SHIT FLIXE CLASSIX: Zandalee, Tue 7/6 @ 2200 E

Health insurance rip off lying FDA big bankers buying
Fake computer crashes dining
Cloning while they're multiplying
Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson
Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson
You're all fakes
Run to your mansions
Come around
We'll kick your ass in

Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 23, 2020 9:00 pm

Ampersand wrote:Tonight's Feature Presentation:

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Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:41 pm

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[22:14] <@Ampersand> 3
[22:14] <@Ampersand> 2
[22:14] <@Ampersand> 1
[22:14] <shrimpdentist> what an ominous start
[22:14] <dan2> who hasn't seen this before?
[22:14] <kayke> I haven't
[22:15] <besoin> a maxwell bright film
[22:15] <Bob511> I have not.
[22:15] <dan2> writer of Shunken Heads by  the way
[22:15] <@Ampersand> A Maxwell Bright Film
[22:15] <besoin> i haven't
[22:15] <shrimpdentist> bad enough that gary oldman pretends to be a little person, but they didn't have to get billy crystal as the jazzman to do the theme music
[22:15] <Trebtoes> It is a journey
[22:15] <dan2> well...get ready is all I'll say
[22:15] <besoin> too slow, amp
[22:15] <kayke> and I also only slept for 3 hours last night. I feel unprepared
[22:15] <dan2> yep
[22:15] <dan2> right away
[22:16] <Bob511> I keep thinking about how there's a two and a half hour cut of this out there, and getting preemptively exhausted.
[22:16] <shrimpdentist> do you think when matt wandered into a conversation with richard linklater ten years before this he imagined he'd be here
[22:16] <lhs> can anyone understand what they're saying
[22:17] <besoin> this is not how you light movie stars
[22:17] <kayke> not a word
[22:17] <dan2> The film debuted in a 150 minute director's cut at Harry Knowles' Butt-Numb-A-Thon film festival.[2][3]
[22:17] <lhs> love this boobgina wallpaper painting though
[22:17] <shrimpdentist> bridget powerz
[22:18] <shrimpdentist> god damn
[22:18] <besoin> how did this come about for god's sake
[22:18] <Bob511> COPS
[22:18] <Trebtoes> mumble mumble
[22:18] <dan2> Matthew Bright conceived the film when he was 18, as “a raucous comedy about little people f***ing each other”.[1] 30 years after writing the screenplay, Bright's stepfather gave a copy of the script to Cops creator John Langley, who was interested in producing Tiptoes.[1]
[22:18] <shrimpdentist> i knew cops were involved somehow
[22:19] <Bob511> Stealing all Peter Jackson's perspective tricks.
[22:19] <@Ampersand> dan that is absolutely bonkers info
[22:19] <Trebtoes> Fucked perspective
[22:20] == autarch [webchat@3wwm.u67h.ytk2.ip] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:20] <autarch> time??
[22:20] <dan2> 5:50
[22:20] <lhs> sometimes my toes bend back
[22:20] <dan2> 6:00
[22:20] <besoin> yehguanoccm wehttam
[22:20] <@Ampersand> FYI, there is a HD version of this, but it felt like a waste of my poor ratio
[22:20] <dan2> hurry you're missing David Alan Grier
[22:20] <autarch> ok, gimmee 6:30
[22:20] <autarch> gimme 6:30
[22:20] <Bob511> You need more upload credit, Amp?
[22:21] <@Ampersand> always
[22:21] <dan2> Mini Mimi!
[22:21] <dan2> 6:30
[22:21] == kayke [] has quit [Ping timeout]
[22:21] <autarch> thx
[22:21] <dan2> I loved when she would give Drew Carey the business
[22:21] <@Ampersand> would you believe it, none of the torrents i download ever have leechers
[22:21] <Trebtoes> ah dan
[22:21] <autarch> what have i missed
[22:22] <@Ampersand> small gary
[22:22] == kayke [] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:22] <besoin> i honestly thought this was gary oldman earlier
[22:22] <besoin> or...
[22:22] <besoin> my brain
[22:22] <dan2> I've got a real mind blower for ya
[22:22] <shrimpdentist> lol
[22:22] <dan2> these two are supposed to be twins
[22:23] <Bob511> Oh my god, the visual effect
[22:23] <shrimpdentist> mom'll shit
[22:23] <Trebtoes> "Effect"
[22:23] <lhs> there'll be a credit for gary's kneepad wrangler
[22:23] <@Ampersand> lol
[22:24] <besoin> this is real strange
[22:24] == oh_its_max [] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:24] <dan2> McConaugHEY
[22:24] <oh_its_max> time please :)
[22:24] <shrimpdentist> 1000
[22:24] <Bob511> Baker's dill
[22:25] <dan2> remembering Baker Dill one year later it all feels like a beautiful dream
[22:25] <shrimpdentist> good god the dialogue volume
[22:25] <oh_its_max> it's like he's whispering in MY ear
[22:25] <Trebtoes> ASMcR
[22:25] <lhs> gary oldman's perspective is a flat circle
[22:27] <besoin> oh, she doesn't know he has little people genes?
[22:27] <kayke> is she wearing a bathing suit to bed?
[22:27] <Trebtoes> Deadbeat Dad Theme
[22:27] <@Ampersand> bedding suit
[22:28] <lhs> i need sparknotes for this
[22:29] <besoin> come closer, man on knees
[22:29] <Trebtoes> Did somebody else do the ADR for Gary
[22:30] <besoin> is dinklage doing one of val kilmer's accents from the saint?
[22:30] <oh_its_max> oui
[22:30] <lhs> i can't hear him over his children's JNCOs
[22:30] <Trebtoes> Does he have codine
[22:30] <dan2> Dinklage is doing Pepe Le Pew, Oldman is doing Droopy Dog
[22:30] <@Ampersand> the drunk whisperer
[22:30] <Bob511> "Tang"
[22:30] <shrimpdentist> jesus
[22:31] <Trebtoes> Tiptizzip
[22:32] <Trebtoes> ahah this shot
[22:32] <shrimpdentist> how long has this scene been going on
[22:32] <shrimpdentist> 10 minutes?
[22:32] <oh_its_max> much longer
[22:32] <lhs> 4 hours i think
[22:32] <@Ampersand> REEEEEAL
[22:32] <oh_its_max> what a needle drop
[22:32] <@Ampersand> NEXT REEEEEEEEL
[22:32] <dan2> awww yeah
[22:32] <shrimpdentist> oh my god
[22:32] <Trebtoes> yeaaaaaaaaaa
[22:32] <autarch> music
[22:33] <@Ampersand> ITSY BITSY SPIDAH
[22:33] <besoin> oldman looks like he wandered off the set of a berkeley breathed biopic
[22:33] <dan2> lol
[22:34] <lhs> who the hell wrote the wiki summary for this
[22:34] <lhs> "Carol (Beckinsale)—a talented painter and independent woman—falls in love with Steven (McConaughey) without knowing much about him other than he is the perfect man."
[22:34] <@Ampersand> that hard jean line
[22:35] <Trebtoes> ...
[22:35] <oh_its_max> lol
[22:35] <kayke> she's too good for him
[22:36] <autarch> eww
[22:36] <oh_its_max> complicated life
[22:36] <@Ampersand> old man, high butt
[22:36] <Trebtoes> Tony Hale on a break from shooting AD
[22:36] <shrimpdentist> i initially thought tony hale too
[22:37] <besoin> this guy's going gary's dracula accent
[22:37] <besoin> *doing
[22:37] <autarch> you can't just tell a man he's a hunk and then do him likee that
[22:37] <Bob511> Bad boys, bad boys...
[22:37] <lhs> he was in like an episode of true blood
[22:37] <Trebtoes> hollow boombox
[22:37] <besoin> uhhhh
[22:38] <lhs> my coffee is pregnant
[22:38] <Trebtoes> just leave it over the java
[22:38] <@Ampersand> lol
[22:38] <dan2> If it turns blue, it's decaf
[22:38] <kayke> touch something you peed on, touch your mouth
[22:38] <besoin> oh is this what he does
[22:39] <shrimpdentist> "do you even work here??"
[22:39] <@Ampersand> four strap suspenders are hot
[22:39] <dan2> training to put out spinkler systems that catch fire
[22:39] <oh_its_max> this vehicle is so wacky
[22:39] <kayke> oh when he said he had a class I thought he was in college or something
[22:39] <@Ampersand> those pants are staying UP
[22:39] <shrimpdentist> uh oh
[22:39] <dan2> again, McConaughey and Oldman are supposed to be the same age
[22:39] <besoin> i can't believe oldman is doing the dorf routine
[22:39] <Trebtoes> Fuck it we're putting a strap in sideways
[22:39] <Bob511> "I'm Gandalf."
[22:40] <Trebtoes> ha
[22:40] <besoin> carol only dresses herself from the deeply discounted bin at old navy
[22:40] <@Ampersand> lowest rise jammies
[22:40] <lhs> well she is like 7 feet tall
[22:41] <shrimpdentist> who called iy
[22:41] <shrimpdentist> it
[22:41] <Bob511> "I was born first."
[22:41] <besoin> the brothers on little people big world were twins, right? and one was little and one was average.
[22:41] <shrimpdentist> gary oldman is 11 years older than matthew mcconaughey
[22:41] <Bob511> Very long labor.
[22:41] <besoin> heh
[22:41] <lhs> iirc yes, besoin
[22:42] <autarch> wait
[22:42] <@Ampersand> they killed a couch for this scene
[22:42] <autarch> is he ralph or rolf?
[22:42] <oh_its_max> yes
[22:42] <@Ampersand> Rolf
[22:42] <autarch> lol
[22:42] <besoin> "could you please not bury your legs in my couch?"
[22:42] <lhs> heh
[22:42] <kayke> mood
[22:42] <shrimpdentist> what the
[22:42] <Bob511> Somebody went crazy with her rock polisher.
[22:42] <besoin> joke then, expensive procedure today
[22:43] <kayke> like dith?
[22:43] <lhs> she's wearing her sexy son-in-law costume
[22:43] <dan2> wow, he got his rocks off twice tonight
[22:43] <@Ampersand> lol
[22:43] <shrimpdentist> ha
