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Postby Ampersand » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:06 pm

Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: Pinocchio's Revenge
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:50 pm

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[22:11] <Ampinocchio> 3
[22:11] <Ampinocchio> 2
[22:11] <Ampinocchio> 1
[22:12] <autarch> oh shit i missed it
[22:12] <Ampinocchio> 30
[22:12] <besoin> ah, the genesis of the hipinion server
[22:12] <autarch> gimme 3 4
[22:12] == Trebbers has changed nick to Trebpetto
[22:12] <Ampinocchio> 45
[22:12] <impdentist> of course its tampa
[22:12] <autarch> gimme 56
[22:12] <Ampinocchio> 56
[22:12] <danocchio> now
[22:12] <autarch> thanks
[22:13] <besoin> german stewart
[22:13] <Ampinocchio> lol
[22:13] <danocchio> Verne Troyer   ...   Pinocchio
[22:13] <Trebpetto> Giving the full names, like serial killers
[22:13] <lhs>  In the original tale, Collodi describes him as a "rascal," "imp," "scapegrace," "disgrace," "ragamuffin," and "confirmed rogue," with even his father, carpenter Geppetto, referring to him as a "wretched boy."
[22:14] <autarch> wait, the actual story of pinocchio is super fucked up, right?
[22:14] <danocchio> pretty fucked up they didn't give him a title credit
[22:14] <impdentist> the implied optimism of "Introducing" credits is so hard to take when the person they're introducing didn't amount to anything
[22:14] <lhs> Upon being born, Pinocchio immediately laughs derisively in his creator's face, whereupon he steals the old man's wig.
[22:14] <autarch> pretty sure he was lynched in the original tale
[22:14] <lhs> i'm guessing this follows the book then
[22:14] <Trebpetto> Jeff Geoffray?
[22:14] <kayke> wig  = snatched
[22:14] <besoin> it's christine
[22:14] <Ampinocchio> kayke and i watched the Pinocchio starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas
[22:14] <Ampinocchio> it was pretty fucked up
[22:14] <danocchio> was that with Drew Carey?
[22:15] <besoin> remember when jtt tried to buy the movie rights to catcher in the rye
[22:15] <Ampinocchio> Martin Landau
[22:15] <kayke> that adam sandler friend was in it
[22:15] <kayke> as a cat
[22:15] <bob511> Tampa, British Columbia?
[22:15] <Ampinocchio> Rob Scneider
[22:15] <Ampinocchio> Schneider
[22:15] <lhs> RIP mad men's glenn
[22:15] <danocchio> ok so we need to do that one, the Drew Carey Pinnochio, and the Roberto Begninni Pinocchio
[22:15] <besoin> if only
[22:15] <danocchio> and that CGI one from Portugal I found
[22:16] <impdentist> i will watch any cgi thing from portugal that dan found
[22:16] <pinocchi_yeoman> good point
[22:16] <besoin> man on red telephone: the portuguese...they found out about cgi!
[22:16] <danocchio> The Cop in the Yellow Hat
[22:16] <autarch> all i see is jepetto. I guess i didn't get the memo.
[22:17] <pinocchi_yeoman> always obey road closures
[22:17] <kayke> kind of a shallow grave that dude dug for Neville Longbottom
[22:17] <besoin> why does the cop automatically assume there's been a murder because he saw an abandoned car
[22:17] <pinocchi_yeoman> Long Bottom, Shallow Grave
[22:17] <lhs> it's florida
[22:17] <kayke> he saw a bloody rag
[22:17] <autarch> it's the guy from curious george!
[22:17] <pinocchi_yeoman> he saw a bloody thing, also yeah it's florida
[22:17] <Trebpetto> Cop is shook
[22:17] <besoin> he was freaking out before he even got out of his car though
[22:18] <kayke> "turn around slightly faster than that"
[22:18] <lhs> heh
[22:18] <Ampinocchio> a man can't even dig a hole these days
[22:18] <autarch> big trenchcoat movie
[22:18] <bob511> "He's dead, I'm afraid.  But it's the weirdest thing...."
[22:18] <Ampinocchio> Deputy Cousin Itt
[22:18] <bob511> "...there are no strings on him."
[22:18] <lhs> florida is already at its quota for holes in the ground
[22:18] <impdentist> is that the standard for good jobs on murder scenes? how bloated the corpse was when you found it?
[22:18] <kayke> lol
[22:19] <pinocchi_yeoman> man i hope we get that cop all movie, his gaping fish mouth is killin' me
[22:19] <Trebpetto> "Hey, there's another hole with The Rock-afire Explosion buried in it!"
[22:19] <Ampinocchio> "my god... he's still alive!"
[22:19] <besoin> "this isn't a real boy at all"
[22:19] <kayke> ah yes 2018
[22:19] <Trebpetto> Gotto
[22:19] <bob511> "Present Day", what a timeless movie.
[22:19] <lhs> glad they mentioned wood carver first
[22:19] <autarch> sculpter first. convicted serial killer second.
[22:19] <pinocchi_yeoman> big fuzzy mics are -almost- back in fashion
[22:19] <danocchio> he fought hard for those two descriptors to be listed in that order
[22:19] <besoin> this lawyer is in defending your life
[22:19] <autarch> this guy's face is overacting
[22:20] <besoin> the guy
[22:20] <pinocchi_yeoman> there are several -tonnes- of shoulder pads in this courtroom
[22:20] <Trebpetto> Flagrantly uncooperative
[22:20] <lhs> i also object to his haircut
[22:20] <autarch> your honor, this guy has a rotten attitude
[22:20] <Trebpetto> What is this actress doing
[22:21] <danocchio> People vs Watto
[22:21] <Trebpetto> ahah
[22:21] <impdentist> i think the judge referring to homicides you weren't implicated in is probably grounds for an appeal on its own
[22:21] <besoin> take the shot
[22:21] <bob511> Man, what kind of world do we live in, that serial killers don't even respect Do Not Cross tape.
[22:21] <danocchio> "shit I thought this was a jaywalking ticket case"
[22:21] <Trebpetto> The bike did it
[22:21] <autarch> she thought she was gonna be reading the funnies. was not expecting this.
[22:21] <lhs> gingerbreadman lies dead
[22:22] <autarch> I hope there's a kill where pinocchio tells a lie and his nose grows so long that it stabs someone in the heart
[22:22] <kayke>  "there's just... these animal crackers... in my soup."
[22:22] <besoin> heh
[22:23] <Ampinocchio> HEY TOOTS
[22:23] <impdentist> really disappointed the murderer's name isn't Geraldo Petto or something
[22:23] <danocchio> "have a seat"
[22:23] <Trebpetto> hee hee
[22:23] <besoin> it's this guy
[22:23] <pinocchi_yeoman> introducing Amazon's Anticipatory Ordering
[22:23] <autarch> get em, pinoke
[22:24] <kayke> can we talk about how the puppet is plastic sculpted to look like wood?
[22:24] <autarch> yes we can
[22:24] <kayke> I hate it
[22:25] <danocchio> no we can't, not in an election year
[22:25] <autarch> hate this girl
[22:25] <Trebpetto> fuck this kid
[22:25] <autarch> what a smart alec piece of shit
[22:25] <besoin> future youtuber
[22:25] <impdentist> i hate this girl already
[22:25] <kayke> beth you dullard
[22:25] <Ampinocchio> damn
[22:25] <autarch> fuck her
[22:25] <besoin> dang, zoe
[22:26] <danocchio> sass o fuckin frass
[22:26] <Trebpetto> ahaha
[22:26] <lhs> my brilliant frienemy
[22:26] <bob511> Really taking getting cast in this movie hard.
[22:26] <Ampinocchio> lol
[22:27] <danocchio> "did I forget to mention that on the phone?"
[22:27] <Ampinocchio> "look at these palms! no lotion in this hellhole!"
[22:27] <kayke> I don't know if that was "impressive"
[22:27] <autarch> this is not sticking to the canonical pinocchio story, is it?
[22:28] <autarch> she loves him
[22:28] <danocchio> "well, murderer at least"
[22:28] <kayke> I can't wait until they get eaten by a whale
[22:28] <autarch> he's so brave
[22:28] <danocchio> I don't want to go, but I Gotto go
[22:28] <Ampinocchio> Gotto's son died before he even had any hair on his balls
[22:28] <Ampinocchio> tragedy
[22:29] <autarch> jesus amp
[22:29] <Ampinocchio> IT'S A CALLBACK
[22:29] <autarch> HOLY FUCK
[22:29] <autarch> BETH, YOU ANIMAL
[22:30] <kayke> omg I love this kid
[22:30] <kayke> crazy like a fox
[22:30] <danocchio> I feel like kids would be in to real messy invitations
[22:30] <kayke> her curls may be tightly wound, but she's a loose cannon
[22:30] <autarch> amp, what was that a callback to?
[22:31] <Ampinocchio> "swallow your blood, child"
[22:31] <autarch> gotti?
[22:31] <Ampinocchio> Gotti's mourning over his own son's death, yes
[22:31] <bob511> Dr. Dilbert
[22:31] <besoin> i'm not very inVESTed in this therapy, doc
[22:31] <autarch> this doctor listens to jazz for sure
[22:31] <lhs> heh besoin
[22:31] <kayke> linen vest, linen shirt combo
[22:32] <Ampinocchio> those are power shorts
[22:32] <besoin> easy, mom, this ain't the set of friends
[22:32] <bob511> Well, it was at school.
[22:32] <lhs> it wasn't in this house, mom
[22:33] <besoin> no hanging out with your hot babysitter
[22:33] <kayke> who is overalls?
[22:33] <danocchio> I think a new father FIGURE is about to show up and fix things
[22:33] <lhs> mom jorts and hard nips
[22:33] <lhs> what a combo
[22:33] <danocchio> "I need to return your outfit"
[22:33] <besoin> is she doing a rasta accent
[22:33] <Ampinocchio> any ting tat tall
[22:33] <impdentist> who is this
[22:33] <besoin> what
[22:34] <kayke> ummm
[22:34] <kayke> is she FRENCH?
[22:34] <lhs> fronch
[22:34] <Ampinocchio> Frenchsylvanian
[22:34] <Trebpetto> fench mon
[22:34] <besoin> i thought she was italian in the trailer
[22:34] <autarch> she has tommy wiseau's accent
[22:35] <lhs> would you wear a vest over or under overalls
[22:35] <kayke> overALLs
[22:35] <lhs> true
[22:36] <autarch> big music
[22:36] <autarch> one nation over all
[22:36] <impdentist> they haven't updated their electric chair since like the 1920s
[22:36] <besoin> that's true in general i think
[22:36] <autarch> wtf?
[22:36] <kayke> kinky
[22:37] <impdentist> does anyone still do the electric chair actually
[22:37] <autarch> his last request was to sniff adam & eve's loincloth
[22:37] <besoin> apparently it's still an option, imp
[22:37] <kayke> lol adam and eve shared one loincloth?
[22:37] <danocchio> "Ok, the warmup is over, lets fire this baby up"
[22:37] <autarch> he wasn't picky
[22:38] <besoin> it's jesus
[22:38] <autarch> that execution was illegal because they didn't give him his last meal on the chair
[22:38] <autarch> whoa, it's will shef from okkervil river
[22:38] <danocchio> It's Jesus doing an Undercover Boss
[22:38] <besoin> WHAT
[22:38] <impdentist> what's up with this guy
[22:38] <kayke> I divorced the church
[22:38] <autarch> in episcopalianism, priests can marry :ahuh:
[22:38] <lhs> he seems available
[22:39] <Trebpetto> This Priest fucks (grown women)
[22:39] <impdentist> you have shorter hours as a public defender?
[22:39] <kayke> he looks like he reads poetry
[22:39] <besoin> "who is zoe?"
[22:39] <danocchio> As opposed to the wonderful violent nightmares
[22:39] <autarch> PD = penis destroyer?
[22:39] <impdentist> this is the most 1996 guy possible
[22:39] <Ampinocchio> he looks like Tom Green took up the cloth
[22:39] <lhs> penis defender
[22:39] <kayke> he looks like he's about to invent kermit the frog
[22:40] <Ampinocchio> this meeting with the new client is intense
[22:40] <impdentist> seems obvious
[22:40] <kayke> I'm so scared to see that puppet move
[22:40] <impdentist> how could the person who made this NOT have murdered his only child
[22:41] <autarch> PD = Pinocchio Detective
[22:41] <autarch> here it comes
[22:41] <autarch> oh, she's italian
[22:42] <kayke> her t-shirt is italian
[22:42] <besoin> pretty sure public defenders can't afford nannies
[22:42] <besoin> or volvos
[22:43] <lhs> maybe she's an exchange student
[22:43] <kayke> who is THIS
[22:43] <besoin> ex?
[22:43] <Ampinocchio> pokey AGAIN
[22:43] <kayke> he's touchy
[22:43] <Ampinocchio> somebody heat this house
[22:43] <besoin> heh
[22:43] <lhs> her nipples grow longer every time she loses a case
[22:44] <autarch> ew
[22:44] <Ampinocchio> lol
[22:44] <besoin> he
[22:44] <besoin> h
[22:44] <Trebpetto> ahah
[22:44] <kayke> changed into a shapeless old west nightgown
[22:44] <impdentist> this girl ugh
[22:44] <autarch> good, it will be your last
[22:44] <Ampinocchio> i hope they filled the pinata with blood, as she requested
[22:44] <Trebpetto> "looks"
[22:44] <kayke> DOES it look handcarved?
