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Postby big zorb » Thu Feb 21, 2019 12:34 pm

some people were posting about teacher strikes last year in the left of liberal thread but i know a lot of people don't open that so let's have a thread! oakland teachers union just joined:

Thousands of Oakland public school teachers went on strike Thursday, calling for smaller class sizes, more resources, and better pay in a city where tech money has made it difficult for the vast majority of teachers to survive.

The Oakland Education Association – the union that represents teachers, librarians, counselors, and nurses serving 36,000 students in 87 schools –has been negotiating with the Oakland Unified school district (Ousd) for two years, said the union president, Keith Brown.

“Oakland teachers cannot afford to live in Oakland,” Brown said at a news conference announcing the strike. “One out of five leave each year. Five hundred classrooms are left with inexperienced teachers each year.

“Our students do not have adequate support – one nurse for every 750 students, one counselor for every 600 kids,” he continued. “OUSD schools are not failing. OUSD is failing our schools. OUSD is failing Oakland students.”


The Oakland action is the latest to take place after teachers walked out in West Virginia last year, setting off a nationwide wave of strikes in Kentucky, Arizona, Washington state, and Oklahoma.

Last month, Los Angeles teachers went on strike for six days. Denver teachers ended their three-day action last week after reaching a deal for an 11% pay raise.


Nearly a year after they went on strike and inspired educators nationwide to do the same, West Virginia teachers wielded their power again and this time politicians were quick to listen.

Just hours after West Virginia teachers went on strike for the second time in a year, the state House of Delegates voted, 53-45, to indefinitely table an omnibus education bill the educators saw as retaliation for the job action they took last February.

The vote prompted the teachers' unions to announce they would return to classes on Thursday.

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