[22:43] <besoin> can we just watch a movie about the maid
[22:43] <shrimpdentist> wait how is the hotel manager also french
[22:43] <Trebtoes> ahahah
[22:44] <shrimpdentist> the music
[22:44] <dan2> did she say wail on another dolphin?
[22:44] <besoin> maybe just check out
[22:44] <autarch> what is it with this movie eastern eeuropean dudes wanting to get into the rooom?
[22:44] <besoin> this is some prime gta v territory
[22:44] <shrimpdentist> oh no not a situation
[22:44] <Bob511> The hat
[22:44] <Bob511> The Hat
[22:44] <kayke> omg
[22:45] <autarch> oof
[22:45] <oh_its_max> hard m there
[22:45] <besoin> manic pixie smeegirl
[22:45] <dan2> Don't Wake Mommy
[22:45] <Bob511> Heh
[22:45] <shrimpdentist> it's a sleeping cap, to go with her pjs
[22:45] <autarch> tthe hat is insane
[22:45] <Bob511> ....where are the other two tassles coming from?
[22:45] <dan2> a truly great year for hats in the movie series
[22:45] <autarch> she's wearing a Don't Wake Daddy
[22:45] <lhs> matching earrings
[22:45] <@Ampersand> longing for a pink fedora
[22:45] <besoin> pink fedora is movie night's everest
[22:46] <kayke> weird choice to wear this hat for this conversation
[22:46] <kayke> is it a power play?
[22:46] <dan2> "Don't you like my Wee Willie Winkie cosplay?"
[22:47] <besoin> not a great start
[22:47] <@Ampersand> "say little stinkers instead"
[22:47] <Bob511> "You get on your knees and kind of shuffle."
[22:47] <oh_its_max> coulda shoulda woulda
[22:47] <shrimpdentist> that tattoo
[22:47] <besoin> what is that tattoo? looks like audrey from twin peaks.
[22:47] <oh_its_max> is that tat the utz girl
[22:47] <shrimpdentist> haha
[22:47] <kayke> lmao
[22:47] <oh_its_max> that would be a sick tat tbh
[22:47] <dan2> lol max
[22:47] <@Ampersand> he looks like he sells TVs
[22:48] <shrimpdentist> are they at stone mountain
[22:48] <besoin> she's basically her character from true romance
[22:48] <autarch> is she wearing a bo derek?
[22:48] <@Ampersand> i'd forgotten they were in this so much
[22:49] <besoin> "no, opus is a penguin, and bill's a cat"
[22:49] <dan2> "I AM THE DANGER, SKYLAR"
[22:49] <autarch> im a picker im a grinner
[22:49] <autarch> im lover and im a sinner
[22:50] <Bob511> One situation where the shoulder hump seems convenient.
[22:50] <kayke> all that yelling is going to upset her wicker basket collection
[22:50] <Trebtoes> Kate B's character is like if Hot Topic became sentient instead of SkyNet
[22:50] <shrimpdentist> ahhhhh
[22:50] <shrimpdentist> he's in the couch
[22:50] <besoin> she needs to keep her hair out of the ketchup when eating fries
[22:50] <oh_its_max> its so weird
[22:50] <shrimpdentist> simply love to sit with my legs perfectly still
[22:50] <@Ampersand> tfw when your legs are numb and nonfunctioning
[22:50] <Trebtoes> Dead legs
[22:51] <dan2> puppet legs
[22:51] <Bob511> Waiting for him to break out into Rainbow Connection
[22:51] <besoin> this is sub-lifetime cinematography
[22:52] <Bob511> Wait, does she have two lucky hats?
[22:52] <Trebtoes> Annie Hall for the Gulf War II generation
[22:52] <dan2> she borrowed that hat from George R.R. Martin
[22:52] <dan2> Mickey!
[22:53] <besoin> is this guy a pastor
[22:53] <dan2> all my sitcom faves, together in one movie
[22:53] <Bob511> Dad dick-jokes.
[22:54] <shrimpdentist> what exactly is rolf's job
[22:54] <oh_its_max> what is this shot
[22:54] <shrimpdentist> "nope, mind totally blank"
[22:54] <besoin> the blonde lady little person was in total recall
[22:55] <Trebtoes> Was she not available for this shot
[22:55] <oh_its_max> hahah
[22:55] <oh_its_max> i did not consider that
[22:55] <kayke> it's zoomed in to emphasize that she's big
[22:55] <besoin> i think the cinematographer gave up early on
[22:55] <shrimpdentist> what a track
[22:56] <Bob511> Is this the house from The Nice Guys?
[22:56] <Trebtoes> Lol tabla sample
[22:56] <besoin> i don't think so, bob
[22:56] <lhs> does that pile of laundry on patricia's head count as a hat
[22:57] <besoin> jesus darlene
[22:57] <Trebtoes> Did they explain why they're rich
[22:57] <kayke> she looks like she's a character from a phone game
[22:57] <oh_its_max> hahah
[22:57] <dan2> or she just stepped out of The Urbz and into real life
[22:58] <@Ampersand> i'd love to get a drink with my favorite dress
[22:58] <Bob511> Not The Nice Guys, but some movie/show, I swear.
[22:58] <dan2> was this ever on Party Down?
[22:58] <Trebtoes> oh no
[22:58] <@Ampersand> lol dan
[22:58] <Bob511> Yeah, that was my second guess.
[22:59] <Bob511> The Dave Gruber Allen episode?
[22:59] <besoin> the nice guys house is in atlanta, it turns out
[22:59] <shrimpdentist> these angles
[22:59] <autarch> back to back world war champs, baby
[23:00] <kayke> he eez notheeeng
[23:00] <oh_its_max> omg
[23:00] <besoin> i am a mahksist
[23:00] <dan2> "You embarass me again and I'll put my foot so far up your ass you'll think it's a couch!"
[23:00] <Trebtoes> Oh my god the mullet on the out of focus extra
[23:00] <besoin> heh, dan
[23:00] <Trebtoes> dan
[23:00] <lhs> haha dan
[23:00] <kayke> lol dan
[23:00] <oh_its_max> lmao dan wow
[23:00] <shrimpdentist> this seems like a totally unnecessary side plot
[23:00] <oh_its_max> the film? yes
[23:00] <shrimpdentist> did she just question whether she went to high school?
[23:00] <besoin> yeah, what
[23:01] <lhs> legit question though
[23:02] <kayke> "I'm gonna fight salad"
[23:03] <dan2> DAG you DOG
[23:03] <dan2> I might have made that joke last time around
[23:03] <besoin> david alan grier is doing a great job
[23:03] <autarch> who's jerry robin jr?
[23:03] <autarch> JR jr
[23:03] <shrimpdentist> they were fucking in a room with floor length windows on every wall
[23:03] <oh_its_max> haha
[23:04] <shrimpdentist> wtf she has normal pajamas?
[23:04] <@Ampersand> the least believable thing so far
[23:06] <kayke> roff?
[23:07] <kayke> he's not saying an l
[23:07] <dan2> oh boy
[23:07] <Trebtoes> Just think how much longer this scene goes on in the 2.5 hour cut?
[23:07] <oh_its_max> this is a deeply strange film
[23:07] <kayke> this movie is bad
[23:07] <dan2> the David Allen Grier sex scene is 48 minutes long in the uncut version
[23:07] <besoin> anyhow my name's rowlf the dog i come for the holidays
[23:07] <lhs> half of the dialog just sounds like tuh tuh tuh tuh mumumumuh to me
[23:08] <dan2> lol besoin
[23:08] <kayke> lol besoin
[23:09] <Trebtoes> Also didn't tell her he was a Scientologist
[23:09] <besoin> "Gary Oldman often made his famous moose soup for the cast and crew and insisted everyone eat it instead of the provided catering. He claimed it awoke the "machines within" needed for his once in a life time performance."
[23:09] <dan2> wow
[23:09] <lhs> the machines within, aka his knees
[23:10] <kayke> dad's vest
[23:10] <shrimpdentist> what on earth
[23:10] <besoin> "Gary Oldman said he was inspired for this role by his favorite musicians Garth Brooks"
[23:10] <kayke> he looks like a priest if ll bean was a religion
[23:10] <oh_its_max> bartender rowlf
[23:10] <lhs> was this in party down
[23:10] <dan2> my computer lagged out googling "Gary Oldman Moose Soup" can I get a timecheck
[23:11] <besoin> this can't be real can it:
[23:11] <besoin> "This film has been held in high regard for it's soundtrack, including the original song "Good Morning Julia" by Jean McCeilingfan."
[23:12] <oh_its_max> no one holds this film in a regard
[23:12] <Bob511> Yeah, the trivia page is gags.
[23:12] <lhs> 57:30
[23:12] <besoin> okay, people are just having fun with the trivia section for this movie:
[23:12] <besoin> "Garth Brooks was originally tapped as the lead in Tiptoes until several bodies were found buried on his property. When questioned about the incident, Mr. Brooks simply replied "I like that.""
[23:12] <dan2> thank you
[23:12] <lhs> i like that too
[23:12] <oh_its_max> what the fuck
[23:12] <besoin> when the thunder rowlf
[23:12] <kayke> are these words
[23:12] <shrimpdentist> astounding
[23:12] <kayke> I'm having a stroke
[23:12] <oh_its_max> a fart song
[23:13] <autarch> i loved that
[23:13] <shrimpdentist> that is a generous pour matt
[23:13] <besoin> i still can't tell if the moose soup trivia is fake
[23:13] <dan2> I like my fart jokes told as intensely and angrily as possible
[23:14] <shrimpdentist> "the thing is: you are all short"
[23:14] <kayke> imagine if she came from a family of giants and they were really rolling the dice on the baby size
[23:14] <autarch> wait, these jews scan evangelical
[23:15] <oh_its_max> he brought sally
[23:15] <kayke> matching hair
[23:15] <shrimpdentist> oh man
[23:15] <dan2> I feel like you could get hit in the head with a frisbee at any time in this wedding
[23:15] <oh_its_max> this hair oh god
[23:15] <shrimpdentist> i feel like i already got hit in the head with a frisbee
[23:16] <autarch> is dinklage gonna start singing "round here"
[23:16] <Trebtoes> ahah
[23:16] <oh_its_max> 28 minutes of credits