[22:45] <besoin> i think it's based on matt damon
[22:45] <Ampinocchio> lol
[22:45] <autarch> looks like the hamburger tree at mcdonalds
[22:45] <lhs> hand injection molded
[22:45] <Ampinocchio> it looks like he has a wick under his cap
[22:45] <danocchio> should have kept the eye for the rest of the movie
[22:45] <bob511> This is like a horror montage, but from Pinocchio's perspective.
[22:45] <kayke> nope
[22:46] <besoin> pink over black
[22:46] <besoin> only in florida
[22:46] <bob511> It's like a creepy doll, but with added string to get tangled.  Kids love him.
[22:46] <autarch> lol
[22:46] <impdentist> he made a fire?
[22:47] <autarch> out of pinocchio?
[22:47] <impdentist> agh
[22:47] <kayke> nope
[22:47] <besoin> oh shiiitttt
[22:47] <autarch> there's our boi
[22:47] <bob511> A wood fire is kind of of in poor taste for their new guest.
[22:47] <autarch> here come dat boi
[22:47] <danocchio> piNOcchio
[22:47] <pinocchi_yeoman> she's making out with 1987
[22:47] <Ampinocchio> great one, in fact
[22:47] <besoin> somewhere a megachurch is missing its pastor
[22:48] <Trebpetto> Balls all retracted into his abdomen
[22:48] <kayke> he has strings almost never
[22:48] <autarch> "then why did they hang him?"
[22:48] <danocchio> kind of a grey area
[22:48] <lhs> pinocchio was a confirmed rogue
[22:48] <impdentist> is this canon
[22:49] <Ampinocchio> yes this is part of the Pinocchio Cinematic Universe
[22:49] <lhs> i wouldn't say he's missing it
[22:49] <kayke> yeah pinocchio is fucking evidence
[22:49] <kayke> why is the mom letting her kid play with that
[22:49] <impdentist> i think that case is pretty definitively closed though
[22:50] <danocchio> don't worry, she cleaned off like 90% of the child blood from Pinocchio, it's fine
[22:50] <kayke> it was found in a GRAVE
[22:50] <besoin> is she wearing a leotard under there
[22:50] <Ampinocchio> sexy gauze
[22:50] <kayke> please no more david kissing
[22:50] <kayke> please no more
[22:50] <Ampinocchio> aagh
[22:50] <kayke> NO
[22:50] <impdentist> oh of course
[22:50] <autarch> ok, we're doing this
[22:50] <danocchio> Love Theme from Pinocchio's Revenge
[22:50] <besoin> thanks for the warning, amp
[22:50] <autarch> ah, ok, great sound effects
[22:50] <Ampinocchio> this scene goes out to all the pinheads out there
[22:51] <danocchio> oh no
[22:51] <impdentist> weirdddddd
[22:51] <kayke> same
[22:51] <Trebpetto> ahahah
[22:51] <bob511> Good pan.
[22:51] <besoin> courtney porn smith
[22:51] <autarch> this is some claritin-ass music
[22:51] <pinocchi_yeoman> lol
[22:51] <kayke> NOT THE EYES
[22:51] <danocchio> oh god he's looking in the direction of the bedroom
[22:51] <Trebpetto> love that they got a big ass house, but they share a wall
[22:52] <besoin> so dave's a landscaper
[22:52] <besoin> dave kaminsky
[22:52] <Ampinocchio> Kaminsky's Manscaping
[22:52] <besoin> uh
[22:52] <Trebpetto> Maybe not that big
[22:52] <impdentist> oh
[22:52] <Trebpetto> woa
[22:52] <autarch> was not expecting that
[22:52] <Ampinocchio> issa spicy
[22:52] <kayke> she has such a strong chin
[22:53] <besoin> come on, camera
[22:53] <autarch> something for the fellas
[22:53] <Trebpetto> Full frontal was quite a choice for this movie
[22:53] <lhs> badaccentchen amick
[22:53] <autarch> pinocchio you perv
[22:53] <kayke> her hair is very dry for someone who just stepped out of the shower
[22:53] <besoin> great question
[22:53] <kayke> hahaha
[22:53] <impdentist> really good question
[22:54] <Trebpetto> boundries
[22:54] <bob511> Is that bathroom green screened?
[22:54] <danocchio> I figured it out
[22:54] <kayke> sounds like a rager
[22:54] <danocchio> Therapist  is Stephen Tobolowsky + Andy Dick
[22:54] <autarch> therapist is my favorite character
[22:55] <kayke> hahahaha
[22:55] <autarch> I bet he has good taste in furniture
[22:55] <autarch> zoe needs to go
[22:55] <lhs> a challenger appears
[22:56] <danocchio> Deadbeat Doll
[22:56] <autarch> look kid, that doll belonged to a fuckin murderer
[22:56] <kayke> hate
[22:56] <danocchio> "Mr. Marbles??"
[22:56] <kayke> hate this
[22:56] <danocchio> love that people hate this
[22:56] <danocchio> it only makes my resolve stronger
[22:57] <kayke> I feel like she's too old to not find her toys coming to live VERY scary
[22:57] <Trebpetto> You know the rental stores got so many complaints from people that thought this was a kids movie
[22:57] <autarch> lol
[22:57] <lhs> get the crime scene tape
[22:58] <autarch> beth rules
[22:58] <Trebpetto> whahha
[22:59] <danocchio> oh my GOD
[22:59] <besoin> jesus
[22:59] <Ampinocchio> yessss
[22:59] <Trebpetto> fucking hell
[22:59] <Ampinocchio> lol yeah back up
[22:59] <impdentist> the girl screaming with her arms crossed
[22:59] <autarch> jeez
[22:59] <besoin> how the hell is she okay
[22:59] <bob511> She's OK?
[22:59] <Ampinocchio> she's Furiosa now
[22:59] <kayke> unbreakable beth
[22:59] <Trebpetto> between the wheels
[23:00] <danocchio> the fall just made her drunk, it's ok
[23:00] <autarch> maybe take her to the hospital
[23:00] <autarch> just realized that's not really physically possible
[23:00] <besoin> nice outfit, who shot the wing chair at world market
[23:00] <bob511> Heh
[23:01] <kayke> if we see the eyes actually in motion I'll scream
[23:01] <besoin> -- anyone who ever saw matt damon act
[23:02] <bob511> "Imagine if she had been run over by a larger vehicle, like a mack truck."
[23:02] <Trebpetto> what dude
[23:02] <autarch> lol
[23:02] <besoin> "oop, gotta go"
[23:02] <Ampinocchio> "you know, you can always make more money than me"
[23:02] <danocchio> this guy's got a Bobby Dean quality goin
[23:02] <Trebpetto> aahah
[23:03] <besoin> cool half shirt
[23:03] <danocchio> oh my lord
[23:03] <impdentist> weird transition
[23:03] <Trebpetto> Yeah
[23:03] <besoin> walter!
[23:03] <autarch> interesting juxtaposition
[23:03] <bob511> Ironically, the killer whale is a pacifist.
[23:03] <Trebpetto> Never heard 'Spoon me' in a movie before
[23:03] <lhs> is that leon from deadwood
[23:03] <besoin> thanks, movie
[23:03] <impdentist> hahahahaha
[23:03] <autarch> who's the bandana guy
[23:04] <Trebpetto> ahaha
[23:04] <Trebpetto> "Wait, that was the Tim Treadwell tape. Sorry bout that"
[23:04] <Ampinocchio> lol
[23:04] <danocchio> I guess you just had to be there
[23:04] <Ampinocchio> ahaha
[23:04] <besoin> heh
[23:04] <lhs> send that one off for transcription
[23:04] <bob511> I mean, this DA has definitely hung people from a meat hook and blowtorched them.
[23:04] <autarch> lol dan
[23:04] <bob511> So I don't know where he gets off.
[23:04] <impdentist> could we have the court reporter read that back from the record please
[23:05] <impdentist> inflammatory lol
[23:05] <besoin> stone cold
[23:05] <danocchio> would the source of the tape maybe help clear things up on that front?
[23:05] <besoin> yeah, they love renewing work visas for nannies
[23:05] <lhs> that is indeed leon
[23:05] <kayke> david's gonna get it
[23:06] <autarch> a Biiiig favor
[23:06] <autarch> if sophia's dead when he walks in i'm gonna be pissed
[23:06] <besoin> sofia has to live to be the italian pinoccicide expert
[23:07] <lhs> he's just funning you
[23:07] <lhs> it said, "hello, i have six sides"
[23:08] <Trebpetto> yessss
[23:08] <kayke> loooool
[23:08] <besoin> definitely matt damon
[23:08] <Ampinocchio> i feel menaced
[23:08] <danocchio> might be based on one of the Kennedys
[23:09] <autarch> he doesn't act like a brother
[23:09] <Trebpetto> haah
[23:09] <autarch> holy shit
[23:09] <Trebpetto> waddazoom
[23:09] <besoin> hoeing accident
[23:09] <danocchio> ahah
[23:09] <kayke> I really thought we were gonna get an eye movement there
[23:09] <autarch> oh geez pinocchio don't say that word
[23:09] <lhs> punishing that bitch is where he's a viking
[23:10] <besoin> does pinoccio have powers beyond just moving around
[23:10] <kayke> I'm really into these sports pajamas
[23:10] <kayke> I want a pair
[23:10] <autarch> his nose can grow
[23:10] <autarch> yeah the pajamas are great
[23:10] <autarch> nice foreshadow btw
[23:11] <besoin> the zipper on those jeans is like 17 inches
[23:11] <lhs> all the more tantalizing to unzip
[23:11] <danocchio> minutes of buildup
[23:11] <danocchio> oh my god
[23:11] <autarch> jeez
[23:11] <besoin> where's the owl
[23:12] <autarch> lol lhs I just saw that joke
[23:12] <bob511> Punctured his juice box.
[23:12] <besoin> "looks like an owl attack"
[23:12] <Ampinocchio> "he's lost a lot of jelly"
[23:12] <autarch> say yes
[23:13] <Trebpetto> hell yeah
[23:13] <autarch> not sophia
[23:13] <danocchio> trying to place Pinocchio's accent
[23:13] <besoin> *puts sofia on tinder*
[23:13] <bob511> "I had to bring bugs for science" doesn't get any reaction, huh?
[23:14] <kayke> shoebox full of bugs for science. makes sense.
[23:14] <Ampinocchio> the voice actor who does Pinocchio originated Gumby
[23:14] <autarch> she IS a pinocchio expert
[23:14] <impdentist> none of y'all had to bring bugs for science
[23:15] <besoin> jesus fuck, kelly
[23:15] <lhs> couples therapy
[23:15] <bob511> New shipment of vests is in.
[23:15] <impdentist> no
[23:15] <kayke> this is a very open vested doctor
[23:15] <autarch> there we go
[23:15] <Ampinocchio> aaagh
[23:15] <pinocchi_yeoman> yeah doc is barely invested at all
[23:15] <Ampinocchio> they fine movements
[23:15] <besoin> wooden people shouldn't gaslight
[23:15] <Trebpetto> aha
[23:16] <danocchio> oh it really is Gumby
[23:16] <pinocchi_yeoman> lol
[23:16] <danocchio> and the original Davey from Davey & Goliath
[23:16] <danocchio> makes it even better
[23:16] <lhs> she got tangled up in a curtain
[23:16] <besoin> the doctor's phone voice sounds nothing like him
[23:17] <lhs> he's being interviewed on a true crime show
[23:18] <Trebpetto> ahahahha
[23:18] <besoin> lord
[23:18] <impdentist> no i hate this
[23:18] <autarch> oh god
[23:18] <kayke> there he goes
[23:18] <autarch> i really hate this
[23:18] <Trebpetto> THE MAGIC OF CINEMA
[23:18] <besoin> i kind of like zoe
[23:18] <danocchio> Verne Troyer puttin in work
[23:18] <autarch> i hate her
[23:18] <kayke> I love her
[23:18] <lhs> this is a crapzillion times better than van helsing
[23:18] <impdentist> is he gonna drive
[23:18] <impdentist> i hope so
[23:18] <pinocchi_yeoman> ahee
[23:18] <autarch> please drive, pinocchio
[23:19] <danocchio> Rumpelstilskin pulls up on motorcycle "Need a ride?"
[23:19] <impdentist> uh
[23:19] <bob511> Aha
[23:19] <kayke> phew
[23:19] <autarch> yikes
[23:19] <impdentist> nobody acted correctly in that situation
[23:20] <bob511> "This gag doesn't really make sense boss, and seems kind of unrelated to our movie."
[23:20] <lhs> don't leave manson in the hall like that
[23:20] <autarch> nice camerawork
[23:20] <Trebpetto> ahahaj
[23:21] <pinocchi_yeoman> oh, Davey
[23:21] <bob511> Would you stop standing in the doorway to the 7-11 please?
[23:21] <lhs> what did we are your friends say is the good bpm again
[23:21] <lhs> heh
[23:21] <impdentist> 128
[23:21] <autarch> gone where?
