Thread to Discuss The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (#CHAZ)

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Postby rt1 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:00 pm

big zorb wrote:but abolish vs reform isn't hairsplitting; it is the issue. they mean fundamentally different things.

i suppose i didn't explicitly map this out but the reason i think that is particularly true in the united states is that united states is a militarized nation; we cannot be "unmilitarized", only "demilitarized." western european nations are unmilitarized. these are fundamentally different psychologies. someone in norway conceives of police, even special armed task forces, in a way that americans never will.

this isn't splitting hairs or semantics; we have to understand the foundations of our situation in order to solve it. this also suggests--at least to me--that ideas imported from states with completely different contexts for police, security, authority, etc., are not especially helpful, because the psychological foundations of those ideas are so profoundly different that they can't possibly be replicated here. it's like trying to build a house on a mountainside with plans from a house built on the plains.

I completely agree. I was going to use the metaphor of a house on a foundation of rotted wood. There's a different outcome from needing to tear it down to rebuild vs remodeling it. That is the issue. What needs to be done.
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Postby Bad Craziness » Thu Jul 02, 2020 1:04 am

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