[23:16] <besoin> i was workshopping a counting crows joke but couldn't get there
[23:16] <autarch> wait
[23:16] <dan2> extra tempting since there were crows in GoT
[23:16] <kayke> my tiptoes and me
[23:17] <autarch> his lastt name is bidet?
[23:17] <oh_its_max> how does the title tiptoes tie in
[23:17] <besoin> i hear it as bedelia
[23:17] <autarch> hee just called her Mrs Bidet
[23:17] <besoin> it's bedalia on imdb
[23:17] <autarch> there's still 30 more minutes
[23:17] <autarch> i still think he said bidet
[23:17] <dan2> the ending of this is nutso
[23:17] <oh_its_max> gonna hibernate
[23:18] <lhs> love all the trivia vandalism
[23:18] <lhs> "In this film Peter Dinklage drank so much water he became the official water champ. He was soft at first but got it done in 3 long chugs."
[23:18] <dan2> lol
[23:18] <@Ampersand> long kiss
[23:18] <lhs> wonder if my point break skifree yeti is still up
[23:19] <besoin> what the heck
[23:19] <autarch> what
[23:19] <kayke> he's going full heathcliffe
[23:19] <autarch> they're goonna give it hgh?
[23:19] <shrimpdentist> is matt drunk
[23:19] <@Ampersand> as for you, we'll send you the bill
[23:19] <besoin> this is not cool
[23:19] <autarch> no it isnt
[23:19] <shrimpdentist> i get that he was never really supposed to be the best dude but this heel turn is still really sudden
[23:19] <lhs> oh good, still there
[23:20] <autarch> don't ttell me the endinng but is she gonna marry rolf instead?
[23:20] <autarch> dont tell e
[23:20] <lhs> wait what happened, he split?
[23:20] <@Ampersand> lol
[23:20] <dan2> maybe some of the lost footage is dwarfs beating the shit out of him in High School
[23:20] <autarch> that's just my prediction
[23:20] <besoin> what??
[23:21] <besoin> looks like a baby alright
[23:21] <lhs> man i look at imdb for two minutes and suddenly there's a baby and idk what's going on
[23:22] <Trebtoes> "Make him do 3 reps of 50"
[23:22] <besoin> it seems the baby has dwarfism and MM is really angry about it, lhs
[23:22] <kayke> listen to this loaf of bread wrapped in a blanket screaming
[23:22] <dan2> weight training area/nursery
[23:22] <@Ampersand> say the word: "rwolf"
[23:22] <dan2> lol
[23:22] <autarch> BECAUSE HEES A FUCKN BABY
[23:22] <besoin> he's crying because the loft is so echo-y
[23:22] <oh_its_max> not the feel good movie of the year
[23:22] <autarch> wait, no you'ree not matt
[23:23] <dan2> must've got confused
[23:23] <Trebtoes> where did the baby o
[23:23] <Trebtoes> go
[23:23] <dan2> baby snuck into the secret couch compartment
[23:23] <besoin> MM's character is so terrible
[23:24] <lhs> so terrible at ENUNCIATING
[23:24] <kayke> lol
[23:24] <kayke> mm for mr mumble
[23:24] <shrimpdentist> it is true that you can see where they edited this to hell
[23:24] <shrimpdentist> i just can't imagine what they could have cut out that would improve it
[23:24] <kayke> can't believe these two are going strong
[23:24] <besoin> is the talking cat in there
[23:25] <Trebtoes> A mister potato head in a blanket
[23:26] <shrimpdentist> "i'm working on a screenplay, it's called tiptoes"
[23:26] <@Ampersand> lol
[23:26] <autarch> go maurice
[23:26] <dan2> Dinklage 2024
[23:26] <oh_its_max> maurice is correct
[23:26] <shrimpdentist> his eyes lol
[23:26] <@Ampersand> lol
[23:27] <autarch> oldman's sweater
[23:27] <besoin> i wonder how her career painting giant flowers on walls is going
[23:27] <dan2> ok nevermind
[23:27] <shrimpdentist> extremely regressive gender politics for a marxist
[23:27] <oh_its_max> woops
[23:27] <autarch> wtfffff
[23:27] <autarch> dinklage u stink
[23:27] <dan2> The Hatin' Agent
[23:27] <oh_its_max> truly a man of contrasts
[23:27] <besoin> totally real baby
[23:28] <shrimpdentist> yeesh
[23:28] <Trebtoes> lordy
[23:28] <besoin> what the hell
[23:28] <@Ampersand> riffffff
[23:28] <Trebtoes> what
[23:28] <autarch> whatt
[23:28] <lhs> is this jean mcceilingfan
[23:28] <besoin> heh
[23:30] <shrimpdentist> her pajama taste has really matured
[23:30] <@Ampersand> she's truly become Mom
[23:30] <dan2> that's her growth as a character
[23:31] <shrimpdentist> it just occurred to me that i don't think i've noticed any score in this movie until this moment
[23:31] <besoin> oldman almost slides into bill dauterive, but not quite
[23:31] <Trebtoes> ahah
[23:32] <kayke> why did he do a horse call at the baby
[23:32] <besoin> i cannot believe major stars are in this
[23:32] <dan2> lmao
[23:32] <lhs> little person, massive shoulder
[23:32] <dan2> major stars who were still pretty major at the time
[23:33] <dan2> this feels like the sort of thing 86yr old William Shatner would agree to
[23:33] <oh_its_max> if the director's cut is ever released idk if i can do it
[23:33] <Trebtoes> so much fucking whispering
[23:34] <dan2> I do appreciate how many time McConaughey has gotten to say "alright"
[23:34] <lhs> i'm not sure why we're even doing this cut
[23:34] <autarch> i can do it.
[23:34] <autarch> i can do the director's cut.
[23:34] <dan2> still unavailable sadly
[23:34] <dan2> truly Von Stroheim's Greed of our generation
[23:35] <@Ampersand> happy father's day everybody
[23:35] <shrimpdentist> lol
[23:35] <shrimpdentist> 9 minutes of oldman leg-hider credits
[23:35] == Trebtoes [] has quit [Ping timeout]
[23:36] <besoin> how did MM not walk off the set when he saw the cameras were all old jvc camcorders
[23:36] <Bob511> Unavailable unless you're Nicolas Wending Refn
[23:36] <kayke> does her art make money or is she just living rent free at her brother in laws?
[23:36] <besoin> that was a very awkward squat
[23:36] <shrimpdentist> what do you think rolf writes about
[23:37] <kayke> reviews kneepads
[23:37] <autarch> wait
[23:37] <oh_its_max> gary oldman IS david rubin
[23:37] <autarch> so, what's matt's deal
[23:38] <autarch> omg
[23:38] <autarch> they DID end up together
[23:38] <lhs> gary's storing his spare kneepads on his shoulder
[23:38] <besoin> maybe oldman should've tried camouflaging his legs
[23:38] <besoin> "come watch harry anderson in dave's world with me"
[23:39] <Bob511> Little person, enormous bong.
[23:39] <besoin> little person, big bear
[23:39] <@Ampersand> lol
[23:39] <shrimpdentist> the sky is is quite literally heavenly
[23:39] <besoin> ooh la la
[23:39] <autarch> "I also have one of thoose inflatable domes where you can project the stars onto it, if you'd ratther use tthat"
[23:40] <dan2> Mouth to Rowf
[23:40] <oh_its_max> is this a happy ending
[23:40] <shrimpdentist> unreal
[23:40] <oh_its_max> what the
[23:40] <besoin> wtf
[23:40] <@Ampersand> are you not happy
[23:40] <kayke> WHAT
[23:40] <autarch> called it
[23:40] <oh_its_max> i am not
[23:40] <autarch> im happy
[23:40] <besoin> i am not entertained
[23:40] <shrimpdentist> oh ok
[23:40] <besoin> rolfe
[23:40] <autarch> rolf was the cool bro
[23:40] <oh_its_max> maurice, misogynist marxist
[23:40] <autarch> that wasn't as bad  as i thought it'd be
[23:40] <@Ampersand> maurice go on chapo
[23:41] <autarch> lol
[23:41] <dan2> abandoned my baby, time to boogie
[23:41] <shrimpdentist> hundreds of people worked on this without pulling the plug
[23:41] <besoin> home prices must have been so high when they made this
[23:41] <lhs> i'm still laughing at the fake trivia
[23:41] <oh_its_max> god
[23:41] <oh_its_max> "you know, this whole raising a baby with dwarfism this just isn't doing it for me. PEACE OUT"
[23:41] <besoin> if anyone here ever meets gary oldman, you must ask him about his moose soup
[23:41] <Bob511> I mean, they kind of pulled the plug.
[23:41] <Bob511> The director got fired.
[23:42] <lhs> if he on cameo
[23:42] <lhs> is*
[23:42] <oh_its_max> "SAMSON"
[23:42] <@Ampersand> fake name
[23:42] <@Ampersand> wanted anonymity
[23:42] <shrimpdentist> wait what dog
[23:42] <oh_its_max> woof
[23:42] <oh_its_max> sally had a dog
[23:42] <dan2> they needed 4 police officers for this?
[23:42] <kayke> I think there was a dog at the hotel
[23:42] <besoin> serious music
[23:43] <Bob511> Also, Rowlf.
[23:43] <shrimpdentist> that's just all the police that showed up when i called the cops on this whole thing
[23:43] <dan2> ah
[23:43] <shrimpdentist> mr. oldman's wardrobe by diesel
[23:43] <lhs> roven dino
[23:43] <oh_its_max> ooo wee
[23:43] <kayke> ooo wee
[23:43] <lhs> that's what happens when you shut off the fence at jurassic park
[23:43] <@Ampersand> Sexy Reggar
[23:43] <@Ampersand> *Reggae
[23:43] <shrimpdentist> sexy reggae
[23:43] <shrimpdentist> god damn
[23:43] <autarch> sexy reggae
[23:44] <autarch> it sure was
[23:44] <shrimpdentist> who are these people
[23:44] <autarch> bummed out in eirut
[23:44] <dan2> Matthew Bright's IMDB photo is pretty good:
[23:44] <shrimpdentist> SEQUENTIAL WHINE
[23:44] <autarch> *beirut
[23:44] <lhs> soundtrack by neural network
[23:44] <shrimpdentist> why is it like that
[23:44] <dan2> Tipt()es
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 25, 2020 3:34 pm