[23:21] <kayke> classic mom accent
[23:22] <autarch> where did he go?
[23:22] <autarch> hahhahaha
[23:22] <lhs> back into the silverware drawer in the sky
[23:22] <impdentist> btw did she not check to make sure her daughter was around before she went to bed
[23:22] <danocchio> not a flattering angle
[23:23] <danocchio> "Thought she really nailed the audition, what do you think"
[23:23] <kayke> "I often video tape your child without your permission"
[23:23] <autarch> she has a bad habit of unleashing killer puppets on the world
[23:23] <besoin> yeah, but you're a terrible attorney
[23:23] <lhs> i bet that priest is still single
[23:24] <bob511> Seeing evil in the eyes of every defendant seems like a great match for PD work.
[23:25] <danocchio> "Probably just some late night bug finding"
[23:25] <kayke> "for science"
[23:25] <danocchio> "They give kids more and more bug finding work these days"
[23:25] <bob511> Got caught going to the Pet Sematary.
[23:26] <autarch> here we go
[23:26] <besoin> sofia, we really need your expertise here
[23:26] <bob511> "Don't push me down the stairs, Zoe."
[23:26] <Ampinocchio> dropkick it
[23:26] <pinocchi_yeoman> i mean she's got a fireplace right there
[23:26] <autarch> sophia please speak up
[23:26] <autarch> there's no way out of those trunks, right?
[23:27] <danocchio> switching to P-Cam
[23:27] <autarch> wait, is it all about his revenge for getting lost in the trunk?
[23:27] <autarch> *locked
[23:27] <kayke> you have to kick out the tail light and put your hand through until a motorist spots you
[23:27] <besoin> what the hell
[23:27] <Ampinocchio> zoe you're looking very plasticy, do you feel well?
[23:28] <impdentist> she seems pretty unconcerned
[23:28] <Trebpetto> Charge her a an adult
[23:28] <autarch> sophia, get your ass in here and explain how pinocchio works to jennifer
[23:28] <danocchio> gah
[23:28] <pinocchi_yeoman> jeez easy on the banana
[23:29] <Trebpetto> Pinocchio fever
[23:29] <lhs> we're almost out of shoulder pads
[23:29] <kayke> my MAN!
[23:29] <autarch> "No"
[23:29] <Ampinocchio> do you believe facial hair can be evil?
[23:29] <autarch> "puppets"
[23:29] <danocchio> "well, I'm seeing it in my clients eyes every single day at work..."
[23:30] <impdentist> "if that dog could be evil, why couldn't a child?"
[23:30] <autarch> wow, texas tower reference
[23:30] <lhs> heh imp
[23:30] <pinocchi_yeoman> "what about a doll?"
[23:31] <pinocchi_yeoman> "oh hell yes a doll for sure."
[23:31] <danocchio> rest of the movie is them working their way up to the pope to ask if a dog can be a demon
[23:31] <besoin> or...a message board
[23:31] <autarch> "oh, you mean like pinocchio?"
[23:31] <impdentist> ah bongiorno!
[23:31] <danocchio> INSANE line read on "juice"
[23:31] <lhs> really hoping for a pinocchio vs walter showdown for the climax
[23:31] <kayke> that was an agressive juice request
[23:31] <Ampinocchio> *gives her a glass of marinara*
[23:31] <besoin> only catholic sofia can save us
[23:32] <impdentist> yeah these episcopalians just aren't good with the supernatural stuff
[23:32] <besoin> not that limp weirdo episcopalian
[23:32] <pinocchi_yeoman> lol
[23:32] <impdentist> was she drinking zoe's juice
[23:32] <kayke> just a sip
[23:32] <lhs> juice tax
[23:32] <autarch> she high?
[23:32] <impdentist> ok that was totally unearned
[23:32] <pinocchi_yeoman> uh oh one of -those- zooms
[23:32] <danocchio> we've entered into Pinocchio's world
[23:32] <kayke> yikes
[23:32] <besoin> fight back sofia
[23:33] <pinocchi_yeoman> sofia don't go down that easy
[23:33] <autarch> Rest In Pokeys
[23:33] <danocchio> was that one of those long grabber things that old people use?
[23:33] <kayke> I wonder if I could fight a puppet
[23:33] <besoin> picture it, tampa, 1996
[23:33] <pinocchi_yeoman> heh
[23:33] <lhs> it was a blowpoke
[23:33] <impdentist> can't imagine they can get much force on a swing with such short arms
[23:33] <danocchio> lol lhs
[23:34] <impdentist> pinocchio has made a fire out of zoe
[23:34] <Ampinocchio> vaccocchio
[23:34] <pinocchi_yeoman> got the house for a steal but yeah it's by the navy firing range
[23:34] <autarch> do it jennifer
[23:34] <besoin> yeah, don't bring a knife to a puppet fight
[23:34] <Ampinocchio> grabs canopener instead
[23:34] <autarch> no. trust your instinct
[23:34] <danocchio> *pulls out wood plane instead*
[23:35] <pinocchi_yeoman> lol
[23:35] <impdentist> can a puppet use a gun
[23:35] <besoin> oswald did
[23:35] <impdentist> like a human gun
[23:35] <impdentist> not bad
[23:35] <danocchio> lol besoin
[23:35] <danocchio> as opposed to a puppet gun?
[23:35] <impdentist> yeah like a puppet size gun
[23:35] <lhs> there's a vest sale at vest world
[23:35] <autarch> jeff dunham save us
[23:35] <besoin> what's going on with this fire
[23:36] <kayke> puppet gun (sang to the tune of ocean man)
[23:36] <danocchio> it's all up to Ached now
[23:36] <pinocchi_yeoman> movie is gaslighting us
[23:36] <autarch> send him to a firey grave
[23:36] <kayke> YES
[23:36] <pinocchi_yeoman> happy birthday, kayke
[23:36] <besoin> fuck him up, jennifer
[23:36] <kayke> I waited so long
[23:36] <impdentist> oh
[23:37] <autarch> why?
[23:37] <danocchio> oh my god
[23:37] <danocchio> yes!
[23:37] <danocchio> he mad
[23:37] <pinocchi_yeoman> lol the frowney puppet brows
[23:37] <Ampinocchio> grunt grunt
[23:37] <kayke> he has asthma
[23:37] <autarch> no
[23:37] <autarch> why would she let him in?
[23:37] <besoin> the crease already there
[23:37] <kayke> he was also asking her to stop running away
[23:37] <Trebpetto> how lame
[23:37] <autarch> JEEZ
[23:37] <pinocchi_yeoman> got the house for a steal, doors are paper
[23:37] <danocchio> imagining the 70 year old Gumby actor reading these lines in the booth
[23:37] <besoin> are doors so permeable
[23:37] <lhs> are hands so permeable
[23:38] <pinocchi_yeoman> she's a cheap lawyer
[23:38] <autarch> dumbass
[23:38] <autarch> parrot?
[23:38] <besoin> i would fight pinnochio
[23:38] <besoin> pinocchio
[23:38] <autarch> hand to hand combat. seems like an easy opponent
[23:38] <kayke> just wrap him up in a quilt, right? that's the tactic
[23:38] <impdentist> what room is this
[23:38] <danocchio> I see evil in the eyes of my child's dolls every day
[23:39] <impdentist> imagine filming this scene
[23:39] <kayke> wrap him up in a quilt like an angry cat
[23:39] <lhs> he fights like clovis
[23:39] <autarch> it's him
[23:39] <besoin> haha
[23:39] <Trebpetto> ahahhah
[23:39] <danocchio> *Pinnochio falls off actresses back for the 10th time* CUT!
[23:39] <Ampinocchio> damn
[23:39] <autarch> nice
[23:39] <lhs> tear his arms off
[23:40] <besoin> cut his head off
[23:40] <autarch> throw him in the fire
[23:40] <besoin> they never learn
[23:40] <pinocchi_yeoman> oh he's goin' in the fire
[23:40] <Trebpetto> Pinocchio has a 45 inch vertical jump
[23:40] <danocchio> whoopsie daisy
[23:40] <besoin> wait, what
[23:40] <kayke> oh shit what
[23:40] <autarch> what?
[23:40] <kayke> movie
[23:40] <pinocchi_yeoman> nice, movie, nice
[23:40] <Ampinocchio> sometimes you kill your child
[23:40] <besoin> nice response
[23:40] <Ampinocchio> these things happen
[23:40] <danocchio> you people are slow on the uptake
[23:40] <autarch> that's actually kind of sick
[23:40] <autarch> that was pretty cool
[23:40] <kayke> she's so evil she has a unibrow now
[23:40] <pinocchi_yeoman> her curls broke her fall
[23:40] <Ampinocchio> lol
[23:41] <danocchio> whoever made that video explaining the end of The Boy should have been doing this
[23:41] <Trebpetto> Get a new fucking shrink
[23:41] <kayke> YOU GUYS
[23:41] <besoin> padded room, padded bed, padded shoulders
[23:41] <danocchio> imagine if this kept zooming out and they were all in a dollhouse
[23:41] <lhs> heh
[23:41] <pinocchi_yeoman> lol besoin
[23:41] <autarch> "I hope not"
[23:41] <pinocchi_yeoman> yeah dan i was hoping for something like that
[23:41] <impdentist> ah sure ok
[23:42] <pinocchi_yeoman> yup
[23:42] <kayke> kind of lame they only had his nose grow in shadow
[23:42] <danocchio> here's the real end credits music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liKhLNY5GYI
[23:42] <besoin> larry cedar
[23:42] <Trebpetto> got them slow credits
[23:42] <besoin> Young Priest
[23:42] <impdentist> oh man it actually was verne
[23:42] <Ampinocchio> Egon Kafka
[23:42] <danocchio> Rest in Power
[23:42] <lhs> jail gaurds [sic]
[23:43] <besoin> special inspiration
[23:43] <impdentist> special inspiration eh
[23:43] <danocchio> Meltem Demierer, might want to keep the doll away from him
[23:43] <besoin> hollywood raggs is right
[23:43] <Ampinocchio> lol
[23:43] <besoin> dolly grips, haha
[23:43] <lhs> sofia's accent coach - a bowl of soup
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Postby Ampersand » Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:39 pm


I've begun something horrible.
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Postby Ampersand » Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:21 pm

This Thursday,
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Sorry in advance.
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Postby Bob511 » Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:30 pm

You stumble upon his yard sale or something?
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Postby dan » Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:42 pm

oh wow
you may have just single-handedly funded his next film with this haul
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:21 am

About 85% of them are DVD-Rs with sticker labels.
All of the artwork has been printed on a home computer and cut poorly.
Mr. Stitches has the default DVD-burning software menu
Multiple films have been authored (and thus squeezed) into a 4:3 aspect ratio, despite being filmed widescreen.
Several of them have a Cullen Studios promotional slip inside with a contact P.O. box listed that's been crossed out with a Sharpie marker.

Money well spent.
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Ampersand wrote:This Thursday,
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Ampersand wrote:
Ampersand wrote:This Thursday,
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Postby Riverchrist » Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:26 pm

I'm sorry I missed the Van Helsing screening but I enjoyed reading the HPN transcript. Bob511 had some great lines.
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2200 EDT!
Check the db to join!
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Postby dan » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:37 pm

Here's the promotional stuff I briefly talked about last time


from the official website for the movie http://theboymovie.tumblr.com//
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:52 pm

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Ampersand wrote:
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Code: Select all
[22:19] <Amboysand> 3
[22:19] <Amboysand> 2
[22:19] <Amboysand> 1
[22:20] <Amboysand> btw, i finally updated the Letterboxd list of Shitflixe viewing history, if anyone wants to marvel visually at the days of our lives we've wasted
[22:20] <dan2> was that The Boy?
[22:20] <bob511> Did we do Stay Alive, or was that some other killer-video-game movie?
[22:20] <Amboysand> we did
[22:21] <Trebbers> The one with Topenga?
[22:21] <Amboysand> that one was different
[22:21] <dan2> how many production companies do you need for a movie about sitting alone in an empty house with a doll
[22:22] <Amboysand> oh BOY
[22:23] <dan2> they should have gotten that big mustache guy from Antiques Roadshow into this movie
[22:23] <dan2> maybe have him be the guy who kills The Boy
[22:23] <lhs> you wake her by peering down her shirt some more
[22:23] <Trebbers> Just looking for The Boy
[22:24] <Amboysand> "wouldst thou like to nanny my boy?"
[22:24] <Trebbers> Is she supposed to be a nanny
[22:24] <Amboysand> baby Jared Kushner
[22:24] <Trebbers> Alfred E. Newman-esque
[22:25] <dan2> sort of a Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle quality as well
[22:25] <bob511> Odd place for a fireplace poker.
[22:25] <Amboysand> my favorite song
[22:26] <Trebbers> I didn't sign up for banter
[22:26] <lhs> "you must be the boy"
[22:26] <dan2> nothin gets ladies going like talking about the bread bin
[22:26] <Amboysand> "American, yeah?" "YEEEEEEHAW"
[22:26] <Trebbers> paper, plastic, or fucking wooden box?
