:15] <lawnmower_dan> anyone else really hungry for an ICEE?
[20:15] <besoin> does he have roscoe's helmet
[20:15] <Ampiercesand> so gonna say it: the 40 minutes were not important minutes
[20:15] <autarch> i'm in
[20:15] <autarch> oh yeah
[20:15] <besoin> you're crazy, amp
[20:15] <job511> But the chimp
[20:15] <besoin> much better movie
[20:15] <Ampiercesand> i did like the chimp
[20:15] <autarch> an oscar!
[20:15] <lawnmower_dan> I thought it was good
[20:15] <impdentist> yeah im all in for these minutes
[20:15] <Ampiercesand> but, this is the stuff
[20:15] <besoin> stretch armstrong'd
[20:16] <impdentist> hahahahaha
[20:16] <autarch> io port
[20:16] <besoin> ooh, the i/o prt
[20:16] <lhs> simple dice roll
[20:16] <autarch> triple keys
[20:16] <job511> "Damn, wrong IRQ."
[20:16] <lawnmowermartin_> mainframe security is pretty tough
[20:16] <lawnmowermartin_> aha
[20:16] <autarch> why not just unplug the damn thing
[20:16] <lhs> i knew he needed more water!
[20:16] <impdentist> whoa
[20:16] <kayke> yeah get him a sheet mask and a gatorade
[20:16] <Ampiercesand> lol
[20:16] <autarch> what is peter up to
[20:17] <besoin> jobe felled by the company's content filters
[20:17] <autarch> hello
[20:17] <lawnmower_dan> two can play at this game
[20:18] <autarch> he's right
[20:18] <lawnmowermartin_> he sounds like the goat devil in drag me to hell
[20:18] <lawnmower_dan> this is actually one of the most anime movies hollywood ever did
[20:18] <Ampiercesand> 100%
[20:18] <besoin> come on, he's used to power plunging
[20:19] <autarch> dying on the cross
[20:19] <lawnmower_dan> " The eight minutes of computer generated effects took seven people eight months to complete on a budget of five hundred thousand dollars. 35 of 36 found this interesting"
[20:19] <job511> Makes sense.
[20:19] <besoin> this is what boarding with entropy was like
[20:19] <Ampiercesand> insane, dan, insane
[20:19] <kayke> I want to ride in one of those things
[20:20] <job511> Damn, he IS a phreak.
[20:20] <lawnmowermartin_> only 35 of 36 found that interesting
[20:20] <autarch> this is what happens when you give an incel power
[20:20] <lawnmowermartin_> lol
[20:20] <lawnmower_dan> so this kid keeps seeing bombs ticking down and keeps running further and further in
[20:20] <autarch> dr. angelo. is an angel
[20:21] <autarch> peter = saint peter
[20:21] <besoin> how can jobe come back
[20:21] <lhs> download him into peter
[20:21] <lawnmower_dan> he's in the cloud now
[20:21] <lawnmowermartin_> wow this mom
[20:21] <besoin> nice crochet shirt, mom
[20:21] <autarch> he's so thirsty
[20:22] <lawnmowermartin_> sotop hugging run
[20:22] <besoin> less hugging, more running
[20:22] <autarch> he's not dead yet
[20:22] <lawnmowermartin_> need an acces denied gif
[20:22] <lhs> he ascended to be trapped in the foyer of virtual reality forever
[20:22] <job511> Climactic port-scanning scene.
[20:22] <besoin> jobe looks like me trying to find a download of the latest high maintenance
[20:22] <autarch> this movie is highly giffable
[20:22] <autarch> hahahaha
[20:22] <Ampiercesand> fuckin' russian bots
[20:22] <autarch> love him frantically looking for access
[20:23] <autarch> when you just swipe right aimlessly
[20:23] <job511> Mom finally got off AOL.
[20:23] <lhs> he's so bad at minesweeper
[20:23] <besoin> jobe vs. iptables
[20:23] <lawnmowermartin_> does  mom have any idea what's going on?
[20:24] <kayke> this is what I'm worried the Brazilian boys are going to do to my instagram
[20:24] <besoin> wasn't he already underground?
[20:24] <impdentist> it was already underground
[20:24] <lawnmower_dan> "I'm going to make sure the next game is ESRB rated M for Mature"
[20:24] <lawnmowermartin_> i don't think he's learning the right lessons
[20:24] <besoin> doesn't have his wife slowing him down anymore
[20:24] <lawnmower_dan> next movie everyone is enslaved btw
[20:24] <lhs> when do moms ever have any idea what's going on with technology
[20:25] <autarch> now that both of our spouses are dead we can fuk!
[20:25] <lawnmowermartin_> amazing
[20:25] <Ampiercesand> "u up?"
[20:25] <lawnmowermartin_> and scene
[20:25] <lawnmower_dan> damn Jerky Boys have gone too far
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Postby Ampersand » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:11 pm

Options for our second Classics screening. Vote above!

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Postby Ampersand » Tue Feb 12, 2019 4:24 pm

bump. VOTE!
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Postby Ampersand » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:27 pm

This Sunday, 3/3, at 1800 EST, we return to one cool party
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Postby Ampersand » Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:09 pm

Ampersand wrote:This Sunday, 3/3, at 1800 EST, we return to one cool party

Film will be in the db by tonight!
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Postby Ampersand » Sat Mar 02, 2019 5:17 pm

Bump. Tomorrow at 1800 est!!
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:09 am

All are welcome! PM me for details if you're uncertain!
For Movie Series Regulars: Note that the movie is only available in the hpn db, as it's a little too large for the old shared folder.
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:03 pm

Ampersand wrote:bump!
All are welcome! PM me for details if you're uncertain!
For Movie Series Regulars: Note that the movie is only available in the hpn db, as it's a little too large for the old shared folder.

two hours until showtime!
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