Next Tuesday,
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Postby donna martin » Fri Jun 26, 2020 10:51 am

I once wrote an entire thank you note to a friend that was just Bill Pullman's seminal speech from this movie.

I will spend this entire movie quoting it. Please keep struttin mushroom in your thoughts.
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Postby Ampersand » Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:12 am

Ampersand wrote:Next Tuesday,
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Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:41 am

tonight, we welcome ourselves back to earth
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Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:13 pm

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Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:08 pm

one hour!
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Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:41 pm

Tonight's Feature Presentation:

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Postby quinine » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:52 pm

o dang I figured yall were doin the sequel
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Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:56 pm

Ampersand wrote:Tonight's Feature Presentation:

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Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:33 pm

Code: Select all
[22:11] <@Ampersand> 3
[22:11] <@Ampersand> 2
[22:11] <@Ampersand> 1
[22:12] <autarch> wait
[22:12] <dan2> when I think of the 20th Century Fox logo I think of this
[22:12] <donnamartin> oh man i am not getting up early tomorrow
[22:12] <besoinnick_jr> is there sound right now?
[22:12] <jalapeno> I haven't seen this in at least 15 years.
[22:12] <autarch> have they changed it to 21st century fox yet?
[22:12] <donnamartin> i watch this roughly ever 3 months
[22:12] <Trebbers> I bet that logo sounds great in 5.1
[22:12] <donnamartin> that and jurassic world
[22:12] <jalapeno> All I remember is the flying dog and the big speech.
[22:13] <BlackSugar> can I get a time check?
[22:13] <@Ampersand> 1:25
[22:13] <@Ampersand> 1:30
[22:13] <@Ampersand> 1:40
[22:13] <autarch> blacksugar, you're supposed to ask in all caps, and with two exclamation marks
[22:13] <besoinnick_jr> can someone give me 2:00
[22:13] <autarch> *question marks
[22:13] <BlackSugar> thanks. can you give me 2:35
[22:13] <@Ampersand> 2:10
[22:14] <kayke> aliens
[22:14] <autarch> i'll getcha
[22:14] <@Ampersand> 2:25
[22:14] <donnamartin> sorry, can i get 2:50?
[22:14] <@Ampersand> 235
[22:14] <autarch> 2:35
[22:14] <besoinnick_jr> subtle foreshadowing
[22:14] <BlackSugar> thank you!!
[22:14] <BlackSugar> I"m in
[22:14] <@Ampersand> 250
[22:14] <autarch> 2:50
[22:14] <kayke> lol
[22:14] <BlackSugar> now I gotta go make a drink and put in a dip and get stone and feed the cats
[22:14] <autarch> aam i the only one who got the time correctly
[22:15] <donnamartin> thanks all. good lord, all these technical glitches it's like there's an alien invasion
[22:15] <Bob704> WOW!
[22:15] <Trebbers> ID4 more like IDM
[22:15] <jalapeno> I'm am munching on prosciutto and olives. The most... American food.
[22:15] <besoinnick_jr> let's now weeze the juice here
[22:15] <besoinnick_jr> *not
[22:15] <donnamartin> real talk. now that we've seen 2020, should we be rooting for the aliens?
[22:15] <jalapeno> I always was
[22:15] <donnamartin> fair
[22:16] <autarch> USA Baby!!!
[22:16] <@Ampersand> "only SCTV, sir"
[22:16] <besoinnick_jr> loggia & lauria & frank
[22:16] <autarch> back to back world war champs baby!!!!!
[22:17] <Bob704> Are there pentagonal decals all over the Pentagon?
[22:17] <autarch> wait, what's slowing down?
[22:17] <jalapeno> Is this movie just people waking up each other with phone calls for two hours?
[22:17] <besoinnick_jr> a beautiful young egg
[22:17] <jalapeno> Wait, 2 1/2 hours?!
[22:17] <donnamartin> yeah, that's pretty efficient for saving the planet,
[22:17] <Bob704> Damn, crime bill failed to pass, such a shame.
[22:18] <besoinnick_jr> was this lady ever in another movie
[22:18] <lhs> four shades of gray on him so far
[22:18] <autarch> lol
[22:18] <BlackSugar> he looks like a vanilla version of viggo in eastern promises, which I watched last night
[22:19] <besoinnick_jr> the president looks like he coaches a d3 college basketball team
[22:19] <donnamartin> she was on gossip girl and as the world turns
[22:19] <Trebbers> "Transfer it to the flower phone"
[22:19] <kayke> lol
[22:20] <besoinnick_jr> is this a movie where someone in the imdb trivia tells us how long it is before will smith appears on screen
[22:20] <donnamartin> yea but in the meantime you have julius
[22:21] <donnamartin> playing a very original, nonstereotypical character
[22:21] <BlackSugar> he's so 90s
[22:21] <@Ampersand> helllooooo
[22:21] <kayke> I wish I were smart enough that I could play golf and ride bikes inside
[22:21] <donnamartin> i bet jeff goldblum rides his bike on the sidewalk too
[22:21] <Bob704> "What's the firestein?"
[22:21] <autarch> i didn't know goldblum was in this
[22:22] <BlackSugar> lol
[22:22] <BlackSugar> goldblum is in everything in the 90s
[22:22] <autarch> i don't remember anyone in this except will smith and...rick moranis?
[22:22] <donnamartin> i've watched this movie 1,000 times and i sitll don't know where goldblum works
[22:22] <Bob704> Rick Moranis?
[22:22] <jalapeno> A fun Shitflixe would be Color of Night, where they almost used a body double for Bruce Willis' sex scenes because they thought his dong was too small.
[22:22] <@Ampersand> Joseph Gordon Frankenstein
[22:22] <dan2> Rick Moranis plays the alien king, yes
[22:22] <kayke> grow some sleeves dude
[22:22] <@Ampersand> "then... then i'll just have to take off my shirt"
[22:22] <donnamartin> what will 20 minutes do? they're dead
[22:23] <besoinnick_jr> blacksugar wants us to notice that goldblum has the same job he had at npr, i bet
[22:23] <besoinnick_jr> i see you, blacksugar
[22:23] <@Ampersand> flying to canada
[22:23] <BlackSugar> ha ha
[22:23] <BlackSugar> fuck npr
[22:23] <jalapeno> Why's that dude familiar
[22:23] <kayke> oh it's the christmas vacation
[22:23] <donnamartin> randy quaid?
[22:23] <besoinnick_jr> which one?
[22:23] <kayke> yee
[22:24] <jalapeno> Other one.
[22:24] <besoinnick_jr> the teen guy is the rabbit in donnie darko
[22:24] <BlackSugar> buying pints is not very economical
[22:24] <Bob704> And a Gregg Araki regular.
[22:24] <@Ampersand> NASA lives in my butt now
[22:24] <BlackSugar> she's so sassy
[22:24] <besoinnick_jr> former boarder disco made a movie with him
[22:25] <Bob704> In fact, he turns into an alien the year after ID4, I think?
[22:25] <jalapeno> Was he in Doom Generation?
[22:25] <jalapeno> Oh shit that's it
[22:25] <kayke> upgrade to def jam 3
[22:25] <BlackSugar> man they just jumped right into it
[22:25] <besoinnick_jr> can someone give me time? having all sorts of issues over here
[22:26] <BlackSugar> I figured a 2.5 hour movie would have half an hour of family discussions
[22:26] <donnamartin> maybe it's an alien invasion
[22:26] <donnamartin> black sugar have you not seen this?
[22:26] <jalapeno> 14:30
[22:26] <besoinnick_jr> thanks
[22:26] <BlackSugar> 14:35
[22:26] <BlackSugar> oh I've seen it but not for a long time
[22:26] <autarch> why does this guy talk like an rich, 90 year old widow?
[22:26] <donnamartin> ah, yes, well, spoiler, they jump right into it
[22:26] <BlackSugar> donna, thanks
[22:27] <BlackSugar> :-)
[22:27] <autarch> second coming of christ
[22:27] <autarch> that movie where the bees were dying
[22:27] <@Ampersand> we're talking about a total rapture
[22:27] <autarch> that shot was from that
[22:27] <besoinnick_jr> the infrared?
[22:27] <Trebbers> "Radar's jammed"
[22:27] <donnamartin> oh know, it's gak!
[22:27] <lhs> 23% of the script is "sir"
[22:28] <autarch> "nobody bombs iraq but us!"
[22:28] <besoinnick_jr> turn on the zenith
[22:28] <jalapeno> these phone bills must be outrageous
[22:28] <besoinnick_jr> "it's effect on satellite tv is akin to a light rain"
[22:28] <besoinnick_jr> *its
[22:28] <Trebbers> ahah
[22:28] <donnamartin> they have to negotiate long distnace with at&t and mci all the time
[22:29] <besoinnick_jr> that's just regular california
[22:29] <BlackSugar> so much for dinner service
[22:29] <Trebbers> whoops
[22:29] <jalapeno> didn't pay their bill, line got disconnected
[22:30] <donnamartin> damn longdistance rates
[22:30] <BlackSugar> their neighbor needed to use the phone
[22:30] <autarch> "no, americans will keep their cool"
[22:30] <lhs> heh
[22:30] <BlackSugar> "don't panic, you'll all be dead very soon"
[22:30] <donnamartin> yeah 2020 showed us we can handle a major crisis fine
[22:30] <autarch> last thing we need while we're all dying, is a bunch of annoying panickers
[22:30] <jalapeno> Americans won't stay in their homes for COVID, I don't think this is gonna work for aliens
[22:30] <besoinnick_jr> don't you get it? this means there is no god
[22:31] <donnamartin> i didn't need this movie to tell me that
[22:31] <Bob704> Some good extras faces in this office.
[22:31] <BlackSugar> MY WIFE
[22:32] <lhs> reanu keeves, come here
[22:32] <BlackSugar> harvey's voice is really hurting me
[22:32] <BlackSugar> I keep clearing my throat
[22:32] <autarch> who are these guys
[22:32] <BlackSugar> local toughs
[22:33] <donnamartin> spoiler: randy quaid is just playing himself
[22:33] <BlackSugar> yeah he wasn't even cast, he just wandered on set and they ran with it
[22:34] <BlackSugar> how did that kid get himself dressed?
[22:34] <jalapeno> there are a lot of people in this movie