[22:26] <Amboysand> puttin a bun in the bread bin
[22:27] <Trebbers> gross
[22:27] <lhs> bread bin is british for bread trash can
[22:27] <Trebbers> ahh
[22:27] <Amboysand> "bread bin" is what they called this guy back at uni
[22:27] <dan2> you know this fortunetelling thing is a really great Icebreaker
[22:28] <impdentist> can someone give me 900
[22:28] <dan2> in 15
[22:28] <Amboysand> 900
[22:28] <dan2> 9:00
[22:28] <impdentist> thanks
[22:28] <bob511> "He's...a little stiff."
[22:29] <Trebbers> lololol
[22:29] <lhs> don't kinkshame, please
[22:30] <impdentist> kind of a dick move of the grocer to not give her a heads up about brahams
[22:30] <impdentist> especially when she specifically asked him
[22:30] <Trebbers> Call that creepy cab guy and gtfo
[22:30] <Amboysand> i can't wait for Brahms to bring peace to the Middle East
[22:30] <impdentist> lol
[22:31] <Trebbers> "He's had a go at your shoes, now let him see your feet"
[22:31] <impdentist> every single movie has seen a succession of nannies, none of whom have stayed very long
[22:31] <dan2> the rest of the movie is the father saying stuff as Brahms out of the corner of his mouth
[22:32] <lhs> brahm's biological parents are a ball-jointed anime doll and resusci annie
[22:32] <bob511> Heh
[22:32] <impdentist> "really, tupac is like poetry when you think about it"
[22:32] <Amboysand> no american drawl
[22:32] <Trebbers> hah imp
[22:34] <Amboysand> "vermin, the Spanish"
[22:34] <Trebbers> Vermin or "vermin"?
[22:34] <dan2> The Mouse Hunt mouse is gonna knaw through Brahms head and make a home out of him
[22:34] <Amboysand> lol
[22:35] <bob511> Movie really does lay it on thick in retrospect.
[22:36] <lhs> can't wait for the scene where she introduces brahms to limp bizkit
[22:36] <dan2> The Old Couple couldn't hold in their laughter
[22:37] <lhs> no wifi? RUN
[22:37] <bob511> If she had just told them she was Canadian, they never would have pranked her like this.
[22:37] <lhs> idk, this is probably normal in montana too
[22:38] <impdentist> the doll is much less posh
[22:38] <impdentist> like a cabbage patch kid doll
[22:38] <dan2> American Girl doll
[22:39] <Trebbers> Don't Tell Mom the Babysat is Dead
[22:39] <lhs> heh
[22:40] <lhs> where are they going again
[22:40] <impdentist> welp
[22:40] <dan2> Holiday
[22:41] <impdentist> nothing to do now but read all the books in the house presumably all about family lore
[22:41] <Trebbers> oh no you did not
[22:41] <lhs> is that for brahms
[22:42] <Trebbers> reduced fat peanut butter - that is horror
[22:42] <impdentist> i hope the entire movie is her going about her day with shots that foreground the puppet with the cloth over him
[22:43] <bob511> She's totally going to fail home ec now.
[22:43] <impdentist> i mean if i were in charge of a puppet that creepy and was getting paid i probably wouldn't take any chances
[22:43] <lhs> meanwhile on the set of LEG
[22:43] <dan2> lol bob
[22:44] <impdentist> she lit candles?
[22:44] <Amboysand> can't wait for her to negligently burn the house down
[22:44] <impdentist> "brahms did it"
[22:45] <dan2> somehow, someway, we always manage to get a goat
[22:45] <lhs> this is what happens when you homeschool
[22:45] <dan2> how come painting Brahms is a blonde?
[22:47] <lhs> water torture was on the shedule
[22:47] <dan2> I'm expecting Teddy Perkins to pop up at any minute
[22:48] <impdentist> i feel like i would be good at being in a haunted house because i wouldn't go snooping around
[22:48] <dan2> the scratchy record
[22:49] <Amboysand> "candle went bad"
[22:50] <dan2> c'mon take Brahms to the club
[22:52] <impdentist> the similarities to sunday;s movie are remarkable
[22:52] <dan2> what can we say, puppets are just horny
[22:53] <lhs> are we sure that brahms wasn't a cat
[22:53] <dan2> you can't write around that, you just have to address it at some poin
[22:53] <dan2> t
[22:54] <Trebbers> Turns and Brahms is wearing her dress
[22:54] <bob511> With much-too-big heels.
[22:55] <dan2> if somebody's up there...wouldn't closing the exit off be the best bet?
[22:55] <impdentist> this is where brahms stashed all his previous nannies' date dresses
[22:56] <lhs> that towel is what you get eliminated for making on project runway's unconventional materials episode
[22:56] <bob511> "Hello...if you're a sperm whale, you should know that you're fucked."
[22:56] <dan2> I want to make a Mr. Marbles joke but I already wasted it last week
[22:56] <bob511> f
[22:57] <impdentist> he just knocks once and then turns to leave?
[22:57] <lhs> malcolms and malgoes
[22:58] <dan2> a quick coma to pass the week
[22:58] <impdentist> she's hung over from the wine
[22:58] <bob511> She really ties her towels well, I have to give her that.
[22:59] <dan2> now the hair is brown
[22:59] <impdentist> the real mystery
[22:59] <Amboysand> the boy wears a rug
[23:00] <Amboysand> Never Feed Brahms After Midnight
[23:01] <dan2> We Need to Talk About Brahms
[23:02] <dan2> "That he's a right wanker he was he was"
[23:03] <impdentist> is that an olympic-sized pool table
[23:06] <Amboysand> KISS GOODNIGHT
[23:06] <impdentist> at some point you just call his parents asses and say "sorry yall i'm outta here"
[23:08] <Amboysand> "got some bangers and mash here, innit?"
[23:08] <dan2> a tray of digestive biscuits
[23:08] <impdentist> like at this point i feel like he's being pretty nice so i'd maybe just play with him and follow all the rules
[23:09] <Trebbers> Yeah make the boy happy
[23:09] <bob511> Well, he keeps stealing her clothes.  That would get annoying.
[23:09] <dan2> I'd just take Brahms to Chuck E Cheese and have him forget about all this stodgy stuff
[23:09] <impdentist> maybe that's what the rest of the movie is
[23:09] <Trebbers> The Boy will be a boy
[23:09] <dan2> do they have Chuck E Cheese in England?
[23:09] <impdentist> yeah i am a little confused as to why he's acting like a boy from the interwar period despite being born in 1983
[23:09] <lhs> clive e cheese
[23:10] <dan2> 6. PLAY MUSIC LOUD
[23:10] <impdentist> 1. you do not talk about The Boy
[23:10] <impdentist> 2. you do NOT talk about The Boy
[23:10] <lhs> 1. nothing wrong with brahms
[23:11] <impdentist> hahaha
[23:11] <dan2> scribbled in crayon at the bottom of the list - 11. Brahms can play Roblox all night
[23:11] <Trebbers> ahah
[23:11] <Amboysand> lol
[23:11] <lhs> time for the virginia woolf reenactments
[23:11] <impdentist> ohhhh welp
[23:11] <Amboysand> lol lhs
[23:11] <bob511> "The girl is yours now."
[23:11] <Trebbers> Mummy & Daddy XXX what
[23:12] <dan2> is 3lb of stones really enough to do this properly?
[23:12] <Trebbers> Classic Dear Brahms letter
[23:12] <dan2> lol
[23:12] <impdentist> i think "stone" means something different wrt weight in the uk
[23:12] <lhs> heh
[23:12] <impdentist> oh she's gonna be brahms new mommy huh
[23:13] <lhs> i hope the rest of the movie is just her RPing
[23:14] <Trebbers> Brahmsy
[23:14] <Amboysand> she clearly cannot play
[23:14] <bob511> Kind of presumptuous, to think you can teach piano to Brahms.
[23:15] <lhs> peeling a pear?!
[23:15] <Trebbers> Maybe for cooking?
[23:15] <dan2> cool your jets Malcolm
[23:16] <dan2> Brahmmy Can You Hear Me?
[23:17] <Amboysand> she's breaking
[23:17] <bob511> Sort of feel like she hasn't really ruled out other possibilities before going with the doll-is-alive theory.
[23:17] <dan2> "do you have another pear?"
[23:20] <impdentist> oh he's hungry
[23:20] <dan2> If you can't trust the malevolent doll that's been tormenting you all month who can you trust?
[23:20] <impdentist> what if the twist is that the house has a carbon monoxide leak
[23:21] <lhs> heh
[23:21] <dan2> lol
[23:21] <Trebbers> aha
[23:21] <impdentist> this is a very interesting third act
[23:21] <bob511> Brought here for her experience with non-living things that move.
[23:22] <impdentist> like i feel like it skipped from act ii to an entirely different movie
[23:22] <dan2> Malcolm is pretty blasé for a guy who just found out about a living doll
[23:22] <Trebbers> aha
[23:23] <Trebbers> "No, let's get drunk, though'
[23:23] <impdentist> is he really gonna go for this right after learning about the living doll
[23:23] <impdentist> 11. Nanny mustn't snog in the house.
[23:24] <impdentist> oh no we forgot how horny puppets are
[23:24] <dan2> not sure if I could perform if I suspected Brahms was watching me
[23:24] <lhs> it's just the cab driver
[23:24] <impdentist> i'm worried i might not ever be able to fuck again out of the fear that brahms might be watching me
[23:24] <Trebbers> When Brahms jerks it it sounds like someone playing the wood block
[23:24] <dan2> "You really think I can't fuck to this music Brahms?"
[23:25] <impdentist> yeah the living doll getting out of bed and blasting music is a reeeeeeal mood killer
[23:25] <dan2> good lord treb
[23:25] <Amboysand> lol treb
[23:26] <dan2> They're gonna make Brahms live through a divorce
[23:26] == boysoin [c68700ec@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[23:26] <boysoin> did i miss the movie
[23:26] <Amboysand> lol hey besoin
[23:26] <Amboysand> 1:07:05
[23:26] <boysoin> how much time is left?
[23:26] <impdentist> half an hour
[23:27] <dan2> "I want custody"
[23:27] <impdentist> yeah why can't they just wait til he falls asleep to fuck like a normal couple
[23:27] <bob511> Have to change the name on the warranty card.
[23:27] <boysoin> the hotel wifi says i should have it downloaded just in time for you guys to be finished
[23:28] <dan2> that is a top notch dog painting
[23:28] <Trebbers> Third act is when they find the hole in the back and make his mouth move
[23:28] <Amboysand> can't stream?
[23:28] <boysoin> let's see
[23:28] <impdentist> whoa he's huge
[23:28] <Amboysand> the light bulb was looking down her shirt
[23:28] <boysoin> can someone give me 1:11:50
[23:29] <impdentist> that's like a minute and a half on
[23:29] <dan2> already a beta at 8 years old
[23:29] <Amboysand> 1:09:40 now
[23:29] <Trebbers> How many rats in that bag
[23:29] <boysoin> don't forget me
[23:29] <Amboysand> brahmsy baybee
[23:29] <boysoin> how is bob not called boy511 today
[23:30] <Trebbers> This dude is 80% torso
[23:30] <dan2> no, I'm not really sure we do know you
[23:30] <bob511> Thought about brahm511, but wasn't feeling it.
[23:30] <impdentist> what voice is this guy doing
[23:30] <boysoin> remember remember 1:11:50
[23:30] <Amboysand> The most American ex-boyfriend of all
[23:31] <impdentist> 20 seconds
[23:31] <dan2> 20 seconds
[23:31] <Amboysand> 1:11:50
[23:31] <impdentist> 11150 now
[23:31] <dan2> now
[23:31] <boysoin> i'm in
[23:31] <boysoin> thanks
[23:31] <boysoin> this is the third time i've seen this movie
[23:31] <Amboysand> "hey Malcolm, touch my belly"
[23:32] <bob511> Wait, why the second time?
[23:32] <Amboysand> yeah, besoin, that's damning info
[23:32] <boysoin> it's the kind of movie you entertain when it shows up on tv
[23:32] <boysoin> i feel like i saw this scene yesterday
[23:33] <boysoin> (because it was like three weeks ago)
[23:33] <Amboysand> "about Brahms? ooooooboy"
[23:33] <dan2> Malcolm has to take the 10 garbage bags full of pear skins to his truck
[23:33] <Amboysand> Malcolm better kiss Brahms goodnight
[23:34] <lhs> this house has 20 rooms but only two bedrooms
[23:34] <impdentist> so they basically solved the doll plot and now they're just gonna use the doll to dispose of their enemies
[23:34] <dan2> It's just a love triangle from this point on
[23:35] <boysoin> what about malcolm
[23:35] <dan2> plus family drama with Brahms
[23:35] <lhs> heh
[23:35] <impdentist> he just wants to be able to play pool all night
[23:35] <dan2> is that a peacock?
[23:36] <impdentist> i will credit this movie for being something completely different from what i expected
[23:36] <boysoin> is brahms a girl?