[22:34] <@Ampersand> mommy lookit: flying pancakes
[22:34] <besoinnick_jr> will smith alert
[22:34] <besoinnick_jr> 22 mins in
[22:34] <BlackSugar> mommy lookit: I dressed myself for the very first time, and wrote a book
[22:34] <donnamartin> can 5 yo's not dress themselves?
[22:34] <donnamartin> sincere question
[22:34] <BlackSugar> god no
[22:34] <BlackSugar> leave it up to them and they'll wear eggo waffles
[22:35] <donnamartin> i feel like they can at least put on a shirt?
[22:35] <jalapeno> they can but they have no fashion sense, it's embarrassing
[22:35] <donnamartin> i meant hat's a good call, bs
[22:35] <donnamartin> no it's hilarious
[22:35] <donnamartin> i love little kid fashion choices
[22:35] <donnamartin> they give no fucks
[22:35] <besoinnick_jr> fake news
[22:35] <BlackSugar> yeah half the time huckle was just wearing a garden hose
[22:35] <jalapeno> I only dress my child in the finest Santino Rice
[22:35] <@Ampersand> welcome to orbit
[22:35] <donnamartin> lady gaga was inspired by huckle, i'd say
[22:36] <BlackSugar> lol yeah
[22:36] <besoinnick_jr> time to pay, wall street
[22:36] <donnamartin> i bought myself a grown up tutu that i now waer to work because i decided if kids can, so can i
[22:36] <Bob704> ....was that a little Chewbacca in that sound effect?
[22:36] <BlackSugar> heh
[22:36] <jalapeno> that spaceship seems a bit garish
[22:36] <donnamartin> defund the police
[22:36] <BlackSugar> yeah and fund the auto brake makers
[22:37] <@Ampersand> "my god.... aliens"
[22:37] <autarch> it should be darker
[22:37] <autarch> like, they're blocking almost the whole sky
[22:37] <jalapeno> trust the nation?!
[22:37] <BlackSugar> now what? invade iran
[22:37] <donnamartin> address the nation
[22:37] <autarch> have you seen how dark it gets in a solar eclipse? it should be at least that dark
[22:37] <BlackSugar> dress the nation
[22:37] <lhs> as dark as a transition lens gets
[22:37] <jalapeno> ah yes
[22:38] <donnamartin> weird i feel like to watch your neighbors while you pee
[22:38] <donnamartin> a suitemate of mine used to watch "shooting aliens" segment on repeat
[22:38] <BlackSugar> hmm better not look up
[22:39] <besoinnick_jr> is it because he says shooting galiens
[22:39] <jalapeno> stop shooting the aliens, kid!!!
[22:39] <donnamartin> yes, besoin
[22:39] <besoinnick_jr> that got me too
[22:39] <BlackSugar> what were the acting notes given to harvey?
[22:40] <donnamartin> PANIC
[22:40] <besoinnick_jr> BE YOURSELF
[22:40] <donnamartin> heavy breathing and smoking
[22:40] <Trebbers> like chess huh
[22:40] <Bob704> Bombay in 1996, huh?
[22:40] <donnamartin> thank god jeff plays chess AND likes sateillites
[22:40] <BlackSugar> and wears a mean necklace
[22:40] <kayke> do they work in the Sightings office?
[22:41] <@Ampersand> lol
[22:41] <besoinnick_jr> time to bike to washington
[22:41] <autarch> alien skeptic wife guy
[22:42] <BlackSugar> by the laws of 'day after tomorrow' he should be able to bike from nyc to dc in 45 minutes
[22:42] <donnamartin> lol
[22:42] <besoinnick_jr> vivica, please
[22:42] <donnamartin> ladiez be crazy
[22:42] <lhs> the alien ship triggered her period
[22:42] <donnamartin> oh bad news will
[22:42] <donnamartin> lol lhs
[22:42] <BlackSugar> lol
[22:43] <autarch> lol
[22:43] <BlackSugar> it's always something!
[22:43] <besoinnick_jr> they wouldn't attack a base
[22:43] <autarch> "these are nice aliens trust me"
[22:44] <donnamartin> oh boy
[22:44] <BlackSugar> I think I just saw tv on the radio run past
[22:44] <besoinnick_jr> that's the millennium biltmore hotel
[22:45] <donnamartin> this is legit one of the dumbest things they do
[22:45] <Bob704> "I'll leave on the first battlestar off-planet."
[22:46] <BlackSugar> this really is seinfeld + aliens
[22:46] <jalapeno> I dunno about these alien sexual abuse jokes
[22:47] <besoinnick_jr> andrew keegan
[22:47] <donnamartin> wanna join my weird cult?
[22:47] <donnamartin> how's he still drunk?
[22:47] <donnamartin> this is def the extended cut
[22:48] <besoinnick_jr> yeah
[22:48] <besoinnick_jr> very disorienting
[22:48] <lhs> what's eating filbert frape
[22:48] <autarch> then stop crying
[22:48] <Trebbers> Yeah f medicine
[22:48] <besoinnick_jr> if you not a baby why you wearin' that osh kosh b'gosh
[22:48] <autarch> lol besoin
[22:48] <donnamartin> i'm fine with that not making the theatrical release
[22:49] <besoinnick_jr> my namesake, finally
[22:49] <@Ampersand> "we regret to inform you, booty not licious"
[22:49] <autarch> 1 hour 55 minutes to go
[22:49] <Bob704> That's a wedding ring?
[22:50] <jalapeno> I definitely do not remember this
[22:50] <Trebbers> yeah, me neither
[22:50] <@Ampersand> that was a very quick change
[22:50] <donnamartin> oh i remember it
[22:51] <donnamartin> it's original cut
[22:51] <autarch> i don't remember this
[22:51] <@Ampersand> how soon you forget
[22:51] <donnamartin> also, she was in Saved By the Bell: The College Years
[22:51] <autarch> must have got cut out of the tbs edition
[22:51] <donnamartin> big couple of years for her
[22:51] <autarch> named your kid boomer?
[22:51] <jalapeno> FLYING DOG
[22:51] <autarch> *shudders*
[22:51] <Trebbers> Dude has a point
[22:52] <besoinnick_jr> pretty sure I95 would be fucked in both directions
[22:52] <BlackSugar> god I love early internet depictions
[22:52] <jalapeno> So Jeff Goldblum works at AT&T
[22:52] <BlackSugar> OY GEVALT
[22:52] <Trebbers> I don't even think Judd Hirsch is 60 here
[22:52] <donnamartin> ok this i don't recall
[22:52] <besoinnick_jr> guess that was their exit
[22:53] <autarch> spunky?
[22:53] <jalapeno> BLOOP
[22:53] <BlackSugar> donna you are our historian here. I enjoy hearing the extra  bits
[22:53] <donnamartin> i believe both dan and i have this movie memorized
[22:53] <donnamartin> this is original tho
[22:54] <autarch> didn't know gadgets were in this
[22:54] <donnamartin> i'm okay with being The Official Historian of ID4
[22:54] <besoinnick_jr> kinda hard to triangulate from one place
[22:54] <jalapeno> aha
[22:54] <donnamartin> pre-9/11
[22:54] <BlackSugar> pre-olympus has fallen
[22:54] <donnamartin> White House Down was better
[22:55] <donnamartin> wait have we done OHF?
[22:55] <BlackSugar> I'm sorry you are mistaken
[22:55] <Bob704> "The administration is furiously reviewing its Close Encounters of the Third Kind DVD."
[22:55] <donnamartin> BS we need to get a socially distnace beer and i will explain why you're wrong
[22:55] <besoinnick_jr> vhs at this point
[22:55] <BlackSugar> dm I would welcome it and would prepare a 32 slide powerpoint proving my position
[22:56] <BlackSugar> we can zoom and share screen as well
[22:56] <besoinnick_jr> "roger that, play it the macarena"
[22:56] <donnamartin> i have a 10 point email in my drafts folder on why 2 fast 2 furious is underrated so don't bring a knife to a gun fight
[22:56] <BlackSugar> LOL
[22:56] <donnamartin> i never sent it
[22:56] <donnamartin> it seemed weird
[22:56] <donnamartin> but i still have it
[22:56] <BlackSugar> it is
[22:56] <besoinnick_jr> good to hear we're unanimous on which side is the front
[22:56] <autarch> god, it's so offensive to me when they put stereotypical jewish characters in movies
[22:57] <jalapeno> Will Smith has been in this movie for like two minutes so far
[22:57] <besoinnick_jr> 6 of 6 find that interesting
[22:57] <BlackSugar> nothing like a long convoluted explanation
[22:57] <autarch> he's talking about the most basic fucking shit
[22:58] <jalapeno> check out this timer I installed on my computer
[22:58] <BlackSugar> ticking clocks are effectively basic
[22:58] <donnamartin> bill pullman really worked on his resolute face
[22:58] <besoinnick_jr> why isn't anyone recalling them
[22:58] <besoinnick_jr> the president just ordered it
[22:58] <BlackSugar> PULL EM BACK no wait this looks cool
[22:59] <besoinnick_jr> "the aliens might be vietnamese, sir"
[22:59] <jalapeno> sure didn't see that coming
[22:59] <BlackSugar> MY WIFE
[22:59] <BlackSugar> VERY NICE
[22:59] <@Ampersand> my wiiiife
[22:59] <autarch> we're still in the first paragraph of the wiki plot synopsis
[22:59] <jalapeno> oh shit we just jumped 20 minutes?!
[22:59] <@Ampersand> maybe the aliens just wanna kiss
[22:59] <donnamartin> amp have we done olympus has fallen?
[22:59] <autarch> it looks like the ceiling of a laser tag place
[22:59] <BlackSugar> the aliens thought that's how you greet someone
[22:59] <besoinnick_jr> gotta take those famous LA surface streets
[23:00] <autarch> TAKE ME TO YOUR DEALER
[23:00] <Trebbers> Signs look too good
[23:00] <BlackSugar> I'm kinda looking forward to harvey dying
[23:00] <Bob704> Dr. Katz?
[23:00] <jalapeno> you're earthlings, let's blow up earth things
[23:00] <besoinnick_jr> gives new meaning to astroturfing, treb
[23:01] <lhs> always the fucking blue LEDs
[23:01] <jalapeno> the butthole of space
[23:01] <BlackSugar> honestly, I would be happy with this kind of death
[23:01] <besoinnick_jr> good thing no one was in downtown los angeles after 6 pm in the 90s
[23:01] <donnamartin> Samsung stole from this movie
[23:01] <@Ampersand> wow the aliens are doing a goatse
[23:01] <besoinnick_jr> how did the empire state building get built in the middle of the street
[23:01] <lhs> gotta put black tape on all my electronics
[23:01] <Trebbers> ah
[23:02] <autarch> lol amp
[23:02] <BlackSugar> the gaping aliens
[23:02] <donnamartin> it hought the VP was already secure?
[23:02] <BlackSugar> who's the vp
[23:02] <Trebbers> Wonder if Geiger's aliens also had two buttholes
[23:02] <BlackSugar> judd hirsch?
[23:02] <donnamartin> too bad his dad didn't drive faster
[23:02] <BlackSugar> woof
[23:03] <@Ampersand> they like us! they really like us!
[23:03] <BlackSugar> maga aliens
[23:03] <autarch> wait
[23:03] <autarch> didn't they already do blow that building up?
[23:03] <besoinnick_jr> nailed it, harvey
[23:03] <autarch> damn
[23:03] <BlackSugar> the truth hurts
[23:03] <autarch> shoulda made it 3D
[23:04] <lhs> so far no losers
[23:04] <jalapeno> I'm not sure I understand the physics of the flying cars
[23:04] <BlackSugar> oop that's my hood
[23:04] <Bob704> Lazy ass fire truck.
[23:04] <BlackSugar> later dudes
[23:04] <Bob704> Do your job.
[23:04] <besoinnick_jr> i hope they got mitch mcconnell
[23:04] <donnamartin> i wonder if that would be like the butterfly effect
[23:04] <donnamartin> what if mitch mcconnel had died in ID4?
[23:04] <Trebbers> Not enough screamin on that plane
[23:04] <jalapeno> lol how this airplane gonna fly faster?
[23:04] <BlackSugar> I just died sitting on the toilet
[23:04] <autarch> better go fast
[23:05] <BlackSugar> "why won't my vanity search go th-" BOOOOOM
[23:05] <@Ampersand> lol
[23:05] <autarch> JR< it's gonna go faster because it's now off the ground and there's less friction
[23:05] <besoinnick_jr> boommmmerrrrrrrr
[23:05] <jalapeno> FLYING DOG TIME
[23:05] <@Ampersand> dog slow turn
[23:05] <BlackSugar> "I'm too hot to die!"
[23:05] <donnamartin> oh yeah bs we're 1,000 percent dead in this scenario
[23:06] <jalapeno> YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
[23:06] <Trebbers> lolololol
[23:06] <@Ampersand> hell yea
[23:06] <BlackSugar> just came
[23:06] <besoinnick_jr> toasted lab
[23:06] <donnamartin> the dog just stood there until called is my faovrite thing
[23:06] <autarch> damn
[23:06] <@Ampersand> PREDEPENDENCE DAY
[23:06] <autarch> it's not even independence day?
[23:06] <besoinnick_jr> the aliens with a metaphor
[23:06] <autarch> wtfff
[23:06] <BlackSugar> "all liberal states have been incinerated"
[23:06] <BlackSugar> some good people on both sides though
[23:06] <@Ampersand> "i've been saying it: the Star Fuckers are after me"
[23:07] <autarch> shouldn't have smashed yr medicine
[23:07] <BlackSugar> "sir you are now mr. president widower"
[23:08] <jalapeno> "she dead sir"
[23:08] <BlackSugar> MY.... wife
[23:09] <besoinnick_jr> the palm trees are only slightly tousled
[23:09] <donnamartin> that's how you know you're in la
[23:09] <BlackSugar> so the alien plan was to bomb earth and then chill and netflix for awhile
[23:09] <besoinnick_jr> you don't see enough of bill smitrovich
[23:10] <donnamartin> didnt' seem like he was done explaining the plan
[23:10] <BlackSugar> wow harry connick jr is a dick
[23:10] <autarch> aliens came to deliver us space weed
[23:10] <besoinnick_jr> i hate when microwave communication goes down
[23:10] <jalapeno> wait why have I not been smoking weed for this
[23:10] <BlackSugar> love it when they still reference microwaves
[23:11] <BlackSugar> jalapeno
[23:11] <BlackSugar> dude
[23:11] <BlackSugar> I've had 3 bowls since 00:00
[23:11] <jalapeno> distracted by prosciutto :(
[23:11] <BlackSugar> loading another just to spite you
[23:11] <autarch> what is going on
[23:11] <jalapeno> please spite me three more times
[23:12] <autarch> now, iirc, the rest of the movie is just a big dogfight scene? don't spoil it though.
[23:12] <besoinnick_jr> they could have shot missiles at this thing from a ship 100 miles away
[23:12] <Trebbers> "What about the people under the ship, sir?" "Oh shit"
[23:13] <jalapeno> what if Will Smith just died here
[23:13] <BlackSugar> jalapeno, 1/3 is done and done
[23:13] <BlackSugar> this room is filled with so much smoke
[23:13] <autarch> is the alien ok though?
[23:13] <BlackSugar> it's my own independence day
[23:13] <Bob704> Honestly, dying right here would have been a better death than the franchise gave him.
[23:13] <autarch> the one that collided with the plane
[23:13] <autarch> is that alien ok?
[23:13] <besoinnick_jr> the aliens have all of this technology, but no aim
[23:14] <Bob704> The sequel Poochie'd him.
[23:14] <BlackSugar> the aliens also have wussyish sounding lasers
[23:14] <autarch> give em the nuke
[23:14] <donnamartin> i mean, i think it's too late to abort
[23:14] <lhs> just realized that all the scenes i thought i remembered were from men in black
[23:14] <donnamartin> lolol
[23:14] <besoinnick_jr> stop micromanaging, mr. president
[23:14] <@Ampersand> Star Wolf!!!!
[23:14] <donnamartin> how can they get them out of there?
[23:15] <autarch> these aliens are good
[23:15] <autarch> how did they get all the way to desert
[23:15] <BlackSugar> it's l.a.
[23:15] <besoinnick_jr> mach 2.7, wow
[23:15] <@Ampersand> NO MASKS!
[23:15] <BlackSugar> the desert is like 10 miles from town
[23:15] <@Ampersand> I'M BREATHIN MY OWN BACTERIA
[23:15] <autarch> fackin jimmy
[23:15] <Trebbers> is this harry connicks first day on the job
[23:15] <Trebbers> lol amp
[23:16] <BlackSugar> pew pew pew
[23:16] <besoinnick_jr> not a single hit
[23:16] <besoinnick_jr> they blew up a jeep
[23:16] <jalapeno> almost typed that exact post, BS
[23:16] <Trebbers> Cool just made them mad
[23:16] <jalapeno> PEW
[23:16] <BlackSugar> lol
[23:16] <BlackSugar> PEW
[23:16] <autarch> would be sick if the aliens came and blew up all the airforce planes for real
[23:16] <Bob704> Not allowed to blow up the actual fighter jets.
[23:16] <autarch> alien is on expert mode
[23:17] <autarch> fuck, do you really have to fly through and destroy this beautiful canyon?
[23:17] <besoinnick_jr> way to take out ONE alien
[23:17] <besoinnick_jr> jesus, that landing
[23:17] <autarch> nice landing
[23:17] <BlackSugar> here comes the line...
[23:17] <BlackSugar> I love this line...
[23:17] <donnamartin> now which line, bs?
[23:17] <BlackSugar> wait for it
[23:17] <besoinnick_jr> i think you'll find he says earth
[23:17] <autarch> gonna have to go back and watch that landing in slo-mo
[23:17] <jalapeno> shit, my video froze. can I get a time check?
[23:18] <donnamartin> the one where he coud have been at a barbecue?
[23:18] <BlackSugar> one sec
[23:18] <BlackSugar> I need the line
[23:18] <BlackSugar> WELCOME TO EARF
[23:18] <besoinnick_jr> earTH
[23:18] <donnamartin> lol he punched metal
[23:18] <autarch> one punch
[23:18] <donnamartin> wasn't that his armor?
[23:18] <lhs> he clearly says earth
[23:18] <autarch> ha!
[23:18] <donnamartin> that's a helluva punch
[23:19] <BlackSugar> fuck I hit 'stop' to give jal a time check
[23:19] <jalapeno> I'm at 1 hour 6 minutes 30 seconds. How far off am ?
[23:19] <besoinnick_jr> i bet that old timey fire truck gets great gas mileage
[23:19] <autarch> who keeps their keys in the car?
[23:19] <Bob704> People were just begging for their trucks to get stolen in '90s scifi action movies.
[23:19] <besoinnick_jr> brian krakow!
[23:19] <Bob704> Oh man
[23:19] <lhs> is your name... brain
[23:20] <besoinnick_jr> heh
[23:20] <besoinnick_jr> my so called part that was cut
[23:20] <donnamartin> lol
[23:21] <jalapeno> all right don't  know how far off I am but Goldblum just ran off to take a shit
[23:21] <BlackSugar> time?
[23:21] <donnamartin> he was barfing
[23:21] <jalapeno> no, he clearly had to shit
[23:21] <lhs> i'm going to switch to the second half of men in black
[23:21] <Trebbers> So many "My god"s
[23:21] <jalapeno> I just hit 01:09:40
[23:22] <donnamartin> you'll miss goldblum and smith team up
[23:22] <BlackSugar> can I get 1;10:30?
[23:22] <@Ampersand> 10:10:45
[23:22] <@Ampersand> 10:10:50
[23:22] <autarch> hell yeah]\
[23:22] <@Ampersand> 10 hours
[23:22] <besoinnick_jr> time to visit data
[23:23] <BlackSugar> ugh sorry
[23:23] <autarch> there is an area 51
[23:23] <jalapeno> ah damn I'm 25 seconds behind and can't fix it
[23:23] <BlackSugar> 1:12:00?
[23:23] <@Ampersand> 1:11:25
[23:23] <BlackSugar> thx, hit me at 1:12
[23:23] <besoinnick_jr> a truckful of swing voters
[23:23] <@Ampersand> 1:12
[23:23] <Bob704> At least this part of LA escaped destruction.
[23:23] <BlackSugar> got it, thank you!!!
[23:24] <lhs> don't pick up lockheed
[23:24] <donnamartin> okay that was a cut and i don't blame them
[23:24] <besoinnick_jr> get her some jamba juice
[23:24] <Bob704> It was still Juice Club in 1996, I think.
[23:25] <lhs> he's pretty early for burning man
[23:25] <donnamartin> oh man remember orange julius
[23:25] <jalapeno> can somebody tell me when it hits 1:14:30?
[23:25] <besoinnick_jr> it's the bad guys from doctor sleep
[23:25] <besoinnick_jr> (sorry, i watched doctor sleep yesterday)
[23:26] <besoinnick_jr> 1:14:30
[23:26] <jalapeno> thanks! back in sync.
[23:26] <BlackSugar> CHET
[23:26] <Bob704> That's...a weird choice of codename.
[23:26] <@Ampersand> Clean Room: TNG
[23:26] <besoinnick_jr> it's my bodyguard
[23:27] <donnamartin> it's been awhile since i watched this in one sitting. there's just so much richness
[23:27] <Bob704> Has Adam Baldwin started to show signs of aging yet?
[23:27] <Bob704> Haven't seen him recently.
[23:27] <lhs> two words, mr president: willy wonka
[23:27] <BlackSugar> "umm it was in your presidential daily briefing sir"
[23:27] <donnamartin> i wish bill paxton had been in this with bill pullman
[23:27] <besoinnick_jr> spiner kills it
[23:28] <lhs> the big tamale is just a really big tamale
[23:28] <donnamartin> i like how the president bullies his way into a clean room
[23:28] <jalapeno> what's this? I can't eat this!
[23:28] <autarch> "sir, we've baked the world's biggest calzone"
[23:28] <besoinnick_jr> yeah, very accurate, donna
[23:29] <lhs> the tamale is inside the ship
[23:29] <donnamartin> who let his kid in here
[23:29] <Trebbers> Impressive he could work a day job at Area 51 and released Where You Been the same year.
[23:29] <besoinnick_jr> oh relax
[23:29] <autarch> god, shut up prez
[23:30] <jalapeno> shut up and check out the sweet spaceship you dork
[23:30] <besoinnick_jr> "racists"
[23:30] <jalapeno> finally, the tamale