[23:36] <lhs> that owl doll contains the ghost of an owl
[23:37] <Trebbers> ahaahha
[23:37] <dan2> that's just Brahms' version of the mint on the pillow
[23:37] <Amboysand> listen, Malcolm, it's just Oscar campaigning
[23:37] <boysoin> god i hate cole
[23:38] <impdentist> he accepted the doll way faster than anyone else
[23:38] <boysoin> great american accent on this guy
[23:38] <lhs> oh nooooo
[23:38] <dan2> you could hear an eye drop
[23:38] <Trebbers> ahahahah
[23:39] <impdentist> cole you idiot
[23:39] <Amboysand> behold, The Man
[23:40] <impdentist> ahahahaha
[23:40] <boysoin> i think it's joe jonas
[23:40] <Amboysand> lol
[23:40] <bob511> Of course it can be.
[23:40] <impdentist> holy shit
[23:40] <impdentist> brahms is a teen
[23:40] <Amboysand> love his cardigan
[23:40] <boysoin> come on, let him kill cole
[23:40] <dan2> bout to comit a Brahmicide
[23:41] <impdentist> i guess he doesn't need a nanny anymore?
[23:41] <dan2> "lets go...deeper into the house"
[23:41] <impdentist> OOOOH YEEEEEAH
[23:42] <dan2> turns out the last 2 months were just the world's most elaborate escape room
[23:42] <impdentist> for being made out of porcelain, he sure is crashing through doors pretty effectively
[23:43] <boysoin> jesus christ, it's his bachelor apartment
[23:43] <Trebbers> Her first clue about the Boy should have been all those Bright Eyes records in his collection
[23:43] <impdentist> my god.... the freezer is full of totinos
[23:43] <boysoin> heh
[23:43] <Amboysand> lol
[23:44] <lhs> so he never died and was buseying the entire time
[23:44] <boysoin> growing monstrously strong on hot pockets
[23:45] <bob511> They're going to be very confused when they run all this way and emerge in a house in New Zealand.
[23:45] <boysoin> nice sacrifice, malcolm
[23:45] <dan2> betting Brahms is real into UFC
[23:48] <Amboysand> Brahms, it's time for a shave
[23:48] <Trebbers> The beard under the mask is upsetting
[23:48] <dan2> yeah seruiysky
[23:48] <impdentist> this has gone totally off the rails
[23:48] <impdentist> i have no idea what is happening
[23:49] <bob511> Me neither, but that's because my computer decided it was a good time to crash.
[23:49] <impdentist> "that's your punishment for killing one, possibly two people"
[23:49] <Amboysand> how is his mask sweating
[23:49] <Trebbers> ahah what
[23:49] <dan2> probably hasn't washed that mask in 20 years
[23:49] <dan2> damn brahms
[23:49] <dan2> don't hurt em
[23:50] <Trebbers> Been lifting rats for years
[23:50] <impdentist> get him in the eye hole
[23:50] <boysoin> finish him
[23:50] <dan2> all pear diet makes you ripped af
[23:51] <impdentist> "damn i'm rich"
[23:52] <boysoin> did anyone make a house with the kook in its walls joke
[23:52] <Trebbers> ahah
[23:52] <dan2> new boy has Amibo functionality as well
[23:52] <Amboysand> "can i interest you in 666 park avenue?"
[23:53] <lhs> boo-oy
[23:53] <Trebbers> Endearingly silly
[23:53] <dan2> "By October of 2018, it was announced that a sequel was in development. The Boy 2 will begin principal photography on January 14, 2019 in Victoria British Columbia."
[23:53] <boysoin> this movie must have cost about $900K to make
[23:53] <Amboysand> what
[23:53] <dan2> "Katie Holmes was cast to play Liza, the mother of a young family who unaware of the dark history, move into the Heelshire Mansion. The premise will follow the story of the youngest son finding the porcelain doll, and befriending Brahms."
[23:53] <Amboysand> whaaaat
[23:53] <dan2> it's just announced very recently
[23:53] <impdentist> well then
[23:54] <Amboysand> Electric Boygaloo
[23:54] <Trebbers> What's the further appeal once you know the twist
[23:54] <boysoin> what kind of sick newswire are you seeing that on
[23:54] <impdentist> A Very Fun Thread About Casting Announcements
[23:54] <boysoin> boyters??
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This Sunday,
is it a trick
or a treat?
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Postby Ampersand » Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:18 pm

Ampersand wrote:This Sunday,
is it a trick
or a treat?
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Check the dB to join!
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Ampersand wrote:Tonight!
Check the dB to join!
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Two hours until showtime!
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TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: Happy Halloween: Trick or Treat
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Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: Happy Halloween: Trick or Treat
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Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: Happy Halloween: Trick or Treat
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Oct 28, 2018 11:36 pm

Code: Select all
[22:11] <@Ampertreat> 3
[22:11] <@Ampertreat> 2
[22:11] <@Ampertreat> 1
[22:11] <bob511> Three whole wolves.
[22:11] <impdentist> wait it's a lone wolf and two wolves also?
[22:11] <autarch> two wild wolves
[22:11] <kayke> glad we're starting with the end credits
[22:11] <@Ampertreat> oh fuck
[22:11] <shalabi> was not expecting that music
[22:11] <@Ampertreat> i'm going to jail brb
[22:11] <HappyDonnaween> wow did we skip to the end?
[22:12] <laserblast> meanwhile, at the ROADHOUSE,
[22:12] <dan2> get ready to see these halls amp
[22:12] <Treb_or_Treat> never seen a FBI warning overlay
[22:12] <autarch> better a lone wolf than a coyote ugly
[22:12] <HappyDonnaween> natural transition, good job
[22:12] <Treb_or_Treat> oh my god
[22:12] <impdentist> whoa
[22:12] <HappyDonnaween> oh the budget went to font animation
[22:12] <kayke> happy jelloween
[22:12] <HappyDonnaween> .....
[22:12] <@Ampertreat> grabby hands
[22:12] <impdentist> what is going on
[22:12] <HappyDonnaween> did i miss th emovie?
[22:12] <bob511> OK, good movie everyone.
[22:12] <Treb_or_Treat> laughing so hard
[22:12] <dan2> wow already over
[22:12] <impdentist> WHAT
[22:12] <autarch> ok we're going with the opening credits
[22:12] <HappyDonnaween> did this get made with power point?
[22:12] <lhs> amp ripped it in reverse
[22:12] <Treb_or_Treat> Baul Sass
[22:13] <autarch> THESE DREDITS
[22:13] <dan2> I'm already disoriented and the film hasn't even started
[22:13] <impdentist> wait
[22:13] <kayke> 80% credits
[22:13] <bob511> Allen G-G-Gregory?!?
[22:13] <HappyDonnaween> am i drunk?
[22:13] <impdentist> excited to meet angel devil woman
[22:13] <autarch> lol bob
[22:13] <Treb_or_Treat> kopher
[22:13] == the_pretty_great [2f2965d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:13] <HappyDonnaween> how many fucking teeangers are there
[22:13] <Treb_or_Treat> So many teenagers
[22:13] <impdentist> should i be paying attention to this dialogue
[22:13] <bob511> 6?
[22:13] <HappyDonnaween> GOLDEN RETRIEVER
[22:13] <Treb_or_Treat> ROCKET
[22:13] <kayke> 6 whole teenagers!
[22:13] <dan2> strong Twin Peaks S3 "American Woman" segment vibes
[22:13] <@Ampertreat> Casting, the role of a lifetime
[22:13] <lhs> casting spells, i assume
[22:13] <Treb_or_Treat> Looking the fuck forward to ROCKET
[22:13] <dan2> AH
[22:13] <shalabi> lovin' this blown out audio
[22:14] <Treb_or_Treat> Madness
[22:14] <autarch> frankenstein? from van helsing?
[22:14] <HappyDonnaween> oh no
[22:14] <HappyDonnaween> no no
[22:14] <autarch> oh lord
[22:14] <impdentist> ah
[22:14] <@Ampertreat> grammy like
[22:14] == boosoin [0c2e6e02@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:14] <autarch> a full moon
[22:14] <boosoin> did we start?
[22:14] <HappyDonnaween> dentist i think the answer is obvious -- you're getting a treat
[22:14] <@Ampertreat> yes
[22:14] <@Ampertreat> just started
[22:14] <Treb_or_Treat> did we ever
[22:14] <lhs> you missed a pressed ham
[22:14] <bob511> Those women are not good drag racers.
[22:14] <HappyDonnaween> what in the fuck
[22:14] <boosoin> i'm busy getting fucked over by doordash
[22:14] <impdentist> WHAT IS THIS CREDITS
[22:14] <shalabi> ???
[22:14] <autarch> in a galaxy far far away
[22:14] <Treb_or_Treat> chowaniec
[22:14] <@Ampertreat> 3:15
[22:14] <dan2> thats no moon
[22:14] <impdentist> this is like tarantino
[22:14] <HappyDonnaween> does every scene get credits?
[22:14] <autarch> modular credits
[22:14] <shalabi> this movie is breaking a lot of conventions
[22:14] <HappyDonnaween> like, good plot?
[22:15] <boosoin> someone give me 4:00 please
[22:15] <Treb_or_Treat> Are we in vignette country
[22:15] <TRIXX> was this given a wide release?
[22:15] <autarch> :twisted:
[22:15] <TRIXX> in theaters
[22:15] <kayke> 4:00
[22:15] <Treb_or_Treat> Volume discount on XL shirts
[22:15] <boosoin> thanks kayke
[22:15] <@Ampertreat> this was given, i believe, no release
[22:15] <boosoin> looks like a hipinion meetup
[22:15] <@Ampertreat> i found a DVD in the local library basement
[22:15] <Treb_or_Treat> oh no
[22:15] <shalabi> huh
[22:16] <impdentist> uh oh
[22:16] <TRIXX> Lol
[22:16] <autarch> ohh wow how timely. my thai food literally just arrived
[22:16] <bob511> Somehow it is available to rent/buy digitally from Amazon
[22:16] <the_pretty_great> this got no release and neither will we
[22:16] <boosoin> i ordered sushi 70 mins ago and it's still not here, autarch
[22:16] == the_pretty_great [2f2965d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[22:16] <dan2> music can't be called racist if it's too blown out to understand, that's smart
[22:16] <HappyDonnaween> wow this got weird and racist in record time
[22:16] <boosoin> i had kindly gone downstairs to be ready to receive it
[22:16] <TRIXX> this is the tape from the ring
[22:16] <Treb_or_Treat> Maybe the worst Sublime Frequencies doc
[22:16] <@Ampertreat> most likely
[22:16] <impdentist> "want me to run him over"?
[22:17] <dan2> lmao treb
[22:17] <kayke> why was that cig animated?
[22:17] <bob511> Willie, no.
[22:17] <boosoin> i was a wrong -- a pre-2009 hipinion meetup
[22:17] <@Ampertreat> how do these cool teens know that song
[22:17] <autarch> oh boy
[22:17] == the_great_yeoman [2f2965d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:17] <@Ampertreat> are we meant to believe they paid attention in history class?
[22:17] <impdentist> nice badge
[22:17] <Treb_or_Treat> Remove your retarded child
[22:17] <@Ampertreat> the Movie Sheriff
[22:18] <@Ampertreat> checking in
[22:18] <autarch> is he talking to me?
[22:18] <TRIXX> WebSheriff
[22:18] <impdentist> they are making some... choices here
[22:18] <boosoin> do timecodes usually have semi-colons
[22:18] <Treb_or_Treat> "Am I sentenced to movie sheriff?"
[22:18] <the_great_yeoman> omg the semicolon
[22:18] <HappyDonnaween> Fuck this is what happens when STeven Segal gets to be a cop
[22:18] <@Ampertreat> "he's not JUST a drunk"
[22:19] <boosoin> flawless logic
[22:19] <autarch> "he's not, uh, drunk. *I* am."
[22:19] <the_great_yeoman> she's the star of the show so far
[22:19] <bob511> The party light on the middle of the siren rack.
[22:19] <kayke> this is very realistic
[22:19] <dan2> omg bob
[22:19] <Treb_or_Treat> Sheriff is a choad
[22:19] <HappyDonnaween> this blair witch cam is making me drunk
[22:19] <laserblast> coach pop is TIRED of those postgame interviews
[22:19] <HappyDonnaween> woah let's talk about her outfit
[22:19] <Treb_or_Treat> ahah
[22:20] <HappyDonnaween> is that florida chic?
[22:20] <kayke> it's a lewk
[22:20] <impdentist> 150 miles?
[22:20] <HappyDonnaween> wow this sherrif couldn't give less of a fuck
[22:20] <the_great_yeoman> pretty realistic
[22:20] <@Ampertreat> i'm what we call "a man 'a papers"
[22:20] <impdentist> it was a beer bottle full of ketchup
[22:20] <autarch> is anyone following anything?
[22:21] <the_great_yeoman> that is one hell of a fanny purse
[22:21] <@Ampertreat> *starts rubbing his chest*
[22:21] <boosoin> ♫ assaulted on the road again... ♫
[22:21] <autarch> are they speaking english?
[22:21] <HappyDonnaween> do we ever follow anything autarach?