[23:30] <besoinnick_jr> isn't the alien a bigger tamale than the ship
[23:30] <BlackSugar> dude read the room
[23:31] <lhs> they were wearing some sort of corn husk
[23:31] <donnamartin> i don't think they hired him for those abilities bs
[23:31] <BlackSugar> hmm
[23:31] <besoinnick_jr> "this one had lupus"
[23:31] <donnamartin> lol
[23:31] <jalapeno> this dude? choked on a peanut
[23:32] <donnamartin> james rehborn has such a punchable face
[23:32] <besoinnick_jr> james rebhorn has left this earth, unfortunately
[23:32] <BlackSugar> lol president mogging
[23:32] <donnamartin> tru, RIP
[23:32] <besoinnick_jr> this guy played a base guard in real genius too if i'm not mistaken
[23:33] <Bob704> Don't be a dick, just give them directions to Burning Man already.
[23:33] <jalapeno> personally I think they look pretty
[23:33] <autarch> why are they letting all the rv's through too?
[23:33] <donnamartin> oh this is new
[23:33] <BlackSugar> ahh yeah
[23:33] <BlackSugar> that's trump's private physician
[23:34] <besoinnick_jr> golang
[23:34] <Bob704> They have much more advanced screensavers than us.
[23:34] <lhs> gone in 2h33m
[23:34] <autarch> "and _this_ is what they use as a sybian"
[23:35] <besoinnick_jr> boy, it's too bad they cut that scene
[23:35] <donnamartin> oh my god that joke was not original
[23:35] <donnamartin> aha
[23:36] <besoinnick_jr> the scientists are clinical adrenal cortex experts
[23:36] <BlackSugar> that was new right? I don't remember randy being an early hero
[23:36] <donnamartin> nope
[23:36] <BlackSugar> dang
[23:36] <donnamartin> it was new, i mean
[23:36] <donnamartin> sorry
[23:36] <BlackSugar> phew
[23:36] <donnamartin> the whiskey speaks for me
[23:36] <BlackSugar> I thought I was bad on my id4 lore
[23:36] <besoinnick_jr> "they wanted to destroy kansas city but couldn't find an iconic building"
[23:37] <@Ampersand> we're not... great anymore
[23:37] <autarch> wait, is this like a directors cut or something?
[23:37] <Trebbers> 9 extra minutes
[23:37] <besoinnick_jr> what kind of monsters would destroy a military base
[23:37] <donnamartin> now i'll awlk away while you process that
[23:37] <BlackSugar> lol
[23:38] <autarch> 9 glorious minutes longer
[23:38] <jalapeno> damn, that's so sad that his wife, kid, and dog died
[23:38] <jalapeno> wait a second
[23:38] <Bob704> Takes a literal apocalypse for anyone to discover that LA has a subway.
[23:39] <BlackSugar> this is like hillary clinton in the apartment
[23:39] <@Ampersand> lol
[23:39] <besoinnick_jr> the first lady is malingering
[23:39] <@Ampersand> this isn't spinal tap
[23:40] <autarch> well fuck
[23:40] <autarch> it's alive?
[23:40] <@Ampersand> alien turducken
[23:41] <autarch> what
[23:41] <autarch> it's psychic?
[23:41] <lhs> me when my cats wake me up before my alarm
[23:41] <autarch> there's a little homunculus alien inside the big one?
[23:41] <besoinnick_jr> heh, lhs
[23:41] <BlackSugar> good case for universal health care
[23:41] <@Ampersand> lol lhs
[23:42] <besoinnick_jr> looks like, uh, we've had some trouble in the lab
[23:42] <donnamartin> how did rehborn think that was his voice?
[23:43] <BlackSugar> lol ok pelosi
[23:43] <besoinnick_jr> yeah, let's try centrism
[23:43] <donnamartin> lol bs
[23:43] <autarch> these things can speak english
[23:43] <donnamartin> maybe he should try a kente cloth
[23:43] <lhs> heh
[23:44] <jalapeno> probably shoulda been bulletproof glass if I'm being honest
[23:44] <besoinnick_jr> adam baldwin was really concerned about brent spiner
[23:44] <donnamartin> so, humans?
[23:44] <besoinnick_jr> *americans
[23:44] <BlackSugar> I've consumed their exposition
[23:44] <autarch> now we're talking
[23:45] <Bob704> Well, dude, don't just put it back in empty.
[23:45] <BlackSugar> I know right?
[23:45] <BlackSugar> god that pisses me off
[23:45] <donnamartin> research AND development
[23:45] <besoinnick_jr> ooohhh
[23:46] <autarch> comcast is special
[23:46] <BlackSugar> god this fucking thing goes to 12:45
[23:46] <BlackSugar> et
[23:47] <donnamartin> buckle in bb
[23:47] <autarch> we coulda fit 2 watches of ratz in the time it takes to watch this movie
[23:47] <jalapeno> it's gonna take an hour to blow up these aliens, not very time efficient.
[23:47] <BlackSugar> the minute prince and blum fly out, I'm out
[23:47] <besoinnick_jr> we could have watched most of meet joe black
[23:48] <donnamartin> woudln't have been as special
[23:48] <jalapeno> we could have watched Deadly Mile High Club twice
[23:48] <BlackSugar> meet men in black
[23:48] <donnamartin> if i didn't have work in the morning i would follow this up with jurassic world
[23:48] <besoinnick_jr> locked don
[23:48] <BlackSugar> heh
[23:48] <lhs> i hope to watch deadly mile high club at least twice more in my life
[23:48] <lhs> in my lifetime*
[23:48] <BlackSugar> lol he sounded so annoyed when he said deploy
[23:48] <@Ampersand> lol
[23:48] <BlackSugar> FINE
[23:48] <donnamartin> i saved deadly mile high club
[23:49] <jalapeno> me too
[23:49] <donnamartin> i want to share it with others
[23:49] <lhs> i want to make friends just so i can share it
[23:49] <besoinnick_jr> are these guys on the ground near a nuclear explosion
[23:49] <BlackSugar> mission accomplished
[23:50] <donnamartin> lol
[23:50] <autarch> what city did they just nuke?
[23:50] <besoinnick_jr> houston
[23:50] <autarch> that's fine
[23:51] <lhs> what is with this weak-ass first lady
[23:51] <jalapeno> so in this world the Rockets no longer exist. I like it.
[23:51] <besoinnick_jr> hakeem is but a dream
[23:51] <lhs> acting like she has brain fever in a bad victorian novel
[23:51] <donnamartin> i mean she's dying
[23:52] <jalapeno> aren't we all
[23:52] <@Ampersand> "she looks great"
[23:52] <besoinnick_jr> try the alien technology
[23:52] <@Ampersand> maybe you could send her thoughts and prayers
[23:52] <BlackSugar> lol
[23:52] <besoinnick_jr> i mean, she seems fine
[23:52] <lhs> dying of what
[23:52] <besoinnick_jr> "internal bleeding"
[23:53] <lhs> yoga getting canceled
[23:53] <BlackSugar> are her last words going to be calling her husband a liar?
[23:53] <BlackSugar> that's cold
[23:54] <besoinnick_jr> look at egg
[23:54] <donnamartin> god that lamp is so 1993
[23:54] <@Ampersand> "was it worth it, father?"
[23:54] <jalapeno> hell
[23:54] <BlackSugar> he's already thinking that he has to hire a nanny now
[23:55] <jalapeno> 2/3 of this movie does not take place on Independence Day
[23:56] <lhs> what
[23:56] <@Ampersand> good things burn fast
[23:56] <besoinnick_jr> technically they've only seen it fly on earth
[23:57] <jalapeno> almost none of this movie has featured Will Smith
[23:57] <besoinnick_jr> SIG RATE 64 MHZ
[23:57] <autarch> did he just say it's protected by the Kraft Shield (tm)?
[23:58] <autarch> cough on it
[23:58] <Bob704> Thank god protected memory didn't come around until OS X.
[23:58] <autarch> alien Kraft
[23:58] <besoinnick_jr> the alien ships run mac os
[23:58] <autarch> lol besoin
[23:58] <@Ampersand> take them down or out
[23:58] <autarch> (was that a mac & cheese joke?)
[23:59] <Trebbers> Rebhorn is a real bitch in this
[23:59] <@Ampersand> powered by hate
[00:00] <besoinnick_jr> 44 mins and $150M of budget left
[00:01] <lhs> this better have 25 mins of credits
[00:01] <BlackSugar> lol
[00:01] <autarch> the president can't fire you?
[00:01] <BlackSugar> that's the hope
[00:01] <besoinnick_jr> yeah, i want to see who judd hirsch's assistant was
[00:01] <jalapeno> the last half hour is the Wild Wild West music video on repeat
[00:01] <lhs> heh
[00:01] <autarch> oh jeez
[00:02] <donnamartin> god we're so fucking full of ourselves
[00:02] <besoinnick_jr> "they're sending us on a suicide mission"
[00:02] <BlackSugar> it's weird having other countries think of the americans with respect
[00:02] <autarch> ah yes, the israelis with british accents
[00:02] <BlackSugar> nowadays it would be "lol trump is tweeting again"
[00:02] <jalapeno> somehow that was the most ridiculous part of the movie
[00:03] <BlackSugar> randy looking slimmer than I remember
[00:03] <donnamartin> well, it was 1996
[00:03] <lhs> can't walk but he can fly
[00:03] <besoinnick_jr> sure were a lot of jet pilots in that crowd
[00:04] <besoinnick_jr> i love that the air force guy who was managing area 51 is organizing a war now
[00:04] <Trebbers> "Falcon 4.0 certified here, sir"
[00:04] <Bob704> "...and then I moved on to dispersing pesticide from an aircraft."
[00:04] <donnamartin> but usually the wrong fields
[00:04] <donnamartin> as i'm an active alcoholic played for laughs
[00:05] <@Ampersand> got that virus thumb
[00:05] <donnamartin> oh goldblum you old scamp
[00:05] <Bob704> "Someone may have to, uh, uh, you know, uh, think, uh, quickly"
[00:06] <donnamartin> lolz sorry we were apocolypse fucking
[00:06] <besoinnick_jr> doesn't goldblum not really know will at all at this point
[00:06] <lhs> worst ring i've ever seen
[00:06] <donnamartin> steve, that's a WEDDING ring
[00:06] <jalapeno> has his name been Steve the whole time?
[00:06] <donnamartin> lol
[00:07] <donnamartin> wouldn't the aliens be able to see all of this?
[00:07] <donnamartin> womynkind thx
[00:08] <autarch> oh christ
[00:08] <donnamartin> i was writing a donor letter once adn found myself starting to type "we will not go quietly into the night, we will not perish...
[00:08] <jalapeno> Maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself: "Mank ind".
[00:09] <lhs> we will not leave a big tamale without a bite
[00:09] <donnamartin> mmmmm
[00:09] <donnamartin> want a tamale now
[00:09] <jalapeno> would kill for a tamale
[00:09] <donnamartin> does pullman feel like a combat pilot?
[00:09] <besoinnick_jr> adam baldwin will be president if pullman dies