[22:21] <impdentist> this is pretty standard texan
[22:21] <HappyDonnaween> it's mumblecore
[22:21] <@Ampertreat> glad they chose a nice quiet road for this scene
[22:22] <the_great_yeoman> ahee
[22:22] <boosoin> i guess jesus is her copilot
[22:22] <impdentist> god how long was that scene
[22:22] <the_great_yeoman> *closes gab.com tabs*
[22:22] <Treb_or_Treat> ahahh
[22:22] <shalabi> no bandages visible
[22:22] <boosoin> if i were the teens i'd tell the judge i didn't see this guy
[22:22] <@Ampertreat> even when it's controllable, they still muddle the audio with unintelligible noise
[22:22] <TRIXX> are those the sheriff's kids
[22:22] <bob511> Spookiest child desk photos.
[22:23] <Treb_or_Treat> Fucking fixated on that report
[22:23] <kayke> these two were fast friends
[22:23] <laserblast> *picks up phone* "sorry to bother you, but"
[22:23] <TRIXX> why are his photos of his kids in front of his keyboard
[22:23] <boosoin> "maybe they didn't see him"
[22:23] <@Ampertreat> that desk photo is a Purple People Eater mimicking human form
[22:23] <Treb_or_Treat> ahahh ROCKET
[22:24] <autarch> "we need the police radios to be louder"
[22:24] <kayke> the police department takes most major credit cards
[22:24] <HappyDonnaween> this feels like an actual episode of Cops
[22:24] <@Ampertreat> now acceptin' Paypal
[22:24] <shalabi> 1/4 of the movie is just filling out the form
[22:24] <the_great_yeoman> but like you know...shorter
[22:24] <Treb_or_Treat> Bluuuuuuue Busssss
[22:24] <impdentist> loving this unseen character dawson
[22:25] <HappyDonnaween> love some administrative business
[22:25] <@Ampertreat> well, shalabi, if you want the movie to begin yuh gotta fill out tha form
[22:25] <shalabi> lol
[22:25] <TRIXX> CLASSIC hollywood screenwriting
[22:25] <TRIXX> 555 number
[22:25] <boosoin> 14 minutes
[22:25] <kayke> trauma bonded
[22:25] <HappyDonnaween> amp you found this in a library basement?
[22:25] <@Ampertreat> yes
[22:25] <@Ampertreat> the case was broken
[22:25] <shalabi> still fixating on the report
[22:25] <@Ampertreat> i fell in love
[22:26] <@Ampertreat> i bought this months ago and saved it for this moment
[22:26] <@Ampertreat> you're welcome
[22:26] <HappyDonnaween> by library do you mean you made this?
[22:26] <@Ampertreat> omg
[22:26] <Treb_or_Treat> that logo
[22:26] <kayke> it's a pop up cafe
[22:26] <dan2> he really went all out this year
[22:26] <impdentist> that's quite a pour
[22:26] <Treb_or_Treat> getting fancy with the pour
[22:26] <the_great_yeoman> that "coffee"s about right too
[22:26] <@Ampertreat> that table cloth has been used to bandage someone's wound
[22:27] <shalabi> this is outside the sheriff office?
[22:27] <shalabi> what
[22:27] <impdentist> do they have grizzlies in texas
[22:27] <Treb_or_Treat> little....camp
[22:27] <HappyDonnaween> that greenscreen tho
[22:27] <Treb_or_Treat> since the waht
[22:27] <autarch> this guy is actually a good actor imo
[22:27] <autarch> so is she
[22:27] <HappyDonnaween> they do?
[22:27] <@Ampertreat> "Advanced Weed Collage"
[22:28] <kayke> love is in the aaaaiiir
[22:28] <HappyDonnaween> stop saying angel
[22:28] <HappyDonnaween> it's making me queasy
[22:28] <@Ampertreat> sandwiches and coffee, maple syrup and jam
[22:28] <kayke> but she's an angel, donna
[22:28] <boosoin> nice editing
[22:28] <kayke> look at her socks
[22:28] <autarch> this is some steve brule shit
[22:28] <kayke> angel socks
[22:28] <bob511> You saw editing?
[22:28] <boosoin> this is...not texas
[22:28] <@Ampertreat> wow
[22:28] <kayke> beanie baby sighting
[22:28] <@Ampertreat> not the state we were expecting
[22:28] <the_great_yeoman> she's not from around 'here'
[22:28] <HappyDonnaween> is this set in texas/
[22:29] <@Ampertreat> no clue
[22:29] <boosoin> it doesn't look like texas at all
[22:29] <boosoin> and is also not texas
[22:29] <shalabi> this is set in Far Cry 5
[22:29] <kayke> I assumed it would be set in the library basement
[22:29] <impdentist> the sheriff's truck had a texas plate bubt yeah the landscape is way off
[22:29] <autarch> got jesus?
[22:29] <lhs> how did she get blue plates
[22:29] <@Ampertreat> "uh, line?"
[22:29] <boosoin> dramatic license
[22:29] <lhs> :p
[22:29] <the_great_yeoman> dramatic license, dramatic registration
[22:29] <kayke> car window hug
[22:30] <the_great_yeoman> realistically awkward goodbye
[22:30] <shalabi> ok bye!
[22:30] <Treb_or_Treat> This is the Mr. Show goodbye sketch
[22:30] <HappyDonnaween> oh okay
[22:30] <the_great_yeoman> -off the road again-
[22:30] <boosoin> very good halloween movie
[22:30] <autarch> where's he going?
[22:30] <HappyDonnaween> best part of th emovie so far
[22:30] <HappyDonnaween> oh right this is about halloween
[22:30] <autarch> hoot session
[22:30] <dan2> time to go hunt some rocks
[22:30] <boosoin> say you're a rock hound on the order of this guy
[22:30] <HappyDonnaween> tbf bob you seem to expect a plot bsaed on the title
[22:31] <TRIXX> its like this person was told the concept of match cuts but did not understand fully
[22:31] <boosoin> where'd he go
[22:31] <HappyDonnaween> you're listening to sunday morning bluegrass here on WNYC
[22:31] <shalabi> yess
[22:31] <boosoin> i'm laughing at my own jokes about his camouflage outfit every time
[22:31] <kayke> loud bird interlude
[22:31] <HappyDonnaween> well, wxyc*
[22:31] <bob511> Whoa, that walking stick really slimmed down.
[22:31] <autarch> nice music
[22:32] <shalabi> this is really building up the dread
[22:32] <@Ampertreat> lol
[22:32] <the_great_yeoman> Walking stick lost some weight what with all this hiking.
[22:32] <impdentist> "the song isn't long enough to cover the entire overlong walking scene, what do we do"
[22:32] <HappyDonnaween> i feel like i'm watching bob ross's wayward cousin's show about nature
[22:32] <kayke> he's def farming weed out here right
[22:32] <boosoin> between this and my doordash still not being here, my sunday night is looking pretty grim
[22:32] <HappyDonnaween> on like, public access
[22:32] <the_great_yeoman> the way he said "camp" you're probably onto it kayke
[22:32] <the_great_yeoman> YES
[22:32] <autarch> that guitar sounded like a The Who song
[22:32] <impdentist> AAAHHHH
[22:32] <HappyDonnaween> bob that is the real horror show
[22:32] <autarch> can't put my finger on it though
[22:32] <@Ampertreat> loop
[22:33] <the_great_yeoman> so good
[22:33] <shalabi> "fuck it, just loop the music"
[22:33] <boosoin> might have a concussion, better go off into the woods alone, wearing camouflage
[22:33] <dan2> acoustic cover of the Rush Limbaugh intro
[22:33] <@Ampertreat> lol
[22:33] <Treb_or_Treat> Assuming this was included in Soundtrack Pro
[22:33] <kayke> I thought he was gonna pee
[22:33] <the_great_yeoman> me too
[22:33] <impdentist> "Walking Song from Trick or Treat (Reprise)"
[22:33] <Treb_or_Treat> start up the music again
[22:33] <boosoin> 22 minutes and i'm not even convinced the form was fully filled out
[22:33] <@Ampertreat> lol
[22:34] <Treb_or_Treat> can he hear the music
[22:34] <the_great_yeoman> a nearby herd of clarinets calls out
[22:34] <HappyDonnaween> clever girl
[22:34] <shalabi> hehe
[22:34] <HappyDonnaween> just like 'nam
[22:34] <autarch> this is like a stella short
[22:34] <bob511> So, why do they call it Grizzly Mountain?
[22:34] <Treb_or_Treat> having some real problems there
[22:34] <kayke> antics
[22:34] <boosoin> as soon as he gets his bincoulars adjusted we'll see what's going on
[22:34] <bob511> Oh, that was an engine?
[22:34] <Treb_or_Treat> why did he need the binocs!
[22:34] <@Ampertreat> this is absolutely 100% certainly the most people who have ever watched this movie at the same time and possibly at all
[22:35] <bob511> Aha the vibration
[22:35] <lhs> why is he talking like bright eyes
[22:35] <Treb_or_Treat> Goat sighting
[22:35] <boosoin> haha, the atv making his voice shake
[22:35] <HappyDonnaween> love street shirts
[22:35] <autarch> oh, this guy's voice has vibrato
[22:35] <HappyDonnaween> and road shirts
[22:35] <kayke> i like their custom cat dog bus
[22:35] <Treb_or_Treat> The Bryan Ferry of shitflixe
[22:35] <impdentist> "those were MY shirts"
[22:35] <HappyDonnaween> what are these accents
[22:35] <autarch> get em, hitch hiker
[22:35] <Treb_or_Treat> woah
[22:35] <the_great_yeoman> the music is looped and so's his brain words
[22:35] <impdentist> that's her "card"?
[22:35] <@Ampertreat> every time a teenage dies, an angel gets its wings
[22:36] <TRIXX> the bird sfx is looped too
[22:36] <kayke> I bet the college kids can't wait to learn her secrets
[22:36] <autarch> my cousins from kansas city have a somewhat similar accent to shaky voice guy.
[22:36] <impdentist> i think that's just what cousins sound like
[22:36] <@Ampertreat> lol
[22:36] <autarch> lol imp
[22:36] <lhs> there's got to be a house of wax around here somewhere
[22:37] <kayke> lol
[22:37] <HappyDonnaween> yeah but her accent is bad southerner
[22:37] <boosoin> very stealthy
[22:37] <kayke> what region is that chin beard native to?
[22:37] <boosoin> they have an AK-47
[22:37] <autarch> this guy
[22:37] <autarch> holy shit good call on the AK, besoin
[22:38] <Treb_or_Treat> You ever hear about...permission
[22:38] <kayke> beer butt
[22:38] <impdentist> hahaha
[22:38] <Treb_or_Treat> freshly battered beer but
[22:38] <shalabi> that was the 50th take
[22:38] <bob511> "Should we cut?" "Nah."
[22:38] <@Ampertreat> land's free.. sorta
[22:38] <impdentist> land isn't actually free
[22:38] <impdentist> AH
[22:38] <shalabi> gah
[22:38] <boosoin> what
[22:38] <bob511> Concussovision
[22:38] <autarch> i love this guy
[22:38] <@Ampertreat> sticky bum ass
[22:38] <dan2> god when its just the chin
[22:38] <autarch> "we're gonna party it up here, whether you like it or not."
[22:38] <HappyDonnaween> what is going on
[22:39] <autarch> "It's fuckin halloween"
[22:39] <boosoin> and the bus is yellow
[22:39] <boosoin> not blue
[22:39] <@Ampertreat> nice of the teens to label themselves with their character names
[22:39] <Treb_or_Treat> 'it's piss'
[22:39] <kayke> two sips before he knows it's pee?
[22:39] <@Ampertreat> "this is some good piss"
[22:39] <Treb_or_Treat> Notes of ambrosia
[22:40] <impdentist> wait why is the bus yellow again
[22:40] <impdentist> or, for the first time i guess
[22:40] <shalabi> do you say "you're welcome" or "no problem"?
[22:41] <@Ampertreat> "that" dog?
[22:41] <lhs> humans can't bear it
[22:41] <Treb_or_Treat> Crafting youtube videos have come a long way
[22:41] <autarch> numbered shirts?
[22:41] <the_great_yeoman> these kids all bonded over their inability to know what to do with their hands
[22:41] <@Ampertreat> hitler dirt stache
[22:41] <autarch> love this shot
[22:41] <impdentist> that'll show em
[22:41] <dan2> that is the single worst facial hair of all time
[22:41] <Treb_or_Treat> oh fuck a prank war
[22:41] <autarch> this guy is lebowski
[22:42] <impdentist> oh no
[22:42] <shalabi> now we're talking
[22:42] <@Ampertreat> "ruff that's some good piss!"
[22:42] <autarch> that music was some hausu shit
[22:42] <Treb_or_Treat> "I thought my own piss was good!"
[22:42] <kayke> that shirt is TOO BIG FOR THAT DOG
[22:42] <impdentist> holy shit
[22:42] <Treb_or_Treat> wish they could have altered his shirt
[22:42] <shalabi> what
[22:43] <lhs> she delivered that line like she was exiting the mtv's next bus
[22:43] <bob511> Woody Woodpecker loving the show
[22:43] <autarch> why are there multiple seagulls screaming?
[22:43] <Treb_or_Treat> True horror
[22:43] <impdentist> Collenn
[22:43] <dan2> thax
[22:43] <Treb_or_Treat> woah
[22:43] <autarch> god
[22:43] <@Ampertreat> hell yea
[22:43] <impdentist> what
[22:43] <shalabi> nice
[22:43] <autarch> let the murdering of these kids begiin
[22:43] <impdentist> lol
[22:43] == HappyDonnaween_ [49c9ac47@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:43] <kayke> that's a good windshield
[22:44] <autarch> more of a rockshield, kayke
[22:44] <lhs> did someone find a stranger in the alps
[22:44] <HappyDonnaween_> yeah, fuck booklearnin
[22:44] <dan2> these are some of the most accurate portrayals of teens I've ever seen for real
[22:44] <kayke> "fucking tshirts"
[22:44] <impdentist> fuck
[22:44] <@Ampertreat> well now we know this movie cost at least 1,000 dollars
[22:44] <dan2> probably because they arent acting
[22:44] <autarch> hate teenagers
[22:44] <@Ampertreat> "damn i feel like the entire spirit of halloween, bro"
[22:45] <HappyDonnaween_> i feel like i'mk watching someone's hs vandilism movies
[22:45] <Treb_or_Treat> this guys voice
[22:45] <autarch> yeah very unconvincing
[22:45] <lhs> i'm thinking we put a mic on every cricket
[22:45] <@Ampertreat> "does fuel burn?"
[22:45] <@Ampertreat> famous last words
[22:45] == HappyDonnaween [49c9ac47@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
[22:45] <autarch> jesus
[22:46] <shalabi> i think i've seen this youtube video
[22:46] <autarch> honestly fuck this country
[22:46] <kayke> truck or van fuel can't melt steel beams
[22:46] <boosoin> can someone give me 35:00
[22:46] <Treb_or_Treat> Maybe the director got this footage from a trial
[22:46] <HappyDonnaween_> the soundtrack for when you can't afford snoop dog
[22:46] <HappyDonnaween_> g
[22:46] <lhs> massively stupid attack
[22:46] <@Ampertreat> 35:10
[22:46] <Treb_or_Treat> gangsta_loop.aiff
[22:47] <@Ampertreat> 35:30
[22:47] <kayke> glasses kid's voice kills me
[22:47] <Treb_or_Treat> ahahahahh
[22:47] <kayke> yeah
[22:47] <autarch> one of them is too adamant
[22:47] <shalabi> good times
[22:47] <@Ampertreat> ah, sweet nostalgia
[22:47] <the_great_yeoman> gangsta_loop.aiff (reprise)
[22:47] <the_great_yeoman> their as bad at placing their hands as jeph is at drawing them
[22:47] <kayke> happy halloween
[22:48] <autarch> yeah. how do you like me now?
[22:48] <Treb_or_Treat> Tim Blake Nelson?
[22:48] <autarch> snoop dogg loop in 34.5/4 time
[22:48] <the_great_yeoman> boy dem kids sure did gallop away
[22:48] <the_great_yeoman> and now for the Happy Halloween Radio Hour
[22:48] <Treb_or_Treat> time for radio drama
[22:49] <autarch> forgot to make their lips move
[22:49] <shalabi> oh god
[22:49] <HappyDonnaween_> the dog died?
[22:49] <autarch> is that the room service guy from twin peaks?
[22:49] <Treb_or_Treat> hahahha
[22:49] <impdentist> what is happening
[22:49] <shalabi> i feel like i'm on lsd
[22:49] <@Ampertreat> what
[22:49] <@Ampertreat> throat retriever
[22:49] <boosoin> get your money back, shalabi
[22:49] <autarch> man's best friend
[22:49] <shalabi> maybe it was just piss
[22:49] <kayke> hol' ur neck
[22:49] <boosoin> dog ate dan's new throat
[22:50] <Treb_or_Treat> haha amp
[22:50] <HappyDonnaween_> aha bob
[22:50] <kayke> he's bleeding from off screen
[22:50] <boosoin> who's pouring coulis on him
[22:50] <@Ampertreat> he's glitchin
[22:50] <the_great_yeoman> we all glitchin
[22:50] <impdentist> oh
[22:50] <bob511> ::Batman music::
[22:50] <@Ampertreat> "well, guess we oughta piss on him"
[22:50] <autarch> psychedelic
[22:50] <dan2> Best Friend Sends Him to Heaven
[22:50] <autarch> merzbox
[22:51] <@Ampertreat> lol dan
[22:51] <boosoin> is this basically jacob's ladder
[22:51] <impdentist> oh no
[22:51] <shalabi> man
[22:51] <autarch> oh wait.
[22:51] <autarch> he's having 'nam flashbacks?
[22:51] <autarch> fuck
[22:51] <HappyDonnaween_> yeah, bob, i think he died in nam
[22:51] <dan2> *extremely blown out All Along the Watchtower begins playing*
[22:51] <shalabi> he's having pbs flashbacks
[22:51] <Treb_or_Treat> ahh
[22:51] <impdentist> this is getting good now
[22:51] <HappyDonnaween_> oh fuck
[22:52] <boosoin> wet hot american bummer
[22:52] <kayke> you maroon
[22:52] <impdentist> i love the restrained yelling
[22:53] <Treb_or_Treat> Half Empty Metal Jacket
[22:53] <autarch> lieutenant dan
[22:53] <autarch> trebbers
[22:54] <Treb_or_Treat> Dog just leveled up
[22:54] <@Ampertreat> not since Turner met Hooch have we had this sort of team up
[22:54] <boosoin> mr. total nutter
[22:54] <HappyDonnaween_> library basement was too wide of a release for this
[22:54] <@Ampertreat> lol
[22:54] <boosoin> heh, donna
[22:54] <Treb_or_Treat> Where's the cop
[22:54] <boosoin> attack of the stock footage
[22:54] <Treb_or_Treat> Lotta bass
[22:55] <impdentist> they're watching the ken burns doc by projecting it onto the bus
[22:55] <impdentist> pretty chill weekend if you ask me
[22:55] <HappyDonnaween_> are they just mowing lawns?
[22:55] <@Ampertreat> "where the hell the sunflower seeds??!"
[22:55] <autarch> glasses guy!
[22:55] <HappyDonnaween_> oh a walkman
[22:56] <boosoin> is that brendan from making a murderer
[22:56] <kayke> kermit the frog
[22:56] <HappyDonnaween_> boy they're gonna fail emergency bleed out class
[22:56] <autarch> glasses guy has the #1 shirt for a reason
[22:56] <kayke> he drove
[22:56] <Treb_or_Treat> Wasted all the AK ammo on the minivan
[22:57] <kayke> jimmy got DEAD
[22:57] <Treb_or_Treat> Seriously, I thought a cop showed up at the camp
[22:57] <@Ampertreat> "jimmy got cracked like corn, but idk, i don't really care"
[22:57] <kayke> lmao
[22:57] <autarch> nice shot
[22:57] <Treb_or_Treat> Go grandpa
[22:57] <Treb_or_Treat> ahahahha
[22:57] <autarch> fuck yeah
[22:58] <dan2> that was pretty sick
[22:58] <@Ampertreat> this is how California wild fires start
[22:58] <shalabi> a tree died to make this film
[22:58] <autarch> their fire budget was good.
[22:58] <@Ampertreat> pissia tone
[22:58] <the_great_yeoman> this might have actually been how a California wild fire started
[22:58] <autarch> wait this is sick. they have ak's?
[22:58] <lhs> don't show the script
[22:58] <autarch> this movie fucking rules actually
[22:59] <Treb_or_Treat> so, thats the old guy's bus?
[22:59] <autarch> oh wait. their shirts are numbered...in the order they die?
[22:59] <lhs> it's a squatter's rights showdown or something
[23:00] <autarch> yeah, the protag is a sovereign citizen
[23:00] <shalabi> those nokia phones are tough
[23:00] <@Ampertreat> Freddy's jackin' it
[23:00] <lhs> sounds like someone jacking off
[23:00] <the_great_yeoman> she stole the other person's line
[23:00] <kayke> she just read 3 different people's lines
[23:01] <kayke> oh nooo
[23:01] <@Ampertreat> brutal
[23:01] <boosoin> haha, think i got him
[23:01] <lhs> now we're in florida
[23:01] <the_great_yeoman> Califlorida
[23:01] <Treb_or_Treat> Pork and beans everywhere
[23:01] <kayke> goodbye, glasses guy. I'll miss your kermit the frog voice.
[23:01] <impdentist> ah man! ah fuck
[23:02] <autarch> whoa wtf?
[23:02] <HappyDonnaween_> stop jerking off dude
[23:02] <autarch> fuck
[23:02] <@Ampertreat> one day, this car will start
[23:02] <Treb_or_Treat> are they starting a car
[23:02] <autarch> whoa
[23:02] <@Ampertreat> "orange you glad i didn't say banana?"
[23:02] <Treb_or_Treat> holy
[23:02] <HappyDonnaween_> what on earth
[23:02] <HappyDonnaween_> i keep saying that but i mean it
[23:02] <boosoin> is he wrapped around the axle or something?
[23:02] <lhs> the bus that eats
[23:02] <kayke> ummm
[23:02] <laserblast> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[23:02] <Treb_or_Treat> haha lhs
[23:02] <the_great_yeoman> lhs
[23:02] <HappyDonnaween_> lol lhs
[23:03] <HappyDonnaween_> oh .....
[23:03] <impdentist> oh no it's the dog police
[23:03] <@Ampertreat> "IN MY BUUUUUUTT"
[23:03] <the_great_yeoman> McGruff!
[23:03] <autarch> hooch
[23:03] <HappyDonnaween_> mcgruff the crime dog took a real john wick turn
[23:03] <HappyDonnaween_> damn it
[23:03] <dan2> First Bloodhound
[23:03] <autarch> wtf
[23:03] <@Ampertreat> holy shit
[23:03] <kayke> thanks dog
[23:03] <shalabi> this is the loudest movie ever created
[23:03] <the_great_yeoman> knew we shouldn't have named the dog Ma O'Leary
[23:03] <HappyDonnaween_> are there fireworks?
[23:04] <Treb_or_Treat> oh yea
[23:04] <dan2> movie is the closest I've seen to a noise album brought to life
[23:04] <@Ampertreat> her name is Pumpkin, perfect
[23:04] <boosoin> we should show that scene to people who think armed guards stop shootings
[23:04] <autarch> pumpkin. the perfect halloween name
[23:04] <impdentist> wait are they putting out the fire or building it up
[23:04] == TRIXX [43f474a7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:05] <Treb_or_Treat> "3 murders? You need to fill out a report"
[23:05] <@Ampertreat> alibi charades
[23:05] <HappyDonnaween_> she's really got that intonation down
[23:05] <shalabi> gosh dernit, that's 3 reports
[23:05] <autarch> bluuuue vaaaan
[23:05] <@Ampertreat> lol shalabi
[23:05] <bob511> Did the dog come down already?
[23:05] <Treb_or_Treat> Dog has a 7000 yard stare
[23:06] <HappyDonnaween_> Walker, Texas Ranger
[23:06] <kayke> lmaoooo
[23:06] <autarch> uh
[23:06] <impdentist> legally that's true
[23:06] <the_great_yeoman> this is like accidentally Lynch-adjacent
[23:06] <HappyDonnaween_> i legit have no idea what's going on
[23:06] <Treb_or_Treat> building another bus
[23:06] <shalabi> is the dog still tripping?
[23:06] <@Ampertreat> remember when we shot gramma, boy?
[23:07] <@Ampertreat> Exterior: Outhouse - Night
[23:07] <shalabi> ahhh that's the iphone dog bark
[23:08] <HappyDonnaween_> i'm not sure if i ate too many tacos or if this is really the movie
[23:08] <shalabi> just dripping fire through a forest
[23:08] <@Ampertreat> is it movie or is it reality
[23:09] <dan2> the movie was handling everything else in the production so professionally that I have to assume this fire was under total control
[23:09] <the_great_yeoman> that faceomg
[23:09] <bob511> Upper lip is fixed in place.
[23:09] <shalabi> don't police usually have the best flashlights
[23:09] <@Ampertreat> *sets it on fire*
[23:09] <HappyDonnaween_> what if i'm the jacob's ladder here? what if i died and this movie is the last thing i imagine before i die?
[23:09] <shalabi> like those huge 10 DD battery ones
[23:10] <@Ampertreat> dem burn, y'know
[23:10] <autarch> i hate this sheriff
[23:10] <bob511> "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin."
[23:10] <autarch> he always says the same shit
[23:10] <HappyDonnaween_> what happened to the vietnam vet?
[23:10] <autarch> "come on now boy. come on now"
[23:10] <lhs> they're also 150 miles from the nearest hospital, so i wouldn't expect flashlights in their PD
[23:10] <HappyDonnaween_> it's like they reshot this scene 50 times and used all of over and over
[23:10] <kayke> DAWSON
[23:10] <@Ampertreat> citizen dawson
[23:11] <bob511> Grease gun?
[23:11] <HappyDonnaween_> look i chose pacey
[23:11] <@Ampertreat> he's up dawson's creek
[23:11] <HappyDonnaween_> aha amp
[23:11] <@Ampertreat> blowtorch!?