[00:10] <jalapeno> Pretty selfish move by the President of the United States
[00:10] <Bob704> Oh it's been you this whole time you motherfucker
[00:10] <besoinnick_jr> when did this lady stop at an eddie bauer
[00:11] <donnamartin> when did vivica find that cute as hell combo
[00:11] <jalapeno> it was in the spaceship
[00:11] <besoinnick_jr> boomer should jump aboard
[00:11] <jalapeno> that's the alien tactical gear
[00:11] <donnamartin> i wish boomer was the one flying
[00:11] <donnamartin> space buddies, new meaning
[00:12] <Bob704> That extended scene bit about needing three pilots didn't go anywhere, huh?
[00:12] <besoinnick_jr> this worked out so well last time, will
[00:13] <donnamartin> oh man insurance is gonna ding him on that
[00:13] <besoinnick_jr> the wife in deadly mile high club needed that diagram
[00:13] <donnamartin> lol
[00:13] <donnamartin> maybe she planted the wrong one for steve, hoping he'd crash
[00:14] <BlackSugar> wait who is steve
[00:14] <donnamartin> shoudl the president be risking leaving his kid orphaned?
[00:14] <jalapeno> that's what I'm saying
[00:14] <donnamartin> steve is will smith
[00:14] <jalapeno> doubtful
[00:14] <BlackSugar> ah ok thx
[00:14] <@Ampersand> i've long wanted to die in space
[00:14] <BlackSugar> they should just keep flying into space, get into space adventures
[00:15] <BlackSugar> white people communicate like
[00:15] <BlackSugar> are there secret service guys flying jets next to him like if he were jogging?
[00:16] <BlackSugar> I bet gerard butler could fly a jet
[00:16] <besoinnick_jr> fly into its cloaca
[00:16] <BlackSugar> lol the aliens have analog control of their steering wheels
[00:16] <lhs> activate cloacaing device
[00:17] <besoinnick_jr> are they gonna make some sick beats on that sampling pad
[00:17] <donnamartin> not as good as channing tatum, bs
[00:17] <BlackSugar> hmm
[00:17] <BlackSugar> agree to disagree, and judge
[00:17] <Bob704> There were like twelve of them.
[00:18] <BlackSugar> if you do a white house down rewatch, I'll schedule that shit on my mfing outlook
[00:18] <@Ampersand> the aliens are so chill
[00:18] <@Ampersand> tight little dudes
[00:18] <BlackSugar> lol
[00:18] <besoinnick_jr> thank god they use tcp/ip
[00:18] <BlackSugar> the aliens in tim burton's invasion movie are so funny
[00:18] <BlackSugar> they're such dicks
[00:18] <jalapeno> UPLOADING VIRUS
[00:19] <jalapeno> Sir, he's uploading the virus.
[00:19] <besoinnick_jr> sir, it looks like they let their mcafee sub expire
[00:19] <donnamartin> shoudn't they ahve already done this?
[00:19] <jalapeno> The virus is in.
[00:19] <BlackSugar> aliens have received porn spambot NOW
[00:20] <besoinnick_jr> nice one, goldblum
[00:20] <lhs> winnuke them
[00:20] <besoinnick_jr> i mean, how hard is it to hit it
[00:20] <donnamartin> why would pullman assume it would work the second time
[00:20] <jalapeno> Boy, Steve is gonna be in a pickle getting out of there.
[00:21] <@Ampersand> pathetic
[00:21] <Bob704> "Fire at will!"
[00:21] <autarch> nuke them now jfc
[00:21] <Bob704> :immediately shoot down the President:
[00:21] <jalapeno> The movie needs to end with the president shooting down Steve confusing him with another alien spaceship
[00:21] <BlackSugar> I now remember randy gets like three big statements, starting with paybacks a b
[00:21] <donnamartin> why would goldblum not anticipate this?
[00:22] <besoinnick_jr> skipped his 9th year at mit
[00:22] <@Ampersand> bummer of a holiday
[00:22] <besoinnick_jr> agh, save the blonde people
[00:22] <@Ampersand> Steve-Steve
[00:23] <besoinnick_jr> how is this kid's adrenal cortex doing
[00:23] <autarch> srsly
[00:23] <donnamartin> oh that dopy kid
[00:23] <donnamartin> oh nooooooo
[00:23] <jalapeno> haha what
[00:23] <Trebbers> lolol
[00:23] <Bob704> Always settling for Brian.
[00:23] <besoinnick_jr> someone can't take a hint
[00:23] <lhs> take a hint, brian
[00:23] <@Ampersand> at least we'll die sad
[00:23] <BlackSugar> dude brian
[00:23] <autarch> srsly\
[00:23] <donnamartin> that was entirely worth cutting for theaters
[00:23] <autarch> dude what are you doing
[00:23] <autarch> she wants it, my man
[00:24] <BlackSugar> get the nut
[00:24] <jalapeno> disagree
[00:24] <autarch> careful, BS
[00:24] <BlackSugar> I know
[00:24] <BlackSugar> I'm drunk and lascivious
[00:24] <BlackSugar> I take it back
[00:24] <jalapeno> How many bowls we talkin' now?
[00:24] <besoinnick_jr> i like how he names his missiles
[00:25] <autarch> sorry man, but you can't put the toothepaste back in the tube.
[00:25] <BlackSugar> since the beginning I'm more than half thru a bottle of chivas, one dip, four bowls
[00:25] <donnamartin> oh man that's gonna hurt him in re-election
[00:25] <autarch> the day the US military runs out of missiles
[00:25] <jalapeno> IT'S ME, AUSTIN!
[00:25] <BlackSugar> heh
[00:25] <@Ampersand> Pilot Eddie
[00:26] <BlackSugar> so many folkisms
[00:26] <besoinnick_jr> there seems to be no risk associated with this
[00:26] <@Ampersand> my clamps
[00:26] <autarch> whoopsy
[00:26] <besoinnick_jr> flaky ass lockheed
[00:27] <BlackSugar> randy quaid line
[00:27] <autarch> tell my younger son and my daughter that i love them
[00:27] <BlackSugar> randy quaid line #2
[00:27] <@Ampersand> "kiss my kids inappropriately"
[00:27] <BlackSugar> randy quaid line #3
[00:27] <autarch> ahaha
[00:27] <Bob704> Back?
[00:27] <besoinnick_jr> that weapon was very fragile
[00:27] <jalapeno> he just flew up the alien's pee hole
[00:27] <@Ampersand> seems excessive but ok
[00:27] <besoinnick_jr> they had kidnapped him, bob
[00:27] <BlackSugar> he went bareback
[00:27] <donnamartin> he gave it a UTI
[00:27] <Bob704> Oh, right.
[00:28] <autarch> Hi back, this is the boys
[00:28] <jalapeno> hell yeah my dad is dead!
[00:28] <donnamartin> now a bunch of people die when the ship crashes
[00:28] <donnamartin> but he's still dead....
[00:28] <besoinnick_jr> "we'll pay for 80% of your brother's adrenal cortex medicine, with a $3K annual copay"
[00:28] <autarch> what about the other ships in other cities?
[00:29] <jalapeno> wouldn't that explosion have a global impact?
[00:29] <besoinnick_jr> like shooting them in the butthole wasn't obvious
[00:29] <BlackSugar> so... how do you bring them down?
[00:29] <donnamartin> i want a super cut of sons of bitches from action movies
[00:29] <Bob704> "But sir, we only have one more Quaid."
[00:29] <BlackSugar> do you need a russian goldblum with a diet coke can?
[00:29] <donnamartin> lol bob
[00:30] <jalapeno> still don't think his name is Steve
[00:30] <besoinnick_jr> that code was really clean
[00:30] == Bob704_ [webchat@u4bn.bn3y.zd9i.ip] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[00:31] <autarch> ahaaha
[00:31] <Trebbers> pwnd
[00:31] <@Ampersand> RUH HUH HUH
[00:31] <besoinnick_jr> wow, they gave that hangar manager alien the business
[00:31] <jalapeno> pew pew pew
[00:31] <@Ampersand> sku sku sku
[00:31] <Trebbers> Sad part that guy was covering for another alien
[00:32] <donnamartin> i really do love that sending the missle just shakes them loose
[00:32] == Bob704 [webchat@u4bn.bn3y.zd9i.ip] has quit [Ping timeout]
[00:32] <@Ampersand> awoooo
[00:32] <jalapeno> lol dumb aliens
[00:32] <autarch> thankyaverymuch
[00:32] == Bob704_ has changed nick to Bob704
[00:32] <@Ampersand> oh shit
[00:32] <@Ampersand> got em
[00:33] <autarch> wait
[00:33] <jalapeno> don't mess around with god's america
[00:33] <autarch> thry were in space?
[00:33] <jalapeno> oh man
[00:33] <donnamartin> oh god just cannot not be racist
[00:33] <@Ampersand> the aliens must be crazy
[00:33] <besoinnick_jr> just missed the pyramids
[00:33] <jalapeno> ONE MORE TERM! ONE MORE TERM!
[00:34] <besoinnick_jr> i'd probably still be sad about my wife
[00:34] <autarch> getting cheers from all 5 borough
[00:34] <autarch> s
[00:34] <@Ampersand> 2 Cool Dudes
[00:34] <besoinnick_jr> the SWAGGER
[00:35] <@Ampersand> hugs Goldblum
[00:35] <autarch> hitting those blunts
[00:35] <BlackSugar> queens manhattan bronx staten island brooklyn
[00:35] <donnamartin> i want vivica's outfit even now
[00:35] <besoinnick_jr> yeah, that's a good outfit
[00:35] <donnamartin> found time to comb his hair again
[00:35] <@Ampersand> not good, but...
[00:35] <BlackSugar> pres pullman thought he might be hittin that shit but dang its his wife
[00:36] <besoinnick_jr> from my pov, judd hirsch's prayers were the main factor in this victory
[00:36] <Bob704> Imagine all the toxic waste that must be wafting off that thing.
[00:36] <@Ampersand> "no, you promised ice cream"
[00:36] <lhs> boo to america
[00:36] <autarch> yeah the ecological effects will be huge
[00:36] <donnamartin> wait where are those coming from?
[00:36] <besoinnick_jr> the ships are 100% recycled fruitopia bottles
[00:36] <donnamartin> lol
[00:36] <autarch> ESPN font
[00:37] <besoinnick_jr> 8 minutes of iconic building modelers
[00:37] <jalapeno> this music is because space is there
[00:37] <@Ampersand> a concise, breezy motion picture
[00:37] == lhs [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:37] <donnamartin> yeah i mean to jumped right in
[00:37] <besoinnick_jr> we needed the 2.5 hours of air conditioning in the summer of 1996
[00:37] <autarch> god this was bad
[00:37] <donnamartin> incorrect
[00:38] <@Ampersand> well tomorrow is... SUMMER SCHOOL. because you failed
[00:38] <jalapeno> you must have missed the scene where she didn't wanna die a virgin
[00:38] <@Ampersand> so stay tuned
[00:38] <besoinnick_jr> excited for summer school
[00:38] <besoinnick_jr> though it WILL be problematic
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This Tuesday:
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Ampersand wrote:This Tuesday:
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