[23:12] <shalabi> gonna pull a Chris Dorner
[23:12] <HappyDonnaween_> oh man that guy that was trying to kill spiders got his idea fromt his
[23:12] <impdentist> wayullllllll
[23:12] <HappyDonnaween_> burned his mom's house instead
[23:12] <Treb_or_Treat>  uh
[23:12] <impdentist> ahahahaha
[23:12] <Treb_or_Treat> "Your boy is dead, boy"
[23:12] <laserblast> what
[23:12] <shalabi> lol
[23:13] <@Ampertreat> very spoopy guy
[23:13] <kayke> same
[23:13] <Treb_or_Treat> sublime
[23:13] <HappyDonnaween_> um
[23:13] <dan2> holy shit
[23:13] <@Ampertreat> this is the feeling of the season
[23:13] <HappyDonnaween_> are we sure i didn't die?
[23:13] <the_great_yeoman> this is beyond
[23:13] <autarch> i want to die
[23:13] <lhs> is this the love scene
[23:13] <the_great_yeoman> this is the 'we love this' scene
[23:13] <dan2> I need to find me one of these
[23:13] <Treb_or_Treat> hah
[23:13] <impdentist> peaceful christian home invaded by skeleton realm
[23:13] <kayke> lmaooaoaoa
[23:13] <HappyDonnaween_> oh my god
[23:13] <Treb_or_Treat> haahahahha
[23:13] <boosoin> outta our...system
[23:13] <the_great_yeoman> no way
[23:13] <bob511> Ahaha
[23:14] <@Ampertreat> this is the best thing we've ever seen
[23:14] <autarch> a howhowhowhow
[23:14] <autarch> the creaking sound
[23:14] <HappyDonnaween_> i feel like i'm at walmart
[23:14] <the_great_yeoman> that plasticy creaking is awful
[23:14] <autarch> lol donna
[23:14] <HappyDonnaween_> please start up
[23:14] <impdentist> yeah this is actually terrufying
[23:14] <the_great_yeoman> this is WalMart: The Movie
[23:14] <lhs> well now we know why they don't have flashlights. all the batteries went to this
[23:14] <impdentist> his little fugitive butt
[23:14] <laserblast> legit never felt this before but ... i'm too drunk for this
[23:14] <HappyDonnaween_> re they gonna fuck?
[23:14] <@Ampertreat> lol
[23:14] <HappyDonnaween_> or not drunk enough?
[23:14] <@Ampertreat> light er up
[23:14] <impdentist> hol y shit
[23:14] <Treb_or_Treat> holy fuck
[23:14] <shalabi> weeeeewhooooooo
[23:15] <@Ampertreat> they broke so many laws for this
[23:15] <HappyDonnaween_> sound mixing *chef's kiss*
[23:15] <Treb_or_Treat> Sounds like they're launching a fucking rocket
[23:15] <bob511> Laurie Strode's shooting range should have been these skeletons instead of boring mannequins.
[23:15] <kayke> I wonder if all the destruction in this movie was an excuse to cover up a real murder
[23:15] <impdentist> hee haw!
[23:15] <autarch> heeHAW
[23:15] <the_great_yeoman> they mixed the sound for this at the same place they did the new Low record
[23:15] <lhs> he'll be a coffin now
[23:15] <kayke> oh no the movie is on fire
[23:15] <autarch> we are in hell
[23:15] <impdentist> that spiderman character
[23:16] <bob511> Spi-der-man
[23:16] <@Ampertreat> what
[23:16] <impdentist> oh
[23:16] <boosoin> what on earth
[23:16] <kayke> I CAN'T
[23:16] <shalabi> ?????
[23:16] <@Ampertreat> mouth fulla cock
[23:16] <HappyDonnaween_> wait, there was a vietnam vet at some point right?
[23:16] <impdentist> please start the dancing skeleton again
[23:16] <the_great_yeoman> oh I get it
[23:16] <@Ampertreat> YESSS
[23:16] <shalabi> this is some kind of modern art exhibit
[23:16] <HappyDonnaween_> yesssss
[23:16] <kayke> yessss
[23:16] <dan2> Foghorn Leghorn just committed suicide by cop
[23:16] <impdentist> yessssss
[23:16] <the_great_yeoman> *boogies*
[23:16] <HappyDonnaween_> dreams do come rue
[23:17] <@Ampertreat> wet ass
[23:17] <shalabi> lol
[23:17] <@Ampertreat> HOW HOW HOW HOW
[23:17] <HappyDonnaween_> i want the skeleton to slap his ass
[23:17] <impdentist> i wish it had done a third song
[23:17] <autarch> that guy is literally a big . mouth billy bass
[23:17] <shalabi> peaceful sheriff invaded by singing/dancing skeleton realm
[23:17] <@Ampertreat> best actor in the movie
[23:17] <the_great_yeoman> thank u shalabi
[23:17] <Treb_or_Treat> Nominate that skeleton for the Academy Award
[23:17] <HappyDonnaween_> skeleton rigging guy deserves a nomination
[23:17] <@Ampertreat> omg
[23:18] <kayke> LMAO
[23:18] <impdentist> AH
[23:18] <bob511> Aha
[23:18] <autarch> hahahahaha
[23:18] <dan2> oh my god
[23:18] <HappyDonnaween_> gif dan please
[23:18] <HappyDonnaween_> please
[23:18] <shalabi> hehe
[23:18] <the_great_yeoman> a;lskdjflaksdjfla;s
[23:18] <@Ampertreat> please gif
[23:18] <autarch> i'm dying
[23:18] <impdentist> that was the best thing i've ever seen
[23:18] <HappyDonnaween_> i'm legit crying
[23:18] <the_great_yeoman> this is truly a blessed halloween
[23:18] <bob511> Same
[23:18] <HappyDonnaween_> oh this woman
[23:18] <@Ampertreat> don't cry pumpkin
[23:18] <impdentist> she's sad that she's almost out of toilet paper
[23:18] <HappyDonnaween_> maybe she saw the dancing skeletonn
[23:19] <Treb_or_Treat> She's got post shit PTSD from earlier
[23:19] <HappyDonnaween_> so are all her friends dead?
[23:19] <kayke> is pumpkin bullet journaling this?
[23:19] <impdentist> i've totally lost track of who's dead
[23:19] <bob511> 1-5
[23:19] <@Ampertreat> lol
[23:19] <Treb_or_Treat> *skeleton enters the bus*
[23:19] <@Ampertreat> ketchup: the sole survivor
[23:19] <bob511> Spam, baked beans, ketchup, and cherry Pepsi.
[23:19] <dan2> real bad lemon crop this year
[23:20] <Treb_or_Treat> ahh
[23:20] <impdentist> wow
[23:20] <HappyDonnaween_> i want the skeleton to be the sole survivor. movie just ends with skeleton dancing like the ally mcbeal baby
[23:20] <kayke> plz
[23:20] <dan2> unrealistic movie, he waited way too long before shooting
[23:20] <shalabi> oof
[23:20] <autarch> ok
[23:20] <autarch> we didn't need to hear that
[23:20] <@Ampertreat> tru, dan
[23:20] <the_great_yeoman> dan2 that hurts and it's true
[23:20] <shalabi> these are some truely jarring cuts
[23:21] <the_great_yeoman> WOW
[23:21] <@Ampertreat> Minimum Overdrive
[23:21] <Treb_or_Treat> ahh
[23:21] <dan2> lol
[23:21] <shalabi> thanks to the police report, they know his one weakness
[23:21] <the_great_yeoman> fitting that this boomer nightmare of a flick had *that* shot
[23:21] <autarch> the jack o lantern
[23:21] <impdentist> is it the jack in the box guy
[23:21] <shalabi> ????
[23:21] <kayke> chew the pants out of his ass?
[23:21] <impdentist> gonna chew his pants out of his ass
[23:22] <@Ampertreat> HOW HOW HOW HOW
[23:22] <HappyDonnaween_> what is going on
[23:22] <HappyDonnaween_> nevermind
[23:22] <the_great_yeoman> a movie full of villains
[23:22] <boosoin> fire up the party light
[23:22] <the_great_yeoman> I wanna run away I wanna BRING YOU TOO
[23:22] <impdentist> honestly i really want david lynch to make a shot for shot remake of this
[23:22] <the_great_yeoman> this po-lice truck has been brought to y'all by Spencer's Gifts
[23:22] <Treb_or_Treat> Rocket was def a police dog dropout
[23:22] <lhs> batmobile, alabama
[23:23] <the_great_yeoman> lol lhs
[23:23] <@Ampertreat> Enter: Dragula
[23:23] <@Ampertreat> dogeridoo
[23:23] <the_great_yeoman> Loon-yotes
[23:23] <autarch> sorry, shalabi, for your loss btw
[23:24] <HappyDonnaween_> oh wow
[23:24] <impdentist> what
[23:24] <impdentist> dog dynasty
[23:24] <@Ampertreat> plunk
[23:24] <autarch> boioioing
[23:24] <the_great_yeoman> bye rocket
[23:24] <shalabi> autarch lol, it was bound to happen
[23:24] <impdentist> pretty decent pun costume actually
[23:25] <@Ampertreat> sproinged
[23:25] <HappyDonnaween_> uh
[23:25] <impdentist> did the dog fart
[23:25] <the_great_yeoman> was that...
[23:25] <@Ampertreat> omg
[23:25] <Treb_or_Treat> woah
[23:25] <lhs> she had different license plates
[23:25] <impdentist> holy shit
[23:25] <the_great_yeoman> LHS,
[23:25] <@Ampertreat> insane
[23:25] <Treb_or_Treat> I thought the movie was over
[23:25] <autarch> that beard
[23:25] <Treb_or_Treat> ahahhah
[23:25] <kayke> was that the bear spray from earlier?
[23:25] <lhs> what
[23:25] <@Ampertreat> my kinda batman
[23:25] <impdentist> great cameo
[23:25] <dan2> Cop Repellent from the Toolbelt
[23:26] <autarch> yep, it came full circle
[23:26] <autarch> kiss my ass
[23:26] <HappyDonnaween_> ... gif?
[23:26] <shalabi> what
[23:26] <@Ampertreat> smell our fuckin feet
[23:26] <the_great_yeoman> unclear
[23:26] <impdentist> holy shit
[23:26] <kayke> tool time
[23:26] <autarch> clap
[23:26] <Treb_or_Treat> here's where he died of his concussion
[23:26] <dan2> thought it was gonna go to a "In Loving Memory"
[23:26] <@Ampertreat> Roseanne (End Credits Theme)
[23:26] <Treb_or_Treat> aha amp
[23:26] <boosoin> can you guys stop applauding
[23:26] <impdentist> ahahahaha
[23:26] <boosoin> i'm trying to watch the credits
[23:26] <autarch> HOW HOW HOW HOW
[23:26] <HappyDonnaween_> i honestly .... dunno
[23:26] <Treb_or_Treat> Gorilla Fireworks
[23:26] <bob511> Fireworks provided by Batman
[23:26] <shalabi> incredible
[23:26] <the_great_yeoman> never, boosoin ... never
[23:26] <HappyDonnaween_> this is some fucking roadhouse shit
[23:26] <dan2> this is the band they go see at the bar in Ghost World
[23:27] <boosoin> did they need a lot of electrical work
[23:27] <autarch> cant wait till they get to sound design and gaffer
[23:27] <bob511> I.N. Hale
[23:27] <@Ampertreat> Butte Cafe
[23:27] <boosoin> or sets
[23:27] <impdentist> AH
[23:27] <the_great_yeoman> lol
[23:27] <Treb_or_Treat> Truly an all time Shitflic
[23:27] <HappyDonnaween_> i wanna meet the sound mixer
[23:27] <the_great_yeoman> lololol
[23:27] <boosoin> guys, please, with the hooting
[23:27] <HappyDonnaween_> ROCKET
[23:27] <kayke> the crowd goes wild!
[23:27] <@Ampertreat> red rocket
[23:27] <the_great_yeoman> boosoin it's a free land
[23:27] <autarch> ROCKET
[23:27] <impdentist> his name is actually stylized in all caps
[23:27] <lhs> there's only so much a sound mixer can do
[23:27] <boosoin> do NOT demand an encore
[23:27] <HappyDonnaween_> party world, second largest competitor to party city
[23:28] <autarch> every credits should have big applaus like that
[23:28] <HappyDonnaween_> oh we're just out of applause track
[23:28] <impdentist> Vern Anderson 5th Avenue
[23:28] <boosoin> "hey vern, can we have some clothes"
[23:28] <HappyDonnaween_> la fin!
[23:28] <kayke> la fin
[23:28] <the_great_yeoman> um
[23:28] <Treb_or_Treat> la fin
[23:28] <shalabi> love the stylized lowercase credits
[23:28] <dan2> aha
[23:28] <shalabi> my god
[23:28] <bob511> I'm lafin, that's for sure.
[23:28] <boosoin> now you can hoot and holler
[23:28] <@Ampertreat> you're welcome
[23:28] <kayke> standing ovation
[23:28] <autarch> oh wow, sony and apple. big players behind this
[23:28] <the_great_yeoman> this might be some kind of apex/nadir
[23:28] <Treb_or_Treat> I don't think I've ever laughed more at one of these
[23:28] <HappyDonnaween_> yeah, have we peaked?
[23:28] <Treb_or_Treat> happy_audience_loop.aiff
[23:28] <impdentist> i can think of a couple other movies we've done that could have put applause sounds right in the movie
[23:29] <the_great_yeoman> a mountain range has many peaks
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